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Rfa sex headcanons

I see how it is (nsfw ??)


  • This boy has some sort of hair pulling kink and no one can convince me otherwise
    • that fucking rat tail will be p u l l e d
  • Kind of person that thinks sex is a private thing, so public sex is a big no.
    • That being said, his definition of “private” is pretty loose
      • You have definitely done it in his dressing room
  • Also thinks that sex is an incredibly special activity, and unless one of you is being fueled by some primal instinct (over-used fanfic term 1) where desire is the only thing you can think of, really wants to take his time with it
    • boy would shower you with compliments and sweet-talk throughout 
    • Would be comfortable with mild kinks, but nothing crazy.  He keeps it pretty vanilla
      • Still, open to try a lot of things
    • Worships your body like a shrine.  Will not get off until he’s certain you have.
      • Kind of person that loves to trace every curve of your body before really getting into it.  He’s a huge tease, and doesn’t always try to be.
      • He has your reactions down to the T: knows what gets you off, knows which places to stimulate, etc., and is quick to notice if something is even the slightest bit different
    • Makes use of all the furniture in your apartment, shower included


    • Puppy dog boy is surprisingly kinky in the sense that he is totally a virgin during the time of the main plot of the game, and is open to try anything
      • literally anything
        • “You won’t know until you try!” is this kids motto
        • Also, probably low key a masochist 
    • During the times not being used for experimenting, sex with him (for the most part) is super cute and fluffy and somewhat goofy 
      • there’s absolutely no pressure to do or try anything either.  He’s open to everything, but is completely aware of boundaries 
    • Sex with him is sort of “different” every time in the sense that you’re constantly discovering new things about what gets each other off
    • Lots of pushing hair out of faces, because he’s someone who wants to see every inch of you at all times
      • (will take a hair clip out of his hair to keep yours out of your face)
    • Can get super, uncharacteristically possessive, in which case hoooboy get ready for a wild time
      • It’s like he’s a completely different person.  If someone comes onto you while the two of you are out, he holds that with him until you return to your apartment.  In this case, he’ll make sure that there’s physical evidence of your relationship


    • Tbh probably schedules time to have sex 
      • She’s a busy woman; she needs everything to have a set time so she knows when she needs to be where
        • you can’t blame her, but the lack of spontaneity does get a bit mundane
    • Also probably doesn’t want to experiment with a lot of things; she knows what works (for you and her) (probably also has a document or notepad somewhere that has these things listed) and doesn’t see why she should mess that up
      • That being said, in the heat of the moment, will try something mild
    • As a hard working individual, she does make sure to work her hardest to get you off, using whatever method she thinks is appropriate for the situation
    • You once convinced her to do it in her office.  She enjoyed it much more than she thought she would (the taboo is just so tempting), but refuses to do it again in fear of being caught
      • “What if we don’t lock the door next time?” “Do you really think either of us would forget?” “You never know.”
    • She really enjoys the aftermath of sex, which is just the standard cuddling and closeness that she feels with you


    • B D S M  B D S M  B D S M
      • Will try and has probably already tried anything and everything
    • Sometimes, if you say something particularly crass during sex, he still gets surprised and, dare I say, flustered, because hearing those words come out of you is just so unexpected
      • That cage, man.  Probably been used once or twice, but if you’re not into it, he won’t push it.  Definitely been used though.
    • Will dom the ever loving shit out of you, and it’s great
      • If he wants sex, you have sex.  (Obviously, if you’re really insistent otherwise, he won’t push it, because he absolutely respects your boundaries and would never do anything to make you uncomfortable) but the other way around is the same, because he’s always down for sex
    • Thinks that sex is a thing best done in his apartment (because that’s where everything is if you catch my drift) but is not opposed to taking the risks of public sex
      • You guys do it in his office probably once a week, let’s be honest.
      • You just look really good in a form fitting suit, afterall
    • A sexual relationship built on mutual trust and respect in the bedroom (as it should be) with a more than one safe word or action.  You never have to use them, because Jumin has your body down to a science.  He’ll know if somethings up before you do.
    • After the activity(s), he always asks how you are (his way of gauging if he went too far)


