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Just Practice - Part ½~

Originally I was going to post all 10 pages in a giant master post, but it’s ended up taking me longer than expected to finish this thing so I decided to split it in two parts. 

Stay tuned for part 2, which should be out sometime next week! ;D

Part One || Part Two

Flowers in the Dojo (Leonardo X Donatello)

Rating: XXX (Warning: Tcest) 

Universe: 2016 

Authors note: This was a request made by the lovely @leonardotmntlover It was my very first tcest request so I kind of went overboard with the smut. I totally get if you’re not into tcest, please help yourself to one of my other fics. I try to cater to all of my audience ❤️ 

Summary: Leo invites Donnie to train and things get steamy. 

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Leo pushed Donatello’s foot towards his face. 

“Right there?” Asked Leo. Donnie grunted before agreeing. 

“Yeah, that’s good.” Leo’s hand pushed against Donnie’s thigh, stretching the muscles out as far as Donnie could handle. Leonardo had convinced Don to run a training session with him, since Mikey and Raphael were out patrolling. Leo had something besides stretching in mind though. His deep blue eyes sparkled in the dim lighting of their makeshift dojo. Donatello watched Leo hover above him as he pushed his muscles to the limit and he could tell an idea was brewing inside his mind. 

“You know Raph and Mikey are out.” He said, slyly. Donnie looked at Leo for a second, 

“Yeah?” He played dumb. 

“Yeah.” Replied Leo, innocently. Donnie couldn’t help but chuckle as butterflies filled his stomach. 

“So?” He asked. Leo smirked, catching on to his brother quickly. He slid his hand down Donnie’s leg, reaching under his ass to squeeze it. Donatello could feel his tail stirring. 

“Hey I thought we were stretching?” He interrupted. 

“Why can’t we do both?” Smiled Leo, as he pushed his hand towards Donnie’s supple ass to tease the muscles around his entrance. Donatello’s body seized, gluing him to the mats as Leo teased his anus with a round finger. His tail twitched again, and he could feel his cock hardening from within. Donnie gulped as Leo placed his hand on Donnie’s calf, this time using his body to lean into the stretch. Their faces almost met, Leo’s eyes flared with lust and Donatello felt his tail stir yet again. His cheeks burned, as Leo’s stare pierced his soul, seeming to bring all his vulnerabilities to light. Leonardo let go of Donnie’s leg but remained in place, staring down at his little brother. For a second the room seemed to border dimensions, not existing here or there but in it’s own time and fashion. Donatello took a deep breath before Leo dove towards his lips, kissing him intensely, meeting his mouth fast and passionately. Donnie kissed Leo back, slowly creeping his tongue towards Leo’s, desperate to satisfy his thirst for him all the while embarrassed by his brothers candor. Leonardo pushed against Donnie, every kiss seeming to only aggravate his needs further. Donnie’s hands seemed to have a mind of their own, traveling all over Leo’s body, wanting to feel every curve and crease of his physique. Leo could feel his tail twitching as their saliva meshed into a steamy broth of lust. He placed his hand on Donnie’s hip, groaning into the kiss at the feel of his scales beneath his fingertips. Donatello’s face seemed to increase in temperature as the fire of lust in his blood threatened to take over. He clenched his fists, forcing himself to keep quiet. He could feel warmth sweep through his body creating an incessive pounding in his tail, forcing it out into the open. Donnie pulled away from the turtle in blue, wanting to catch his breath for just a second. Leo smirked and Donatello could tell by the look on his face that they weren’t stopping anytime soon, his blue oceanic eyes glistening with mischief. Donnie tried to hide his eagerness, knowing his big brother loved the chase. He cautiously placed his hands on Leo’s strong shoulders, as Leo dove for his neck. Donnie lost himself, feeling the bumps of Leo’s scales form around his muscles, his heart dipping and swelling with the shape of his body. Pure bliss forced his to shell tighten and his lungs to work in slow motion. His breaths came out in short shallow pants as Leonardo tugged at the skin on Donatello’s neck, reveling in the unruliness of his brother. Leos cock hardened emerging from his tail, fully erect, now struggling against the fabric of his slacks. He could feel the blood draining from his body centering in his juicy member. Donnie subtly thrust his hips against the hardness, unwilling to give himself away but still aching to satisfy the unrelenting lust. Donnie could feel the sharp rasp of a chuckle escape from Leo’s mouth against his neck, sending shivers down his spine. Leo pulled his lips from Donnie’s neck, the thumping stampede in his cock couldn’t be ignored anymore. He gripped Leo’s arms waiting out the wave of demand running through his body. Leo gave him no rest, jerking his pants off in one swift motion. He plunged for Donatello’s legs, quickly taking his cock into his mouth. Donnie stuffed his moans back down his throat, as Leonardo slowly coerced his cock towards the back of his mouth. He released a low, rumbling groan, sending the vibrations up Donnie’s shaft, finally forcing a moan to rip through his throat. Donatello thrust his hips, driving himself further into Leonardo’s mouth. Leo kept Donnie’s wrists pinned to the mats, ignoring his squirming, only wanting to extract the precious juices that lay inside his throbbing dick. Leo flattened his tongue, stretching and reaching places his lips couldn’t. Donnie hissed through his teeth, attempting to cope with the non-stop endorphins running through his body.

 "Just hold on a minute Leo,“ He squeaked. Donatello lifted his head groggily, trying to ration with Leo but the sight of him sucking the life from his cock was enough to push him into orgasm. "Oh God.” He whimpered. Donnie’s body stiffened, pushing all his adrenaline into one big wave that squeezed out every drop of cum from his body and into Leo’s mouth. Fireworks burst around him, giggles involuntarily escaped from him as bliss overwhelmed Donnie. Leo graciously lapped at Donatello, not wanting any of his precious liquid to go to waste. His cock twitched and slowly retreated back into his tail. Donnie only had a few seconds to catch his breath before Leo was turning him around, 

“I’m not done yet.” He grinned, poising himself near Donnie’s opening. The fluid running from Leo helped to slip himself into Donatello until he couldn’t see his own cock anymore. He basked in the sweet sensation of wet warmth devoured him. Leo couldn’t see straight as violent colors filled his vision. The feeling running through his body made him feel high. He pumped himself into Donatello until the violent colors meshed into a giant blob of psychedelic imagery. Leonardo folded over Donnie onto his shell, expressing every drop of juice he had inside of him. He flopped helplessly onto the floor, his limbs useless as a wave of warm honey poured onto his head down to his toes. He panted heavily until his vision cleared. 

“Ready to train, cowboy?” Teased Donnie. All Leo could manage was a dopey smile with closed eyes, 

“Yeah gimme a sec.”

A commission for @reader115 featuring Leo and Raph from their amazing RaphLeo fic ‘Fog Catchers’. Ahhhh, I am in love with that fic!

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“You realise this is lame, right? There’s no way that move would work in real life.”

“No one said you had to read it with me, Raph.”

“Hey, no one said I had to get up in the morning yet here I am. Seriously though, these nerds wouldn’t stand a chance against the triceratons.”