loriblau  asked:

do you have any headcanons about kuudere simulator characters??

I dont even understand whats with yandere simulator when we already got the masterpiece of gaming: kuudere simulator, full of deep meaning and complex characters.

I already did Kuu here so ill move on Tsu and Hime

Now Tsundere-chan, what a character

  • Hates sitting on chairs, or any piece of furniture
  • Loves action and adventure, watches old mech anime
  • Won special hair clips at some sports event and wears them all the time
  • Mother passed away when she was young
  • Isn’t all that good in writing, finds more interest in European languages like dutch or german
  • Really cocky and proud, many don’t like talking to her because of how aggressive she is
  • Dad is often away so she lives with her room mate whom she belittles constantly 

Now Hime dere what a character, kuuderes? yanderes? tsunderes? Ha as if any of those foolishy foolish fools know who the true star is

  • That type of character who only earns enough in acnl to buy the crown then never play the game again
  • Applies for clubs but never joins if accepted because she only wanted to prove she could do it
  • Followed by her ‘fans” everywhere,they shine lights behind her when she confronts someone or greets a new student
  •  Does the 90s villain “ohohohoho” laugh at everything
  • Richest kid in the school by far, wears the most expensive things and all jewellery is real
  • Wins most of the talent shows, unless a high school musical situation comes up
  • Is so darn smug, like the smug you see on sleezy guy’s facebook icons of anime girls laughing while they type up some essay on modern politics