Your name is ASTERI OCIPIT. You have a strong affection for SCIENCE, particularly NEUROSCIENCE and ASTRONOMY. You often find yourself LOST IN THOUGHT and OVER-ANALYZE EVERYTHING. You also have a fascination for SMALL, SHARP OBJECTS, which you keep scattered around your hive. You dislike emotions, particularly anger, and to control them, you tend to write SADISTIC FICTION. You also enjoy making SHIPPING WALLS, and others tend to go to you for ADVICE IN THIS AREA. Your strife specibi are SCALPELKIND and BOWKIND. Your chumhandle is cerebralTheorist and your speecH tends to be a bit analytical, but your are very empatHetic towards otHers and listen wHen tHey need someone to talk to. Your speecH also HigHlights your favorite periodic table element, wHicH you Have quite an obsession witH, tHougH you will never admit tHat to anybody.

Asteri Ocipit, for a friend. ^_^

Your name is TARA FUSINI and you are FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. You love BOXES, all kinds of them, from the little TRANSPARENT ones to the bulky CARDBOARD ones. You are extremely HYPER ALL THE TIME, but you are also EASILY IMPACTED and can get very, very EMOTIONAL. You love to HELP PEOPLE with their MENTAL ISSUES despite the fact that you have many of your own, though you are GOOD AT HIDING THE NEGATIVE ONES. You are a VERY ACCEPTING person who PICKS THINGS UP FAST. You love COLORS and BUNNIES and try to SURROUND YOURSELF with as many as possible. Your sister left you at a young age, but she said she would BE BACK SOON. You were really raised by STEVE THE BUNNY. You live in an ABANDONED TROLL HIVE on the enemy side. Your chumhandle is contentContainer. Your strife specibus is boxkind and y[]ur text is very square.

Tara Fusini. Also for CT.