turtleneck king


*Poirot adorableness intensifies*

i was tagged by @outroherz 💘

rules: write down the last 15 tags associated with your bias

1. my baby in the bg….sorry to b that jin stan

2. wow jin rly just came into my room punched me in the face upturned my furniture and left

3. ah god he is the cutest :((((

4. ethereal….. a god amongst us mere mortals

5. oh wrow

6. this look kills me every time

7. king of turtlenecks

8. he is an angel 💖💖💖💖💖

9. strawberry milkshake prince (that’s my tag specially for when he wears pink lol)

10. how is a grown man this adorable

11. good

12. banana milkshake prince (i guess this is for when he wears yellow gdhjfjf)

13. amazing wonderful beautiful handsome wow

14. goofy baby

15. hes staring right into my soul

this is surprisingly soft i thought there would be more internal screaming. tho i think that is more reserved for tae :/ hm i tag @1iebling @jikooksgf @1ovemoni @expensivegrl @lqsoftie @virjin @17pjm @seocherri