A kfan made the CUTEST Jonghyun/Wartortle doll and I want one but a US GO hasn’t been made and I’m too shy and my Korean still sucks to try to open one on my own weljrlekwjrklwer

Edit: There’s also a Minhyun doll being made with a fox costume and I HAVE A GREAT NEED.

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Can u do a one shot where andreil have a daughter and it's like her first day of school or something domestic like that pleaseeeee

hello lovely anon, i have attempted to grant thine wish. also on AO3

send me prompts :)

Still mostly asleep, Neil rolls onto his left side, bringing himself further into Andrew’s space. He snakes out a cautious hand, expecting to run into King’s soft fur where he often sleeps in between them. Instead, he is met with empty space, right up until his hand accidentally brushes Andrew’s ribs. This incites only a small flinch, whereas years ago, Andrew would have startled awake on high alert, reaching under his pillow for an ever-present knife. The progress makes Neil smile.

He continues his search in the dark for his absent cats, as he has now also noticed the lack of Sir’s weight at the bottom of the bed. He sits up, eyes flitting to the door that they now leave cracked open at night. It is almost completely ajar.

“Hi,” comes a small voice from the far side of the room, making Neil jump slightly in surprise.

He sits up and looks over at the small armchair in the corner to see Piper curled up with both missing cats asleep on her lap. She has dragged in her favorite navy blue blanket, a gift from Renee the previous Christmas, and made herself a rather comfortable-looking nest.

Neil glances to the clock on the bedside table. It reads 5:47am.

“Hey, Pipes,” he croaks out. “What’s up? Is everything okay?”

“Mhmm. Couldn’t sleep. Too excited.” That excitement is clear in her voice, but she’s trying to keep quiet so the three still sleeping creatures in the room won’t be disturbed.

They discover that her efforts were in vain as a muffled, “Why would you possibly be excited for school?” comes from beneath the covers somewhere to Neil’s left. Andrew pulls himself up into a sitting position, mirroring Neil and moving closer to him, their shoulders touching as they gaze at the little girl who has unintentionally woken them both.

“Daaaaad, you know how important a good education is these days.”

“Yeah okay, sure, but you’re six years old. Ivy Leagues aren’t going to judge your grades from kindergarten,” Andrew insists. “And furthermore, it doesn’t really matter, because any day now the zombie apocalypse is going to make higher education obsolete.”

Neil can’t hold back his smile as the two launch into the argument they have at least once a week. She may be six years old, but she’s smarter than the two of them combined.

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Modern AU headcanons from my brain

-John Laurens likes the Teenage Mutant ninja turtles. Like, a lot. He has one of those turtle backpacks.

-You know what John keeps in that backpack of his? Nothing. He just wears it because.

-The Hamil-Crew dresses up as The Avengers for Halloween. HULK-ules MULLIGAN

-Lafayette wears fancy acrylic nails. Like with jewels n shit. That is all.

-Laf also volunteers at the Trevor Project and suicide hotlines. He is a fine man.

-Herc teaches Home Ec. classes at the local YMCA on weekends. He teaches everyone to sew and bake a damn good lasagna.

-Eliza has a popular lifestyle and beauty YouTube channel and blog. Also, she wears a lot of sundresses.

-Peggy teaches self-defense classes. Fight her.

-Alexander and Angelica both graduated at the top of their class. Angelica was valedictorian, tho. Not Alex. Know why? She took ceramics because she wanted to fill her extra time.

-Washington is the principal at a local middle school. He loves his job. It is good.

Feel free to use any of these, as long as you give credit. I have plenty more.

Domestic jeffmads/lams au: Chapter One

Credits: @hxxtile Lucy is their character, I just decided to make a story.

Word Count: 2000

Warning: Swearing

Plot: Lucy Jefferson starts Junior high with Philip Hamilton (who she hates) and is pretty sure she has her life figured out, until she meets Theodosia Burr Jr. (that’s it, it’s basically Lucy just figuring out her sexuality and who she is and having her dads be there every step of the way)

A/N: I hope you enjoy ??? maybe ???

      “First day of junior high! Are you nervous?” Thomas handed Lucy a plate with toast, scrambled eggs and sausage links. “It’s totally fine if you are, you don’t have to go if you’re not ready! We can call the office and tell them you’re sick or something.” He was rambling now. Lucy looked up at her dad and took a bite of her sausage. This was a thing that he did every time she hit some big ‘milestone’ in her life.

