Modern AU headcanons from my brain

-John Laurens likes the Teenage Mutant ninja turtles. Like, a lot. He has one of those turtle backpacks.

-You know what John keeps in that backpack of his? Nothing. He just wears it because.

-The Hamil-Crew dresses up as The Avengers for Halloween. HULK-ules MULLIGAN

-Lafayette wears fancy acrylic nails. Like with jewels n shit. That is all.

-Laf also volunteers at the Trevor Project and suicide hotlines. He is a fine man.

-Herc teaches Home Ec. classes at the local YMCA on weekends. He teaches everyone to sew and bake a damn good lasagna.

-Eliza has a popular lifestyle and beauty YouTube channel and blog. Also, she wears a lot of sundresses.

-Peggy teaches self-defense classes. Fight her.

-Alexander and Angelica both graduated at the top of their class. Angelica was valedictorian, tho. Not Alex. Know why? She took ceramics because she wanted to fill her extra time.

-Washington is the principal at a local middle school. He loves his job. It is good.

Feel free to use any of these, as long as you give credit. I have plenty more.

Hamilton (Highschool AU) Headcanons: The Hamilsquad

- He’s on the debate team.

- DO NOT wake him up if he falls asleep in class unless you want to get slapped in the face.

- He’s your usual B and high C student.

- He hides his pet turtle, Lucy, in his backpack.

- There’s almost never a time where you won’t see him not wearing a plaid button up shirt (other times he’s wearing a green shirt with a turtle)

- He usually gets grades in the A- to B+ range.

- ALL THE DRAMA (plus he’d probably be in Drama club sooo…)

- He’s the kind of guy who wears shirts that are what high school girls would wear (like sparkly ones, ones that say things like “whatever”, etc.) and doesn’t care what the others think. He also probably wears eyeliner.

- gets B and C grades like Alexander.

- He’s on the Football team.

- He probably has a crush on Lafayette.

- He somehow manages to keep good grades, which is hard because Football practice significantly reduces study time.