turtles in hats

Reasons why the Sonic 1996 OVA is a masterpiece:

- Cute, with hilarious visual gags
- Wonderful and clean animation and character design
- Detailed and colorful backgrounds
- Metal Sonic
- Sonic and Tails live inside of a crashed jet airplane
- Old Man Owl wearing Sonic’s favorite clothes
- The fact Knuckles yells about people not letting him get his work done
- The fact Knuckles knows how to do mechanical work at all
- Metal Sonic and Sonic being synchronized so they can feel what the other feels and hear each other’s thoughts
- Eggman’s English dub voice
- Knuckles calling Sonic his best friend
- That one ridiculous kick Metal doles out to Sonic. You know the one.
- Metal mimicking Sonic’s nose rubbing
- The beeping noises Metal makes when he “talks” to Sonic 
- Overall ridiculousness. It’s 50 odd minutes of innocent lightness and fun.
- The subtle characterization of Knuckles flinching away from sunlight and being a treasure hunter
- “Turtle bomb ex machina”
- Knuckles’ hat on fire
- Knuckles’ hat in general
- Fitting soundtrack
- The fact that the Land of the Sky is resting on a SERIES OF GLACIERS ARE YOU KIDDING ME
- Eggman’s muscly helper ‘bots
- Metal and Sonic’s fighting
- Everyone falling asleep during Eggman’s Exposition Speech
- “There is only one Sonic”


So today I found myself in the doodle mood, but I didn’t really want to do anything on the askblogs and couldn’t think of anything I wanted to doodle… so I turned to the lot of you to see what you could come up with, asking for something super silly for me to draw.
…I knew you guys wouldn’t let me down.

Brace yourselves, here comes a gigantic heap of ridiculousness.

meet…the hatmaster. Master of the hats.

im snasnsa, snannn the skleltno 

They look like they’re kinda standing on it and holding on like they’re riding some sort of weird flying board. This…was not skillfully made.

but wait it gets better



He has activated his tsundere mode

good job Sans

This captures my perpetual inner emotional state

You guys are the best follower base I could ever ask for.✨

The signs as weird things my friends and I have said...

Aries: “I wouldn’t put it past my brother to solicit people on the Internet for fish parts.”

Taurus: “Game Over: You’re in Hell.”

Cancer: “I’m too lazy to sleep.”

Gemini: “What does bird sex look like?”

Virgo: “You trade the berries for heroine.”

Leo: “Still not dead.”

Libra: “Everybody’s dead, huzzah!”

Scorpio: “BOOM. Awkward turtle was born.”

Sagittarius: “Hats wearing hats and drinkable grenades; the future is truly a wondrous place!”

Capricorn: “Yey, I’m transgender!”

Aquarius: “Any shirt is a bisexual shirt if you try hard enough.”

Pisces: “I don’t give three dicks.”


Quiz: What Political Issue Inspired These Dr. Seuss Books?
Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, is famous all over the world for his iconic children's books and illustrations. But what most people don't know is that a lot of his stories are inspired by complex political issues.

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss! Do you know what political issues inspired some of his most famous children’s books? Test your knowledge (and maybe learn a thing or two) with our quiz!

N8V Couture. The Relevant Native American Clothing

N8V Couture is run by our friend Andy, who’s Turtle Mountain Chippewa–it’s an awesome brand supported by the likes of Tall Paul, Tito Ybarra, Cheyenne Randall, & Andrew Morrison! Please be sure to check it out, support his business, and spread the word on his fundraising campaign.

N8V Couture is not only a brand. It’s a movement to inspire dialogue, and promote self-identification and self-determination through the use of Cultural and Historically Relevant Native American Clothing. Here at N8V Couture we are challenging the stereotypes and re-imagining what it means to produce “Native American Clothing.”

At N8V Couture we understand how important Art is to Culture. With that being said, we have teamed up with Well Known Native American artists, and utilized Traditional Language, Designs, Colors, and Teachings to provide our customers with a Canvas, Covered with a Story, Disguised as a piece of Stylish Clothing.

  • Bridging the Generational Gap, as well as rural and urban locations.
  • Authentic and True
  • Promoting Traditional Language & Teachings 
  • Sweatshop Free
  • Eco Friendly
  • Community Focused and Driven
  • Native American Ran, Owned and Designed

How We Started and Why KickStarter?!

As a full time University student studying Social Justice my finances, as you can imagine, are limited. Don’t tell anyone, but for the past 2 years I have lived off of Top Ramen and Redbull, while utilizing my University Scholarship Refunds to build N8V Couture! 