   "Of course my daughter isn’t nervous, she’s a Jefferson! Isn’t that right, Lucy?“ James came into the dining room, still in his maroon bathrobe, and ruffled her hair. When he tried to pull his hand out, it got stuck. "Jesus, do you ever brush this head of yours?” He asked once he had finally released himself from her hair.

     Lucy was about to respond when Thomas scoffed, handing his husband his plate, “You never seem to complain when you’re pulling on mine.” He raised a brow. James blushed. Lucy gagged and threw a wadded up napkin at him. Thomas gave her a challenging look and threw it back. Lucy stuck her tongue out and her father copied before they both began laughing.

     "God, you guys are basically the same person.“ James took a seat next to Lucy and Thomas sat on her other side. They began eating while their daughter, on the other hand, was halfway finished.

    "Philip should be here in about half an hour, have you picked out what you’re going to wear?” James asked. Lucy looked down at her current outfit which was an oversized pink hoodie that almost covered her purple skirt. Her matching purple flats awaited at the door. She looked back up at James as he looked over her outfit. “Lucy, it’s your first stay of school! Don’t you think what you’re wearing is…” He looked over at his husband for help.

      “Absolutely adorable!” Thomas gushed. Lucy smiled at her dad. “Don’t listen to your dad! You look just fine, you’re going to be the most popular sixth grader there I can see it now!” Thomas looked at Lucy with hearts in his eyes. He felt so proud, it was like he was staring at a younger, smaller, female version of himself.

     "Thanks, Papa,” Her voice was small and smooth but strong at the same time. Thomas fell apart at the large smile she offered him. “Also, I don’t see why junior high is such a big deal?” She turned to James, “From what I’ve heard, it’s the same as elementary. High school is where the real juicy stuff happens. Dances, sports, dating…”

     James choked on his orange juice, “Dating?” He asked, looking down at the eleven year old. She nodded eagerly.

    “Yeah, papa! Dad said the two of you met in high school, right?” Thomas nodded and sipped on his coffee, “He told me that you guys met at a party that aunt Angelica threw! Apparently you were playing truth or dare and Alexander dared Papa to…”

      “Mr. Jeffersons!!!” Philip’s squeaky voice was heard from the other side of the front door, “The doors unlocked but mom told me it’s impolite to walk into people’s houses unannounced so this is me announcing myself!” Thomas sighed in relief. He never thought he’d be so happy to hear a Hamilton’s voice.

     He stood up gave James an apologetic smile. Lucy stood as well and gave James a kiss on the cheek. “Wish me luck, dad!” She gave him a toothy grin. James smiled gave her a thumbs up. She ran over to Thomas who was holding her Powerpuff Girls backpack and a twenty dollar bill.

    “Make sure no bully tries to steal your lunch money,” Thomas whispers, “And by bully I mean Phillip.” He handed her the backpack and cash and kissed her forehead. Lucy nodded and saluted Thomas before closing her eyes, taking a deep breath and opening the door.

     “Dramatic much?” Philip asked when Lucy let the breath out. She opened her eyes and looked Philip up and down. He wore a plain blue short-sleeved shirt, with a turtle pin on his chest. His hands were in the pockets of his cargo shorts and he wore sky blue vans to match his shirt. He wore his curly hair in a bun, but a few strands fell out of it and into his face. He also had a turtle shell backpack. “You ready to go?”  When Lucy walked past him without a word he shrugged and turned to the door where James and Thomas stood, watching their interactions. “Bye, Mr. Jeffersons! I’ll make sure your daughter won’t get bullied!”

    James waved and closed the door, turning to Thomas, “Why do I feel like it’s going to be Lucy protecting Philip?”

     Thomas shrugged, “It probably will.”


     “Okay, first things first! Stay away from the back of the bus.” Lucy gave Phillip a confused look, “That’s where the eighth graders sit. The very front is for the fifth graders, who only come to the junior high for band. Then there’s us, the sixth graders, then seventh. And then the back four seats. Basically thrones.”

   “You know this how?” Lucy asked as they approached the bus stop.

   “I’m in band, duh! I left my violin at mom’s house though so she’s dropping it off later today.”

