Modern AU headcanons from my brain

-John Laurens likes the Teenage Mutant ninja turtles. Like, a lot. He has one of those turtle backpacks.

-You know what John keeps in that backpack of his? Nothing. He just wears it because.

-The Hamil-Crew dresses up as The Avengers for Halloween. HULK-ules MULLIGAN

-Lafayette wears fancy acrylic nails. Like with jewels n shit. That is all.

-Laf also volunteers at the Trevor Project and suicide hotlines. He is a fine man.

-Herc teaches Home Ec. classes at the local YMCA on weekends. He teaches everyone to sew and bake a damn good lasagna.

-Eliza has a popular lifestyle and beauty YouTube channel and blog. Also, she wears a lot of sundresses.

-Peggy teaches self-defense classes. Fight her.

-Alexander and Angelica both graduated at the top of their class. Angelica was valedictorian, tho. Not Alex. Know why? She took ceramics because she wanted to fill her extra time.

-Washington is the principal at a local middle school. He loves his job. It is good.

Feel free to use any of these, as long as you give credit. I have plenty more.

Package Deal: Michael Clifford (Part 6)

Word Count: 1302 

Requested: No; I just needed to continue 

 Warnings: None 

Much love.. 

“Bye Mommy!” Grayson yelled, giving you a quick wave as he stepped onto the stairs of the school bus. 

Today was the day your baby boy started Kindergarten, something you really hadn’t mentally prepared for. Grayson was so excited to go but you knew this meant he was growing up. It was happening all too fast for your liking. Tears brimmed your eyes as you saw the doors close leaving the image of Gray clad in his jeans, little combat boots and baggy grey sweater, his turtle shell backpack rested on his shoulders. 

Mikey had been the one who’d taken him clothes shopping against your own will though they had let you handle the supplies. You had been speechless when Mikey had walked through the door after his and Gray’s ‘shopping spree’, hands overflowing with bags. 

As Grayson proudly displayed all his new attire you couldn’t help but to smile. Little black skinny jeans, baby band tees, oversized sweaters and even a denim jacket.. Looking at him you only saw Michael, not his father, but his genetics suggested otherwise. 

Though Grayson had fallen for Michael’s sense of style, his favorite piece of clothing was his Ninja Turtle tee being that Mikey had purchased one for himself so they could match. It had gotten to a point where the two had grown inseparable, Grayson even insisted 'Michelangelo’ should come over every day. 

In the past few weeks you had truly appreciated how close all three of you had gotten; you were the three musketeers, the three amigos, three peas in a pod. Suddenly you’d felt complete, you’d felt like a family. 

After heavy consideration you had built up the courage to ask Michael. Even though it was Grayson’s first day, he was now going to have a surprise when he came home. In a few hours Michael was coming over, all his belongings crammed into his car and was officially moving in. 


“Hey Kitten,” Mikey smiled, ducking out of his car. You childishly grinning with anticipation you spoke coolly, “Hey Babe." 

"You ready?” He questioned as he opened the trunk of his car. “More ready than ever,” you laughed, eagerly grabbing the first box. 

Sweat covered your forehead as you looked at the disarray of the apartment. While empty boxes lined the walls, a smile lined Mikey’s lips. “We did it,” he chuckled, wrapping his arm around your waist. “And in record time,” you smirked as your eyes scanned the room, specifically looking at the guitars that set in the corner, “I wish you’d told me you still played. I knew you were in a band but.." 

Shrugging, Mikey kissed your forehead, "It really wasn’t important at the time.” “I can’t believe you just kissed me, I’m all gross,” you quickly stepped away, “I’m gonna get cleaned up." 


”(Y/N)? Your phone is ringing, I think it’s the school,“ Michael’s concerned tone met you at the bathroom door. Quickly slipping your clean shirt over your head, you opened the door, taking your phone from Mike. "Hello?” You answered worriedly. “Hi, is this Miss (Y/L/N)?” The woman on the other line asked. “Yes, is everything all right?" 