We have attended Pow-Wows and Native American Community events throughout the U.S. over the past year and have received nothing but positive feedback in terms of the clothing. The interest is definitely there, we have amazing artists to work with, and our designs have been well received.

We are now looking to take N8V Couture to the Next Level. That next level entails bringing all production in-house and making sure that our inventory is large enough to supply our customer demand. To get there we’re asking for your support!

We believe it’s possible for a Native American Owned and Operated business to grow while remaining a socially responsible, independent, locally-sourced company & we are asking the KickStarter community to help us prove it

skittlemcfrootloops  asked:

Sk8er Eliza found a turtle,Eliza likes the turtle,Eliza puts hat o turtle,Eliza named turtle: _______,Eliza uses Turtle to avoid boys flirting with her ex: "Nah man,Im taken(Turtle)

what a gr8 idea tho

Going to the Fair (pt. 2)

(This is the second part to yesterday’s story. Now it’s the Jackaboys at the fair!)

Marvin insisted, and Chase thought that it was probably best for all of them to get out of the cabin. After what happened last time, Chase also refuses to leave Anti behind, even though some of the others would prefer it, and while the glitch likes to pretend that he’s completely opposed to the idea, he’s secretly excited to see what Marvin describes as “mayhem and fun incarnate.” Then again, Marvin is a touch on the dramatic side.

Imagine Dr. Schneeplestein thinking the entire thing is a bit of a bore. After his experience with high-risk operations, this little county fair is nothing. He walks around as the others ooh and ah at every possible thing with glittering blue eyes, and he has to admit that seeing them happy is worth coming even if the food and rides are less than impressive. When Marvin starts to feel queasy from all the greasy food and head-spinning rides, Schneep takes him off to a cool, quiet place to catch a breath and regales him with tales of his many successful (and not so successful) operations.

Imagine Jackieboy Man parading around in his hero suit and leading the others through the fair. All is well until he notices that a certain booth, a ring toss game, is rigged so that the player will inevitably lose. At the sight of such blatant injustice, Jackieboy Man tries to reason with the man behind the booth, and the others have to literally pick him up and carry him away to keep him from starting a fight with the guy. “Don’t believe his lies! That game is not fair and just as all forms of enjoyment should be! I am shocked, shocked at the bla–” Anti stuffs a corndog in his mouth and giggles as the hero chokes on it.

Imagine Jacques loving all the crazy colors and the whirs of motion that are happening around him. He’s so inspired by the display that he pulls out a canvas, paints, and easel (who knows where he managed to stick all that until now…) and begins to quickly recreate the fair as it appears to him. The others try to tell him that he simply can’t stand in the middle of a fair and paint, and other people rush by, knocking the canvas from the easel. But Jacques is determined, and by the time it is done, he proclaims, “My new masterpiece! Vomit le Jacques!”

Imagine Marvin finding the magician’s tent. He goes inside with wide eyes and an awed hush and watches as the man in the sparkling suit performs. Marvin’s trained eyes catch the slight-of-hand that the man does, and Marvin is almost disappointed that he’s not a real magician, not like Marvin. But he enjoys the show nonetheless and even sticks around for two more even though it’s the same every time. On the last time, the magician calls Marvin to the stage to aid in the trick, but when the young magician gets involved, they somehow manage to pull, not a rabbit, but a snapping turtle from the hat. Needless to say, the magician will now have to learn to do his tricks with one less finger…

Imagine Chase running around like an excited kid, holding onto his hat as he rides all the rides and only taking it off to bob for apples. He’s walking along with a caramel apple in hand when he sees a little boy standing alone, crying. Chase glances around to see if there’s another adult nearby, someone that the kid might belong to, but no one seems to be paying the kid any mind except for a passing stranger who might stare before walking away. Chase looks down at the caramel apple and back at the kid before walking over and smiling at him. They strike up a conversation, and soon Chase leads the kid to a nearby police officer who agrees to make sure he finds his parents. Chase wants to stick around just to make sure that happens, but he decides against it, leaving the caramel apple with the little kid.

Imagine Anti loving it. He loves the rides, the flashing lights, the shouting and everything. He’s gobbling down a ton of food and is just visibly giddy, but every time one of the others look over at him, he instantly goes back to looking bored, even going so far as to fake a yawn. The others try to keep a close eye on him, just because they’re afraid of what he might do if given the chance to wander off, and sure enough, he slips away from them and onto one of the rides, completely skipping the line. The teenager he ends up sat next to is a guy in a black hoodie who looks at Anti’s neck and nods. “Cool.” Anti giggles and when it’s finally time to go back to the cabin, he can still feel the bubbly excitement inside him. Although, that might also be from all the junk food…