    “Nerd.” Lucy giggled under her breath. Phillip glared at her but she only continued to laugh, which made him even angrier. He balled his hands into fists and stomped ahead to the bus stop. He doesn’t even know why he bothers with her. Lucy caught up to him, still laughing, and looked around, “Hey, braces, how come we’re the only ones here? This stop used to be filled with kids.”

     “That was for elementary, idiot. We’re like, the only sixth graders in this part of the neighborhood. We’re also the first stop, so we get good seats. Don’t sit next to me though, I have friends.”

      “That’s a lie,” Lucy laughed and turned when she heard the bus coming down the road. ‘Here we go’ she thought to herself. The bus pulled up in front of them and the doors opened to reveal an old, fat, white man who was a few years away from losing his teeth. Lucy could tell, because when he smiled down at them, his mouth was a mess of brown and yellow.

       “Well, hello there, Pip! Who is this?” He asked.

       “Mornin’, Bill! This is Lucy, I’m supposed to be showing her the ropes!” Lucy rolled her eyes behind Philip who was smiling proudly.

      “Oh! And I see you got a little upgrade over the summer?” Philip was confused at first, “Your braces, kid. You didn’t have them last year if I recall. When’d you get those?”

    “A few weeks ago,” Philip began to talk about the experience, but Lucy was honestly trying to get to school.

     She cleared her throat, “Excuse me, Bill? Don’t you have other stops to get to?” Philip rolled his eyes and mouthed something to the old man, which got him laughing hysterically. Lucy crossed her arms and glared at the two.

      “I’m sorry, ma’am, won’t happen again.” Bill said through laughter, he high fived Philip before the curly haired boy began walking down the aisle. Lucy sighed and followed. She took a seat two seats in front of Philip and on the other side of the aisle, not wanting to sit next to him. When the bus started moving she smiled and looked out the window and at the passing houses.

        After three stops, the bus was almost filled with kids talking about their summer and new outfits and whatnot. Philip’s friends were even on the bus as well. Everyone knew everyone. Except Lucy. She mentally cursed her dads for making her go to a private school, but also thanked them, because a majority of the kids on this bus were in desperate need of a shower.

     At the fourth stop, though, the boredom was knocked right out of Lucy. After a few eighth and seventh graders, a sixth grade girl walked onto the bus, looking down at her phone with furrowed brows. She had her dreadlocks pulled back into a high pony-tail and wore a pink shirt that read “#Vote4Burr!” in blue lettering. She wore dark blue denim shorts, black flats and a stitch backpack that was covered in pins from shows such as Bob’s Burgers, Adventure Time, she even had a few Melanie Martinez ones. “This is the bus to WJHS, right?” She had asked. A few kids in the back laughed but she seemed to either ignore them, or not care. Lucy liked that.

    When Bill nodded, she smiled anxiously and began typing vigorously into her phone, walking down the aisle. Lucy wanted to say something when she passed her and walked to the eighth grade section, but she was too late. The whole bus had gone quiet as well and watched her.

      “Hey, you, what grade are you in?” An eighth grader, who Philip had referred to as Mia, asked, the bus began moving, causing the girl to stumble a bit.

     She looked up from her phone and stuck it in her back pocket, “Sixth, why?” She asked. Lucy thought that the girl was genuinely confused, but Mia took it as sass.

    “I don’t know who you think you’re talking to, but I’m gonna need you to lose the attitude.” Mia replied coldly. Lucy was getting mad now.

    “Hey, leave her alone! She was just confused, you douche!” Lucy stood and turned around to glare at Mia from the front of the bus. A chorus of Ooh’s was heard from the bus, Mia’s face began to turn red and she stood up from her seat.

     Another eight grader, who had their ear buds in, heard the commotion and took them out. They took one look at Mia and the confused girl and sighed, standing up as well. “Mia, sit the fuck down. It’s obviously this kid’s first day, don’t make it as hard for them as it already is.” The person’s voice was calm yet stern as they spoke to Mia who crossed her arms and sat down and pulled out her phone with a huff, but it turned soft and sympathetic when they turned to the still confused and honestly bewildered girl, “I don’t know if you know this, but the back seats are taken for eighth graders, you can sit up front, though.” They smiled down at the girl.

      “Thank you,” She breathed out and turned around to walk back down the aisle. All the seats were taken except for (conveniently) the one next to Lucy. “Can I sit here?” She asked hopefully. Lucy felt her face grow hot and she nodded. Her first new friend, wow. “Thanks for defending me by the way.” She smiled after taking a seat.

