turtles and tea

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name: cecilie
nicknames: ceci, cille
zodiac sign: gemini
height: 5’5"
orientation: bisexual
nationality: danish
favourite fruit: bananas
favourite season: autumn
favourite book: the bookshop book by jen campbell
favourite flower: sunflowers
favourite scent: freshly baked bread (yes this counts shhh)
favourite colour: yellow
favourite animal: giraffes or turtles
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea
average sleep hours: anywhere between 3 and 6 on a regular night
cat or dog person: cats but also both and neither 
favourite fictional character: magnus bane
number of blankets you sleep with: 1 or 2 if it’s really cold
dream trip: 2-3 week in ireland by car 
blog created: june 2010
number of followers (you don’t have to put this if you don’t want to): 1k+ 

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I want an episode of TMNT 2012 to be where Leo keeps disappearing at night and everyone thinks he’s doing shit with Karai again but in reality, he’s hanging out with that girl who taught him about tea parties. And they’re just having a blast.

give me that fluff please


                            Rule No. #6 - Don’t touch Freddy

Uhg don’t pay too close attention to all the anatomy derps, I was REALLY tired and sick when I drew this. I randomly thought how one of the rules is don’t touch Freddy… I bet it’s a bummer for the animatronics not being able to interact with the kids that they use to entertain. ( I like to think that the animatronices are sentient beings looking out for the kids ) So yeah… This was made in result of that. ^^”

Undertale Cookbook - Sea Tea

Made from glowing marshwater and sure to put a speedy spring in your step!

Idea by cactustuck


7 Cups Water (3 hot, 4 cold)

½ cup [loosely packed] fresh mint leaves

1 cup blueberries (frozen or fresh)

6 regular teabags of black tea

½ cup sugar

1 6-oz can of frozen lemonade concentrate


Boil 3 cups of water in a saucepan, and then remove from heat. Add the tea bags and the mint leaves, cover, and steep for ten minutes.

Remove the tea bags and mint leaves, and stir in the sugar until dissolved. 

Blend the blueberries in a food processor or blender until completely blended. Pour blueberry mix into a large pitcher. Add four cups cold water and the lemonade concentrate. Add the tea mixture and stir well. 

Cool in the fridge completely and then serve over ice. Garnish with mint leaves and blueberries, if desired.

Wa ha ha! See the cookbook master post for more recipes!

I drew this at 3 this morning, for some reason I wanted to draw Chloe. So here she is, haha.

I loved her and the turtles adventure together in TMNT: Amazing Advetures issues 5 and 6

@green-tea-rave is my 500th follower, and they asked for a drabble on the most wild and out there pairing I could come up with.  Here you go.

Spiritual Encounters

There were many and myriad benefits to building her spiritual connection to the Avatar Spirit.

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Name: Anaka
Nicknames: Ani
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: italys canon height
Orientation: jumps off counter “im gay”
Ethnicity: i like baguettes
Favorite Fruit: tomato
Favorite Season: summer
Favorite Book: does captain underpants count
Favorite Flowers: star lilys
Favorite Scent: ketchup and sweet things
Favorite Color: any blue
Favorite Animal: turtles
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: hot choco.
Average Sleep Hours: 6-8 cus i make memes most of the night
Cat or Dog Person: Dogs
Favorite Fictional Character: the nyos because their hot
Number of Blankets I sleep with: 69
Ideal trip: idk
Blog Created: summer 2016
is this good enough

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Name: Julia

Nicknames: Juli bc i’m boring 

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 152cm

Orientation: who knows 

Favorite Fruit: watermelon and mango 

Favorite Season: winter and summer

Favorite Book: harry potter and the goblet of fire 

Favorite Flowers: tulips 

Favorite Scent: vanilla cake and roses

Favorite Color: black (i know is not a color but i love it) 