    • Ya boy’s a sadist 
      • loves leaving physical evidence of your relationship.  You lose a lot of foundation and concealer to your neck, and whatever else is showing at the time 
      • So he uses his mouth a lot
        • A   L O T
    • Uses sex as a stress reliever, because poor baby is always stressed about something
    • Probably would be into roleplaying or something (those outfits from his missions have to be put to use now that he’s not out in the field, after all)
      • a sprinkle of BDSM now and then
    • Like Zen, thinks sex is more than just that; it’s a profoundly intimate act that, for the most part, stays in the bedroom (or his home office; his chair is ridiculously comfortable)
      • Worships your body like a temple.  He pays attention to everything and files it away in the database that is his brain.  He’s such a tease, and knows exactly how far to go and where to make you beg for him
      • Takes his time during sex, too.  He wants to draw it out as long as he can.
    • Absolutely shameless about it.  If you leave nail marks in his back, or give him a hickey or two of your own, he’ll just leave them be, and if someone sees it?  They see it.  So what.
      • It has led to some awkward interactions with Saeran
    Sei di mattina (Acoustic Version)
    Sei di mattina (Acoustic Version)

    Quei modi di fare
    A nobilitare
    Ogni tuo comportamento
    Che sono le sei di mattina
    Ma è di mattina che soffia il vento
    Io sono qui a scrivere ancora
    A ridere ancora di me, mentre
    Un raggio di sole ti sfiora
    Con le lenzuola poggiate sul ventre

    Le sei di mattina
    E lei di mattina
    Metti che mi sta a fianco
    Non sono lo scemo di prima
    E verso la china su un foglio bianco
    Non faccio questioni di stato
    Zero emissioni di fiato, mentre
    Quelle altre che m'hanno lasciato
    Pregano il fato che muoia per sempre
    (Ye) Vorrei sapere a cosa stai pensando
    Ora che hai gli occhi chiusi
    E abusi del fatto che sbando
    E quel sorriso messo come scudo
    Bocca dipinta
    Prendo e rifiuto
    Scossa di quinta magnitudo
    (Ye) E'la mia donna e non sai quanto vali
    Non ha l'insonnia e non fa la mignotta nei locali
    Lei non abbraccia tutti
    Scaccia, tutti brutti
    Tranne me
    Mente a tutti
    Tranne a me
    All I need is you
    (Ye) E dimmi se ci sei anche tu
    Se in questo mondo di puttane
    Non hai un costo
    (Ye) E dimmi se ci sei anche tu
    Ma adesso guardami di più, di più, di più

    E non pensarci più
    Che non è facile restare in questo posto
    Che sono pazzo di te
    E non è strano che ti voglio ad ogni costo
    E non pensarci più
    Che non è facile restare in questo posto
    Che sono pazzo di te
    E non mi posso più fermare
    Un limite non c'è

    Il profumo che indossi
    La pelle di seta
    I capelli mossi
    È un misto di come tu sei
    O come, più o meno, vorrei che tu fossi
    Tra i miei paradossi
    T'invito nei miei desideri nascosti
    Ti vedo nel buio nuda
    In infradito
    Ho gli infrarossi
    E cerco te nel letto
    E quando non ci sei
    I miei problemi che fanno effetto
    (Resta con me)
    Se te ne vai t'aspetto
    Ma non tornerai
    Prima che non te l'abbiano detto
    (Resta con me)
    Che tutto questo adesso parla di te
    In questa stanza preso male
    Dove Dio non c'è
    E tutto questo adesso parla di te
    Puoi darmi un attimo di più, di più, di più

    -Briga Sei Di mattina


    Gusti Tradizionali.

    E come direbbe Paolo Bitta: Quando uno è tradizionalista, è tradizionalista.

    Nun me poss chiù fidà e te 
    / Non posso più fidarmi di te
    Ma nun o pensà proprio / Ma non lo pensare neanche
    ‘O rraù ra casa mia nun o vir cchiù / Il ragù di casa mia non lo vedrai più
    Uardat a chist, ua / Ma tu guarda un pò questo qui
    Magnatell tu / Mangiatelo tu
    Se po fà / Si può fare
    IL calciatore è Diego Armando Maradona, ex calciatore del SSC Napoli.


    Acute Angle
    Kihyun Requested by areybii and Anon
    Word Count:1609
    Genre: Fluff, School AU

    “I’m no good as this.” You whined, slamming your pencil down on the table and leaning back dramatically in your seat.
    “It’s not that I don’t try really, I just don’t have the brain for this.” A sideways glance was cast towards you as this phrase escaped your lips, Minhyuk shaking his head disapprovingly.
    “No, you just seriously don’t try at all. You’re the type that doesn’t complete stuff unless you’re going to be praised for it.” He shot back at you, pulling his backpack over the shoulders of his school blazer. You huffed inwardly, scrunching your face up at his words. Bull’s eye.
    “I think you should get a tutor.” Minhyuk mumbled under his breath, retreating from the room.
    “Hey! You’re not going home without me!” You yelled after him, voice echoing off the walls of the empty study area as you rushed after him, hastily grabbing your things. Being best friends with Minhyuk was a blessing and a curse. He knew you inside and out, which was pretty inconvenient at certain times, like now. You knew he was right, but it was such a hassle to find a tutor, and on top of that, who even likes math? Staying late after school everyday wasn’t exactly helping you at all now, even with Minhyuk to assist with certain problems. You trudged after Minhyuk’s full strides, distress about the upcoming test weighing heavily on your shoulders.