      Lucy nodded back with a nervous grin and couldn’t help but peek over at the girl as she pulled her phone back out. Lucy wasn’t allowed to have a phone (Thomas disagrees but James thinks she too young) so she was nothing short of surprised to see that the girl had an IPhone 7 in her small hands. The lock screen was a selfie taken of her and a man (bald) laughing at how they looked with the snapchat dog filter. When she unlocked the phone (with her thumb print, which also amazed Lucy) the home screen was her and the same man with the flower crown filter, smiling whole heartedly. Lucy smiled, guessing that man was her father and turned back to look out the window silently.

     “I’m Theodosia Burr Jr., but you can just call me Theo.” The girl spoke as the bus finally left their neighborhood. Lucy looked over at the girl, who was smiling and holding her hand out.

     “I’m Lucy Jefferson, nice to meet you, Theo.” She smiled back and took her hand.

     “Nice to meet you, Lucy.”

Childhood story #3

Sasuke the explorer

“Say backpack”


“Say backpack”

“Backpack!” Shisui rolled his eyes in an annoyed manner, he looked over his math book to his youngest brother who was sitting right in front of the TV.

“Turn it down” Shisui ordered, only to be ignored. “Princess” He put his book down and was ignored again. “Princess!”

Sasuke finally turned his head and Shisui wished he could scold his 5 years old brother for being so oblivious, but those innocent, doll-like eyes just screamed innocence. Besides, Shisui had noted before that Sasuke had the talent of completely blocking his surroundings and put 100% of his focus on one thing, which was mostly the TV.

“Turn it down” Shisui repeated.

“I am watching it”

“The volume, princess, the volume, I could not have been clearer!” Shisui leaned his head on his hands.

“Alright” He grabbed the remote control and turned the volume down, looking back at Shisui to see some sort of approval.

“That is good” Shisui said, looking back at the equation.

“Heeyy, little dinosaur!” Fugaku grabbed Sasuke from under his armpits and threw him in the air, immediately getting his youngest son’s attention.

“Rawr!” Sasuke roared loudly.

“Last time I checked, t-rexes were one of the biggest dinosaurs” Shisui sighed. Why wasn’t the library open on Sundays? It would have gotten him through his homework so much faster.

“Hey, listen buddy” He put Sasuke on the couch and squatted in front of him. “I have to go to work”

“I wanna come! I wanna come!” Sasuke got on his knees and bounced on the couch. Fugaku put both his hands on Sasuke’s shoulder and forced him to sit still.

“Sure…you wanna cum” Shisui sniggered.
“You can’t, you have to be at least this tall” Fugaku put his hand up a random height and Sasuke stared at it.

“Can I stand on my toes?” He asked dead serious.

“No” Fugaku said bluntly. He stood up.

“But your brother will be babysitting you”

“I did not sign up for this” Shisui immediately responded.

“Five bucks” Fugaku negotiated.

“Pfff, no way, unless it is five bucks an hour”

“How about five bucks and you are not in a youth hostel?”

“You’re a bad dad, you know that?” Shisui cocked his head. Fugaku lifted his shoulders in a non-caring way.

“You will take care of him, don’t let him watch too much TV, oh…and if anything happens to him, it is on you”

“Why is it on me?”

“Should I blame a 5 years old or a 13 years old?” Fugaku raised a questionable eyebrow.

“Why not blame the dad who left the 13 years old in charge?” Shisui put his pen down.

“Damn boy, the more you grow up to more you start to sound like those attorney lawyers, annoying”

“The more I see this kind of injustice, the more I want to become a lawyer” Shisui leaned back in his chair and looked at his dad who was shaking his head.

“I will be back before dark” Fugaku stated, leaving his two sons alone.

Sasuke crawled off the couch and sat back in front of the TV. Shisui grabbed the remote control and turned it off, causing his younger brother to turn his head to Shisui.

“The TV. broke” He stated.

“Then you just have to do something else”

“Like?” The younger one stood up.

“Pff, go play with the ball in the backyard” Shisui suggested.

“Would you play with me?” Sasuke asked, it made Shisui chuckle again.

“Fuck no” Shisui shook his head before realizing what he just said. He looked back up.

“That is a no-no word” The younger one stated.

