Talk about terrifying teeth! The male babirusa, or “pig-deer,” has a striking feature: its tusks, or upper canines, grow upward, piercing through the top of its snout before curling back toward its head. In some cases, if the animal doesn’t grind its tusks through regular activity, these incredible canines can grow to be more than 11 inches in length and even reach its forehead! But though impressive to see, these canines are brittle and likely not especially useful as weapons. Instead, they might be used to lock an opponent’s tusks, or for butting, and they may create a sort of face shield against the sharper, lower tusks of attacking rivals.
Photo: Eric Kilby

Patron Reward: Raaz for Sarah Biswas

Trolls!! One can never have too many trolls, and I am always happy to draw them. Deezmo’s Raaz was no exception, the additional ‘Legolas action pose’ was fun too. Thanks for letting me draw your Voodoo son!

As always I am always happy for people to colour their commissions, and Deez did an awesome job colouring him later. I’d link it, but Tumblr is a twat and blocks outgoing links. She goes by Deezmo on both DA and Twits, so do check out the crazy-good magic she worked on the lines. He looks absolutely phenomenal!

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Raaz belongs to Deezmo
World of Warcraft © Blizzard
Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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Out of Africa by Jeremy Beckman

Narwhal Tusks

Gifted to me by a wonderful friend!

Legalities: Narwhal are primarily hunted for their meat by the Inuit of northern Canada. This hunt is tightly regulated by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and pilot projects are providing more local autonomy. The tusks provide a secondary resource and source of cash and are not the primary objective of the hunt. Trade in this ivory and its ownership is legal within Canada.