    Needless to say, you bombed the next test and were stuck after school yet another day. Minhyuk had stopped coming, which didn’t bother you too much because all he was really good for was phone game hacks. The creak of a door echoed off the walls and your eyes narrowed, although still on your paper. Whoever it was, you refused to get distracted. Footsteps tapped against the tile, the figure moving to sit a few rows in front of you. Orange hair? You questioned to yourself, not really recalling such a hair color from anyone in your class. The room was silent except for the rhythmic breathing between the two of you. Everyday after that, the stranger was there too. You would have to take breaks periodically to get the blood flow back into your legs and feet, and sometimes you would return to sticky notes with answers to the problem you were struggling on and an empty room. Soon enough, it was built into a routine. You could leave the room when you were having trouble and he would explain the problem on your paper and solve it. The two of you got into this habit and before study hall you would buy double of whatever you normally bought from the vending machine and leave it on his desk.

    You never saw him in the hallways during normal school hours, leading you to believe he was probably a grade above you, which only made you more curious about him.
    “Minhyuk, do you know any orange-haired seniors?” You inquired one Saturday evening, the two of you sitting on your kitchen island and eating snacks together.
    “Ah… Maybe one or two? Is this a boy you’re wondering about?” He responded, tilting his head a little in thought as he counted through people on his fingers.
    “Yeah. He always helps me with my math homework.” Minhyuk’s eyes widened at your words, his face lighting up instantly.
    “You couldn’t possible talking about Yoo Kihyun, could you? And also how do you not know his name if you talk so much? You’re so thoughtless.” He teased gently, elbowing you softly in the side with his trademark grin.
    “I mean, I don’t know. We don’t exactly talk.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “He sorta just… leaves me sticky notes around and I bring him snacks” You could see Minhyuk fighting back laughter as he turned away from you to cough, face flushing red.
    “Definitely Yoo Kihyun.” He nodded, patting your head.

    Yoo Kihyun. Yoo. Kihyun. Kihyun. You smiled to yourself as you toyed with your pencil, staring directly into the back of his head during study hall Monday morning. It wouldn’t be that hard to ask him a question, right? You mustered up all the courage you had and braced yourself for the worst as you stood up from your seat. Okay. Right foot. Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. You bit your lip softly, his eyes now on you and confusion clearly written all over his face.
    “Kihyun, can you help me with this one?” You murmured, pointing out a question on your worksheet.
    “Sure.” He choked out, proceeding to explain the question in detail, despite his pink ears.

    Throughout the next week, your seat in study hall had moved from the back of the room to directly beside Kihyun so you could pester him whenever you needed help. He made a lot of bad math jokes to help you whenever you needed to remember something. This day you were especially having trouble, rubbing your temple with your fingers while you glared at the paper.
    “If you sigh one more time, I’m going to get stressed too.” Kihyun joked, leaning over you to look at the question. The proximity between your faces at this point was quite close though he didn’t seem to notice as he starting writing out on the paper.
    “So do you remember what I told you about small angles?” He asked softly, looking up to realize how close he was to you and gulp hard.
    “O-oh, sorry.” He stuttered, moving back so quickly he caught himself on the leg of your chair and stumbled awkwardly. Trying not to laugh was not an option. You grabbed his wrist, tugging him back next to you to work on the problem after assuring he wasn’t injured.
    “It’s acute because it’s small, right? Like it’s cute?” You asked, scratching the back of your head in curiosity as you looked up at him.
    “Hey, you remembered. So then what would this bigger one be?”
    “Ob.. tuse?”
    “Great, do you know why it’s obtuse?”
    “Over 180 degrees.”
    “So then you take this and this and combine it like this.” Kihyun went on, continuing to write everything out until it started to make sense, smiling at you encouragingly. You nodded obediently as you followed along and breezed through the next several questions. The sound of Kihyun’s voice shook you suddenly and your head snapped up with the thought that you had done something incorrectly. Instead, his phone was directly in front of your face. He wasn’t making eye contact, obviously embarrassed as you typed your name and number in carefully.
    “Put yours in mine too.”