“Yes, it is…I was…testing you!” Shisui said.

“…Did I pass?” Sasuke asked, awkwardly looking around him.

“Yes, you did, go play in the backyard” Shisui picked his pen up and read the question over again. He turned the page on his notebook and started on a blank page.

Finally, some silence and alone time. Now the 13-years old could finally finish his darn math homework. Half an hour passed and Shisui looked up from the math problem. It was really quiet…maybe even…too quiet.

“Princess?!” Shisui called out, but didn’t get a response. He called again, but then decided to stand up and take a look himself.

“Sasuke?” Shisui muttered under his breath, seeing an empty backyard and…a back door that was swung open. “Sasuke!” He clenched a fist, “That annoying little brat!”

Shisui grabbed his shoes and the house keys before running out the back door and closing it behind him.

“Sasuke!” He shouted, walking through the allies and looking at the small parks nearby. Though the kid seemed to be gone. The anger turned into worry. What if the kid got grabbed by some weird perv?! Was math homework really worth his life?! For fuck’s sake, the kid was five, he must be scared and hungry…okay probably not hungry, but scared for sure!

“Say backpack, backpack, backpack!”

Shisui’s eyes widened and he turned his head to the left, seeing a familiar ninja turtle backpack and a dinosaur plushie. Sasuke sat on his knees in the grass and grabbed his backpack and grabbing what seemed like a bandaid. He unwrapped it and put it on the dinosaur plushie.

“We did it!” He threw his hands in the air and made a mini victorious trumpet sound.

He was playing…Dora the Explorer…no…more like..Sasuke the explorer…

Shisui wanted to smack the brat at least four times, but dealing with a crying kid wouldn’t really make his day easier. He wanted to walk towards him and just take him back home, but seeing him unroll a A4 paper with some stupid map drawn on it was too adorable to stop.

“So we slipped passed the ugly curly sheep-”

A imaginary brick fell on Shisui’s head…yeah…take a wild guess to who the ugly curly sheep was…

“Then we passed the forest of doom, now we have to go pass the rocky path and to the big red chicken!” Sasuke said to the plushie before putting his backpack back on and grabbing Mr.Roary.

In short, he was going to the petting zoo. Shisui sighed, but decided to follow his little brother from the background. Let him have this little adventure of his, it will make him tired and force him to take a nap. It would only be less trouble for the older Uchiha.

He silently walked behind Sasuke until he heard somebody call his name. He turned his head and saw the neighbour.

“How have you been?” She asked in a friendly way.

“Ah! Hey! Yea, I am doing fine”

“Good kid” She smiled kindly, “So…what are you doing behind a tree?”

“Uhm…I am watching my little brother, the youngest.” Shisui said and scratched the back of his head nervously. He looked from behind the tree and frowned seeing a man kneeling next to him, holding a lollipop.

“You want the candy?”

“I am not supposed to talk to strangers” Sasuke answered, looking at his map.

“I am no stranger, I am uncle Bob”

“What is a stranger?”

“A stranger is somebody you don’t know, but I am uncle Bob” The stranger said, moving the lollypop a little to catch Sasuke’s attention again.

“But do I know uncle Bob? No…so…you are a stranger to me” Sasuke said, folding his maps.

“You are such a smart kid, I have more candy for you…”

“Hold on…no…no..wait a minute!” Shisui ran towards them and swept Sasuke up, holding him close.

“Yeaaahh~ Shisui!” Sasuke laughed, thinking it was some sort of game.

“Get the fuck away from him!” Shisui shouted, “With your stupid candy! You know schools warn kids for people like you! You…you-”

“Poopie head!”

“Yeah! Poopie head!” Shisui said, pointing an accusing finger. “You should be in jail! Your mother should have had an abortion!”

“Shisui, it is me, uncle Bob! I’ve known you since you were 3 years old”

“Yeah right! I am going to call the police! Child molester! Child molester!”Shisui shouted, catching the attention of some adult that suddenly grabbed the man by his arm.

“Is this man bothering you, son?” One man asked.

“Yes! He tried to lure my baby brother!” Shisui said.

“We will handle him, kiddo” Another man said, folding his arm and narrowing his eyes to this Bob guy.

“Thank you” Shisui said, turning around.

“No, the red big chicken in the other way” Sasuke said, struggling against Shisui’s grip.

