S34N/S-3-4-N Headcanons

•He’s super insecure about being a Cyborg

•He’d die to protect the other egos, especially the ones who are nice to him, and don’t judge him for being a Cyborg.

•He’s Haphephobic (Afraid of touch/physical contact) and will ONLY accept hugs from the egos, and only when he’s having a good day, at that.

•Despite being Haphephobic, he will still hug the other egos to comfort them if they’re upset.

•He absolutely LOVES Chase and Schneeple’s kids, to the point of attacking people who are threats to them. (Bullies beware!)

•He hasn’t ever had a crush before, and therefore thinks something’s wrong with his code the first time he does.

•He’s not afraid of Anti, but still avoids him if possible.

•His robot eye cannot close. He litterally sleeps with one eye open.

•Sometimes the other egos will put him into “sleep mode” so he doesn’t over-work himself. He appreciates that they care about him that much, but pretends to be annoyed about it so they don’t know. (He’s such a Tusndere 😂)

And that’s all I’ve got! ((My precious baby boi!))

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anonymous asked:

Can you please write headcanons for sinbad and Kouen with a tusndere s/o?


  • He’d always sneak kisses and nonchalantly look away just to see your cute blush. 
  • He sometimes has a tendency to pin you against the wall and tease you by brushing his lips against yours. 
  • He especially loves seeing you pucker your lips, expecting a kiss only for him to pull away a hair away from your lips. He likes seeing how flustered and angry you get when he does that. 
  • He chuckles when you land a flurry of weak punches against his chest. They never have any effect on him.


  • This man lives to tease you, you’re basically screwed if you ever blush around him.
  • He’s just like Kouen and always sneaks kisses, except he usually runs away just to watch you run after him around the entire palace.
  • He knows you never want to say I love you, but he always does just to see the look on your face. 
  • He finds it endearing when you submit to his hugs and slowly wrap your arms around him. 

loriblau  asked:

do you have any headcanons about kuudere simulator characters??

I dont even understand whats with yandere simulator when we already got the masterpiece of gaming: kuudere simulator, full of deep meaning and complex characters.

I already did Kuu here so ill move on Tsu and Hime

Now Tsundere-chan, what a character

  • Hates sitting on chairs, or any piece of furniture
  • Loves action and adventure, watches old mech anime
  • Won special hair clips at some sports event and wears them all the time
  • Mother passed away when she was young
  • Isn’t all that good in writing, finds more interest in European languages like dutch or german
  • Really cocky and proud, many don’t like talking to her because of how aggressive she is
  • Dad is often away so she lives with her room mate whom she belittles constantly 

Now Hime dere what a character, kuuderes? yanderes? tsunderes? Ha as if any of those foolishy foolish fools know who the true star is

  • That type of character who only earns enough in acnl to buy the crown then never play the game again
  • Applies for clubs but never joins if accepted because she only wanted to prove she could do it
  • Followed by her ‘fans” everywhere,they shine lights behind her when she confronts someone or greets a new student
  •  Does the 90s villain “ohohohoho” laugh at everything
  • Richest kid in the school by far, wears the most expensive things and all jewellery is real
  • Wins most of the talent shows, unless a high school musical situation comes up
  • Is so darn smug, like the smug you see on sleezy guy’s facebook icons of anime girls laughing while they type up some essay on modern politics