Top Shot: Head Above Water

Top Shot features the photo with the most votes from the previous day’s Daily Dozen. The Daily Dozen is 12 photos chosen by the Your Shot editors each day from thousands of recent uploads. Our community has the chance to vote for their favorite from the selection.

While swimming at Sunset Beach in Hawaii, Your Shot photographer Chae Donahue captured this photo of a sea turtle breaking through the surface to take a breath. Photograph by Chae Donahue

Pink Controller Orgy! Turtle Beach X31s. I need more batteries for it. Rawr!!! Did you know Pink Controllers are now $95 on Amazon.com? The first pink controller I bought (nearly 3 years ago) was only around $50 back then. Sheesh! Collectible? I think so! :-) And Thank you Danna for the white controller with the pink condom on it. LMAO! <3<3<3