“No, we are going home, that is final!” Shisui stated, but got kicked in the stomach, forcing him to let go.

“You are mean!” Sasuke shouted as he landed on the ground and ran away.

“Sasuke! Goddamnit!” Shisui hissed, running after him. Sasuke jumped and climbed in a tree.

“Come immediately down!” Shisui demanded.

“No!” Sasuke said, climbing higher in the tree.

“Sasuke, you will fall!” Shisui shouted, Sasuke ignored him, but just as Shisui predicted, he set his foot on a weak branch and fell down.

“What did I tell you?!” Shisui knelt in front of his younger brother, examining him from top to bottom. Sasuke hugged his knees and started sobbing silently.

“You made yourself cry” Shisui stated, “I told you not to climb it, I told you to play in the backyard, what do you do? THE OPPOSITE!”

“I…I…wanted to…play…” Sasuke sulked, “You never want to play”

“Don’t put this on me, brat!”

“Madara doesn’t play with me, Obito doesn’t…you don’t…mommy keeps niisan away from me and…Izuna is playing with somebody else” Shisui sighed.

“That is not it, Sasuke, see, when you grow up…you have other responsibilities and sometimes…It takes over, look at me, I go to middle school, I have homework which does take priority, but…I am still here chasing you all the way…just to make sure you are safe”

Sasuke looked up, wiping his big tears away.

“Can you walk?” Shisui asked.

“Yes” Sasuke said, “But I still want you to carry me”

Shisui smiled, “Yes, princess” he carried Sasuke on his back.

“Can we still go and see the big red chicken?” Sasuke asked.

“Sure…Dora the Explorer” Shisui responded. It was not far anyway.

“Will you be Boots?”

“Uhm…yeah, whatever”

“You have to wear boots to be Boots”

“Well, I am not wearing boots”

“Then how are you Boots?” Sasuke asked.

“One more comment about boots and I will show you some place where I can shove a boot up”

“…You don’t have to go bananas”

“I will drop you” Shisui commented already annoyed.


“Look, look nissan” Sasuke sat on Itachi’s lap and showed the map he had drawn. “We passed the ugly black curly sheep, then passed the forest of doom and then went on the rocky path to the big red chicken!”

“Ooh, and you drew that yourself?”

“Yes, yes!” Sasuke smiled when Itachi patted his head.

“It must have been quite the adventure, are you now Sasuke the explorer?”

“Yeah!” Sasuke smiled.

“More like Sasuke the troublesome” Shisui muttered, his head leaning on the armrest of the couch. It seemed he was the only one exhausted. The doorbell rang and the three looked at each other.

“I got it, I got it!” Izuna ran towards the door, but was picked up by Fugaku with one arm and thrown over his shoulder. They were goofing around before Fugaku opened the door, there was some talking in the hallway before Fugaku walked back in the living room with a man that seemed very familiar to Shisui.

“Kids, you remember uncle Bob, right?”

“…Fuck no…”

