Today the Department of Awesomely Good Deeds salutes members of the 501st Legion: Capital City Garrison, a Canadian costuming organization that spends their time making fantastic Star Wars-related costumes and wearing them to brighten the lives of the less-fortunate when and wherever they can. For this year’s Star Wars Day Cecil the Tusken Raider, Garindan (aka Mark), and Melissa the Stormtrooper traveled to the Ottawa Humane Society animal shelter and posed for portraits with a variety of pets in need of adoption.

Until now we had no idea how much we’ve always wanted to see Star Wars characters cuddling with guinea pigs, cats, dogs, and rabbits. We hope these wonderful photos, taken by Rohit Saxena, help these animals find forever homes. Click here for additional images.

Visit the Ottawa Humane Society website for more information about these critters.

[via PitaPixel]