A Doorway to Education and Opportunities in Romania

Written by Lt Col Amy McCall

The City of Campia Turzii, population 26,377, is located in Transylvania, the central region of Romania and hosts a Romanian Air Base where joint US/Romanian exercises are held every year. Campia Turzii, like many Eastern European Cities, has struggled to fund badly needed school upgrades to include some buildings that have not been renovated in 40+ years. Recently, EUCOM partnered with the City and the County Education Department to renovate $380K worth of doors, flooring, windows, interior walls, electrical fixtures and construct playground cover for Pinocchio, Lumea Prichindeilor, and Armonia elementary schools.

The town already welcomes the U.S. Air Force during their training engagements, but thanks to EUCOM’s investment, there is an even greater mutual respect and understanding that to be partners we must both invest in the future. You can see this in the thank you letter we received from the County Education Department