-special thanks to @failureoftheyear for editing-

anyways so whiskey’s mom is brazilian and his dad is chilean, here’s several bulletpoints about this important matter
  • his parents both moved to the US for college; his dad for undergrad and his mom for grad school
    • they are……… very academically minded, to say the least
    • telling your preschooler about what it’ll be like when he’s in grad school is not putting too much pressure on him, obviously, don’t be ridiculous
    • “practical, efficient, probably hereditary” GOD, way too close to the bone, dude, oh my god
  • he’s named andrés after his uncle on his dad’s side; sometimes his mom gives him terrible portuguese names for hell of it
    • “Assunção, pass the salt” is a running gag
    • they’re more than a little horrified when he starts going by ‘drew’ because he says it’s easier
      • “no one remembers to write it with the accent, and they can’t say it anyways” “carry a pen around and fix it then”
  • he really is just naturally shy, but some of it is also culture shock?
    • he gets around okay, but it’s just. there’s things he doesn’t get sometimes, you know?
      • he gets cultural references but he’s always a step behind the other kids
      • even when he was little, like in preschool, his best friend would bring in a ninja turtles backpack, and whiskey wouldn’t know the character, and his friend would be trying to play but first he’d have to explain the whole idea of a turtle that’s also a superhero
        • it was fun, eventually, but it’s….. not quite the same, hearing about things from someone else
      • he learns to just listen, a lot. he figures stuff out eventually.
    • it’s not that he has to translate for his parents, but. 
      • they’re not really. a whole lot of help with cultural stuff.
        • like, they can talk academically about the important cultural issues that affect the united states political system for hours, but… ten year old whiskey tries to explain that everyone else has a gameboy, and they just stare at him
          • everyone?” “yeah” “why?” “mamãe,” “andrés, do they not read books? can they read books? can you ask them if they own a book?” “maMÃE”
      • also…. school.
        • oh my god, school.
          • they can talk about history for hours but the stories they tell him are……… very much not the stories he hears in school
            • “Andrés, tell Ms. Jones that her pilgrim friends were colonialists”
  • Andrés is the oldest and is very much The Guinea Pig Baby
    • they can’t figure out what activities US kids usually do so they just sign him up for everything
      • he plays every sport for at least half a year
        • they signed him up for hockey to like ??? see what would happen???
          • if you were in a foreign country and someone offered to let your kindergartner slide around on ice while wearing several pillows as crash pads, you would take that opportunity too. god.
            • they didn’t realize he would just like…….. decide to move into the rink, okay. that part wasn’t really part of the plan. they didn’t mean for him to live there.
      • he took ceramics classes for six years because that…. seemed like A Thing That Children Do. they own no less than thirty-seven bowls in various states of lumpiness. his dad won’t let anyone throw any of them out. “they’re all perfect!” he says, adamant. “oh my god, pá, really. this one literally wobbles when you put it on the table.”
    • whiskey’s youngest sister is the first one in the family to ever actually get grounded
      • by god, there is some yelling about sexism
      • “THE ONLY REASON ANDRÉS NEVER GOT GROUNDED IS BECAUSE HE’S A BOY” “we grounded andrés when he was eight, you don’t remember it; my friend amy at work suggested it. we didn’t know what it meant so he just laid on the ground for an hour and made mad faces at us.” 
        • “i’m gonna find her when she’s printing stuff and ask some more questions” - whiskey’s mom circa ten years ago

“You get hit with a transformation ray. Which animal do you turn into?”

Finally finished drawing Animal Voltron which was based off the ‘What Paladin are you?’ Official Quiz. It was a lot of fun drawing this. Besides Shiro, who I had too much fun with, all the others were kind of hard to imagine/difficult to draw.

If you want to see how I thought of these designs then keep reading ^w^ And why Pidge is a Turtle Dove not an actual turtle xD

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Hecka Naive Lord Of Hope

Yes you can ask for one on a Lord of Hope, you magnificent anon you!


Human: Humans’ prototyping is extremely varied, but 2/4, and almost jade, prototyped something that had to do with their guardians, john with the harlequin, rose with the princess (which by then was sewn to be more eldritch), and john almost prototyped jade’s pile of guests. Now, you didn’t quite give me any of your mother’s interests, but i believe you can make a reasonable guess based off of what you know about her. 


Suggested Prototyping: I have to say bravo, you’re the first one so far to suggest your own prototyping, so lets talk about that. Now, assuming your turtle backpack is something that you have an extreme bond with, you could really have TurtleBkpkSprite. I’ll talk more about that in the Hope aspect part.

Drawing: Your shortly mentioning of drawing sort of piqued my interest, so lets go down that rabbit hole. Now the first and obvious answer to this would be to throw your drawings straight into the kernel sprite, creating DrawingSprite, but what about even prototyping your art supplies. What if you threw in your pencil? A marker? A paintbrush? Is this going too far? Should I have stopped at the first sprite? Maybe not, because you could really make ArtSprite. Who knows, maybe your imps will be the next Picassos.

Lord: Now, in Sburb, Lords are normally reserved for 2 person sessions and are either of Space or Time, at least that is the NORMAL excuse for why they aren’t supposed to be in games of Sburb. But we all know Sburb is a game in which god-tiers are assigned not based on any real restraints, but on the personality of the players, and it it completely possible for a Lord to be in any Sburb game. Remember the squiddle session? 48 players, virtually impossible for at least one of them to NOT be a Lord or Muse. Now, after this little rant, on to what one should prototype. Lords are known as the “Most activeiest of active classes”, so their prototyping should reflect that. A lord might prototype (based completely off of a head cannon, so please excuse me if this is stupid) something that they themselves think would be an awesome idea to prototype, something they can’t wait to become alive and given the ability to speak to, but it just turns out that it is either mean, rude, or all-around annoying. This could really work out for either of the two TurtleBkpkSprite and DrawingSprite prototypings I’ve talked about already, but if you happen to have a dead relative in the form of ashes in a vase, sort of like john, it could have the same effect. That might create GrandparentSprite.