    This was probably the most you had ever texted in your life. Constant messages were being sent between classes and when teachers weren’t paying attention. 

    Kihyun: Did you pass your math test this time?

    You smiled wide as you clutched the paper in your hands, reading the beautiful one hundred written out in red ink. 

    You: You won’t believe how well I did. I’ll show you after school. Do you want anything from the vending machine? 

    You typed quickly as the final bell rang, gathering up your things with the happy feeling building up in your stomach.

    Kihyun: Great, I have a surprise for you. Will you just get me something cold to drink?~

    You walked (ran) to meet Kihyun so you could show off your grade as soon as possible, two iced coffees in your hands as well as your paper. This feeling was euphoric, nervous laughter bubbling up from your stomach as you pushed open the door to the study hall. Kihyun was waiting there patiently, leaning against a desk with a large grin on his face.
    “Kihyun, look! Seriously look, I got a one hundred!” You screamed, holding the paper very proudly in his face as you bounced around.
    “It’s all thanks to you. I can’t believe this. I got a one hundred in math. The best grade you could get. On a test! I feel like I’m going to faint.” You gushed, grabbing Kihyun’s hands and forcing him to spin around with you as you celebrated. He laughed happily as he followed your movement, quite amused at the whole situation.
    “Thank you so much, Kihyun. Seriously.” Before you realized you were doing it, you were pressing your lips against his cheek as the adrenaline rushed through you. Kihyun was sort of frozen as you continued to to show off your paper without actually registering what just happened until you saw his face.
    “Wait- did I just?” You clammed up, touching your lips with your fingers as your eyes widened.
    “You beat me to it.” Kihyun murmured, pressing his lips to yours without giving you a chance to breathe. It felt as it the world had stopped and you leaned into the kiss without a fight, eyes fluttering closed. By the time you had pulled away, you weren’t sure how long it had been but your face was bearing a striking resemblance to boiled octopus. The world was spinning around you as Kihyun cleared his throat, pulling a small bouquet of flowers off the desk behind him and pressing them to your chest.
    “I.. uh, was planning to confess today?” He stuttered, refusing to meet your eyes.

    “What are those flowers for?” Minhyuk questioned as you walked home from school together, a smile never leaving your face.
    “They were a gift. I got a one hundred on my math test. Oh, and a boyfriend.”
    “That’s cool, your grades have really been going up. I can’t believe you got-  wait, what?”

    Oooo :3
    Ne am cunosc pe tumblr, trimitea 1000000 mesaje pe secundă :)))) pana am inceput sa ii zic “limbă lungă” si s a potolit :)))
    Tip fain cpsz
    Super de treabă si e sexy rau in negru =]]] așa că *tuse tuse* care e interesantă, mesaj pe privat =]]]]]]]
    Mno.. suntem amici și chiar e super fain tipu :P


    A poem by Ustad Daman, a Punjabi poet, recited in the 1950s at a gathering of Pakistani and Indian poets.

    Bha’n-wain Moo-hoon Na Kahyae, Pur Wichoon Wichee
    Khoo-aye Tusee Wi O, Khooaye us-ee Wi Aaa’n

    Aya-naan Azaadian Huthoon Barbaad Hoona
    Hoo-aye Tusee Wi O, Hoo-aye us-ee Wi Aaa’n

    Ko-jh Ommeed Aye, Zind-agee Mil Ja-aye Gi
    Moo-aye Tusee Wi O, Moo-aye us-ee Wi Aaa’n

    Joondi Jan Aye, Mot Dai Moo-nh Undar
    Dhoo-aye Tusee Wi O, Dhoo-aye us-ee Wi Aaa’n

    Jaagan Waliaan Nay Ruj Kaye Lot-yaa Aye
    Soo-aye Tusee Wi O, Soo-aye us-ee Wi Aaa’n
    Lali Akhiaa’n Dee Pay-ee Dus-di Aye
    Roo-aye Tusee Wi O, Roo-aye us-ee Wi Aaa’n.

    We may not speak but deep in our hearts we know,
    That you have lost, as we too have lost in this divide.
    With this false freedom, towards destruction,
    You ride, and so too do we ride.
    There was some hope, there is life to be found
    But you died, and so we too died.
    While still alive, inside the jaws of death
    You were hurled inside, as we were hurled inside.
    Fully awake, they robbed us till they had their fill
    You kept sleeping, leaving care aside, we too left care aside.
    The redness of the eyes tells the tale.
    That you have cried, and so we, too, have cried.