Favorite Animal: cats and turtles <3 

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: im drinking tea rn lol 

Average Sleep Hours: at night 0 but like 4 when i come back from school

Cat or Dog Person: cATS

Favorite Fictional Character: sherlock 

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1

Ideal Trip: spain, portugal and london 

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  • name: qarina (like carina or karina)
  • nicknames: q
  • zodiac sign: virgo
  • height: 5’0″
  • orientation: hetero
  • nationality: asian american
  • favourite fruit: mango
  • favourite season: spring
  • favourite book: am i lame if i say crime and punishment by dostoevsky?? i am also v partial to harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
  • favourite flower: lilacs, roses, cherry blossoms
  • favourite scent: spring mornings after it just rained (!!!) and it’s sunny out and it smells like summer is coming
  • favourite colour: shades of seafoam and teal
  • favourite animal: turtle
  • coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: hot cocoa
  • average sleep hours: anywhere btwn 4-12hrs lmao
  • cat or dog person: dog
  • favourite fictional character: my all-time faves include mulan, prince zuko, draco malfoy, the marauders, and basically the entire batfamily but especially my garbage sons dick grayson and damian wayne
  • number of blankets you sleep with: usually two
  • dream trip: a trip through south america or francophone africa
  • blog created: tbh i so feel ancient probably like five millennia ago
  • number of followers (you don’t have to put this if you don’t want to): 1,005
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 Name: Jennyfer Swafford
 Nicknames: Jen, Jenny, Jenna, Mom, Furry
 Zodiac sign: Aquarius 
 Height: barely 5'3
 Orientation: straight
 Ethnicity: I don’t know honestly I know I’m European though.
 Fruit: I love all fruits, but I especially love strawberries, apples, pomegranates, and raspberries!
 Season: winter is my favorite 
 Flower: Azalea
 Smell: I love the smell of lavender. 
 Animal: I love all animals! But I have a thing for sea turtles
 Coffee, Tea or hot chocolate: I’m more of a tea person
 Average sleep hours: 5 hours if I’m lucky 
 Cats or dogs: Yes
 Favourite fictional character: how do I choose? 
 Blog created: Jennziie (I literally do nothing most of the time.) maybe 2 months ago? Dandy-minamikenjiro was made about a month ago I think.
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Name | Megan
Nicknames | Meg
Zodiac sign | Aries
Height | 5′8″
Orientation | lesbian
Nationality | American (heritage: ¼ Spanish and the rest is a giant mix)
Favorite fruit | strawberries
Favorite season | fall 
Favorite book |  The Power of One
Favorite flower | Lilies or Tulips
Favorite scent | vanilla, cinnamon, basically all the ‘warm’ scents
Favorite color | black or purple
Favorite animal | domestic: dog, wild: turtles
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | hot cocoa, i hate coffee and tea is bleh
Average sleep hours | 4
Cat or dog person | dog!!!! i hate cats
Favorite fictional character | Dean Winchester
Number of blankets you sleep with | one blanket, one comforter
Dream trip | Ireland or Italy or Alaska
Blog created | February 2015
Number of followers | 16,680

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Name: Genevieve 
Nicknames: Gen, eve (i hate eve)
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Height: 5′2 and a half (and yes, the half matters)
Orientation: idek anymore
Ethnicity: white and native american 
Favorite fruit: mango 
Favorite season: summer
Favourite book: the book thief
Favourite flower: idk???
Favourite scent: fresh fruit and campfires
Favorite color: gold-ish
Favorite animal: turtles
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: REDBULL (coffee if i have to pick)
Average sleep hours: none lmao
Cat or dog person: dog
Favourite fictional character: not technically a fictional character but i love how death is portrayed in the book thief
Number of blankets you sleep with: ALL OF THEM
Dream trip: back to my hometown
Blog created: probably like march 2015?
Number of followers: 6,654

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name: sophie
nicknames: soph
zodiac sign: virgo
height: 5′6″ (167cm)
ethnicity: german
favourite fruit: watermelon, strawberries, raspberries
favourite season: winter
favourite book: bloodline
favourite flower: tulips
favourite scent: fresh baked bread, rain, chocolate
favourite colour: blue
favourite animal: elephants, turtles
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: hot cocoa
average sleep hours: 7 (schooldays), 9-10 (weekends)
cat or dog person: dog person
favourite fictional character: leia organa, katniss everdeen
number of blankets you sleep with: 1
dream trip: los angeles, tokyo
blog created: this specific one in 2016 but i had another one before
number of followers: 1.4k

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20 Questions

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 Name: ellie 

Nicknames: el 

Zodiac sign: taurus 

Height: 5′4 

Orientation: heterosexual 

Ethnicity: american 

Favorite fruit: strawberries, apples, raspberries 

Favorite season: fall & spring 

Favorite book series: hmm.. the chaos walking trilogy by patrick ness or the shades of magic series by v. e. schwab 

Favorite flower: sunflowers Favorite scent: the ocean, rain, warm cookies, freshly mowed grass 

Favorite color: pale pink or light yellow 

Favorite animal: turtles & cats 

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: ash i can’t choose 

 Average sleep hours: 6-7 

Cat or dog person?: cat person 

Favorite fictional characters: jim kirk, spock, nyota uhura, montgomery scott, (let’s be honest i could list every single trek character), mark watney, bucky barnes, clint barton, dana scully, lila bard, the list goes on (but jimmy kirk has his own special place in my heart) 

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2-3 

Dream trip: space, the final frontier. 

Blog created: sometime in 2015, when i was super into hamilton 

Number of followers: 79 

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