"Well, Grayson’s teacher brought him down to me a few minutes ago, he’s had a rough day and we were wondering if you’d like to get him.” “Oh- of course,” you were taken aback as you grabbed your wallet and keys off the counter, “I’ll be right there.” Quickly hanging up you yelled to Mikey, “Babe, I’ll be right back, I’ve gotta pick up Gray." 

Michael made his way toward the door, his brows furrowed, "I didn’t think school ended until 3:30.” “Well that was the school and they said he had a rough day,” you spoke, confused yourself. He only nodded before asking, “Do you want me to come with you?” “Actually yes." 

Making your way into the office you saw Gray sitting in a chair, tears stained his reddened cheeks. "Michelangelo!” He instantly perked up seeing Mike’s face, running directly toward him. “Hey Buddy, what’s going on?” Michael crouched down as Gray ran into his arms. “I just needed Mommy and especially you,” Gray rambled. 

The whole situation left you dumbfounded and now that Gray was smiling you only wanted answers. “Could we talk to you Miss. (Y/L/N)?” The woman who had been sitting near Grayson questioned politely. 

“Yes, please,” you nodded, following her into her office. “I’m Colleen by the way,” she offered you her hand which you gladly accepted, “(Y/N).” “Well I’ll just say, Grayson is an amazing boy, a strong little one,” Colleen spoke softly, shutting the door. Nodding, you awaited her next statement. “Today in class they began discussing their families; you know, mothers, siblings, grandparents and,” she paused, “fathers." 

You froze, "That’s when he lost it.. Fathers." 

"Well not exactly (Y/N), his teacher said he was acting perfectly normal and openly said, 'I don’t have a Dad,’ but then another student, which has since faced disciplinary action, piped up insisting Grayson’s father wouldn’t have loved him." 

In that moment your heart broke, "Oh gosh,” you buried your head into your hands, “Did he talk to you about it?" 

Colleen’s expression softened, "Yes indeed. Grayson was in tears as he recounted what happened but then he stopped talking. I advise that you talk to him about it though give it a day or two. Call me if you need anything.” She then placed a small card in front of you. 

Currently it all seemed too much to consider but you agreed quickly, ready to take your son home. “I will do and thank you so much Colleen,” you smiled making your way out to the main office to see Grayson smiling widely as he sat on Michael’s lap. “Let’s go home Gray,” you leaned down grabbing his little hand, “you had a rough day." 

"I’m so happy Michelangelo is living with us,” Grayson smiled, his head resting on his pillow. Mikey had taken his usual spot at the end of Grayson’s bed while you curled up next to him, your feet resting in Mike’s lap. 

“I’m glad you’re happy Gray, that’s all Mommy wants for you,” you cooed, gently rubbing circles onto his back, “That’s all Mikey wants too. But you need to get some rest Buddy,” you smiled, brushing his bangs from his sleepy eyes before sitting up. “Okay,” Grayson sighed, “Love you, Mommy.” He reached his arms around you, pecking your cheek. “Now say goodnight to Mikey and get some sleep. I love to the moon and back Gray,” you smiled standing in the doorway. “To infinity and beyond,” he giggled. 

Stepping away from Gray’s room you heard Michael’s low murmur followed by a fit of laughter, as usual. Grayson’s laughter meant the world to you, especially on a day like today. It felt different as you made way into your own bedroom, the room that you officially shared with Michael as of today. This simply opened another chapter within the novel containing Grayson and your stories. 

You pulled back the comforter on the bed and slipped in, flicking off the lamp on your beside table. The door soon clicked shut, Michael’s figure walked in. He rustled a bit with his pillow before he layed by your side. “Hey,” he rolled over, grabbing your hand, “Can I tell you something?" 

"Yeah, hold on,” you reached over and turned your lamp back on. “What’s going on Babe,” you questioned. 

Mike suddenly sat up as he spoke, “Grayson told me something in his room and before you say anything I want you to know, I told him the three of us can talk about it." 

"Go on,” you spoke softly, grasping tighter onto his hand. 

“Grayson asked me if I would be his daddy..”