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THERE WAS A TURTLE ON THE BEACH AND I THOUGHT OF YOU (btw the beach is in New York so this is rare and my dads never seen it and he's been coming his whole life

OMFG YAY!! 🐢🐢🐢

Pink Controller Orgy! Turtle Beach X31s. I need more batteries for it. Rawr!!! Did you know Pink Controllers are now $95 on Amazon.com? The first pink controller I bought (nearly 3 years ago) was only around $50 back then. Sheesh! Collectible? I think so! :-) And Thank you Danna for the white controller with the pink condom on it. LMAO! <3<3<3

Gotta love Turtle Beaches

So today I was playing some Black Ops with my Turtle Beaches plugged in and all I could think about was how awesome the sound was I mean really. I have the Turtle Beach x11 and i love them to death. Ok not to death but i do love them. They produce such great audio that I can hear people thinking. Ok ok again a lie but seriously you can hear peoples footsteps, gun reloads, grenade pins being pulled, bomb plants etc. etc. You may be thinking “hey you can hear those without the turtle beaches” well true you can but imagine your range of all of those being increased. You will know exactly what room your opponent is in if you hear him. You can accurately guess his position just by hearing him reload or pull out a grenade. How about being able to guard the bomb from a further safer distance and still being able to hear it being planted/defused. Yes its that great and best of all the game volume goes directly to your ears through the headset so you can play at night without disturbing anyone. I would have to say though that the only downside to my model is the cords. They do get in the way from time to time but that can be eliminated with the wireless Turtle Beach x31. Anyways if you don’t got them then get them because they are awesome to have.

by Jose G.