Hope: Hope players tend to prototype really anything they hold dear, or sometimes even quite the opposite. Something they have little to no attachment with, or something they hate. There is no middle ground. Just like what I said in the first part of this, your turtle backpack could definitely be a good candidate here. A bond with your backpack is something many people have. Heck, my uncle literally takes his everywhere he goes. Now, when you say “Turtle backpack” I think “Children’s school backpack”, but if that’s not what you meant you can just ignore this next part. When I was younger I had a backpack that I would bring to school everyday, all the way from 1st to 3rd grade, when it broke, and I would definitely say I have a strong bond with that backpack.

All in all, my few ideas are DrawingSprite, ArtSprite, GrandparentSprite, and my favourite of TurtleBkpkSprite.

sgarrett49  asked:

What do you think of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? (Sorry, I'm a nerd)

Oh uh.. yeah they’re cool. I used to watch the cartoon with my big brother back in the ‘80s. I think I had Turtle backpacks and shoes and shuff, Dean made fun of me but I liked it. The movies were great.

Your morning scenario ❤️

You sighed deeply, inhaling the scent of the air flooding through your bedroom window. The sunlight cast through the panes and onto the bed, sparkling off your skin and that of the man you love who lay with his stomach against your back with his face buried in your hair.
Of course, as a mother, these quiet moments were few and far between.
As you were about to find out.

“Mommy, mommy, mommy! Daddy, daddy, daddy!” You heart the thumping of footsteps and the creak of the mattress and your daughter climbed up onto the bed, shaking both of you.

Your daughter Jaymie was only six, but she was more than enough to handle. With a head of long hair that was always tangled and that guilty looking smile, you could never quite tell if she was up to no good.

Jimin rolled over with a whine, then sat up.
He’d always been so grumpy in the morning, but since the birth of your daughter you’d seen a dramatic transformation.
“Good morning, princess,” he said softly, grabbing and pulling her into his arms with a smile to place a kiss on her forehead. She squealed and wriggled her way loose, holding up a splotchy picture with still wet paint.

“Do you like it, daddy?” She said, waving it in front of his face. “It’s me and mommy!” Jimin smiled at the figures scribed in thick paint, gently taking the picture out of her hands.
“It’s beautiful! Can daddy keep this?” After receiving a nod, he smiled, cuddling her tightly once more.
“Jaymie, baby,” you said softly, running a hand through your own hair. “Why don’t you go downstairs? Mommy and Daddy will be down in just a minute… We’ll make you breakfast.”
Your stubborn child shook her head at first, but the promise of food had her scrambling off the bed.

Jimin grabbed you and pulled you to him once more, placing a gently kiss on your lips as his hands caresses your cheeks.
“Good morning, beautiful,” he said with a grin, and you felt your face burning.
“I see what you did there. Ugh, I want more sleep… But still, our girl can’t be kept waiting.” He said, pressing a soft, slow kiss to your lips that made you reconsider making her wait. But he pulled back far too soon, smirking at the fact that he could still have this effect on you after all these years.

“C'mon, you,” he said affectionately, wrapping his arms wrapping around your waist and slowly helping you sit up. You grinned up at him through your messy hair that Jimin adored, before standing.

“Okay, okay, I’m all up for today.”


Breakfast was relatively easy in your household, as Jaymie never ate anything but toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast, which was perfect as you were an expert in both.

Jimin came down In his bright blue dressing gown, covering his warm chest that until a few moments ago had been pressed against your back. God, he was beautiful..

You set the plates down on the table, seeing both your daughter and husband’s faces light up with the smile that they both shared as she looked just like him. Ah, soon she’d be all grown up… Just the thought made you feel a little sad, so you pushed It out of your mind.
“Thank you, baby,” said Jimin, placing a hand on top of yours as you sat down.
“Thank you, mommy!” Shouted Jaymie, grabbing her fork and beginning to messily shovel food into her mouth.
You laughed, looking at Jimin’s face. It was filled with softness, adoration for the messy little girl sitting across from him.

Once all of you had finished your breakfasts, you sent a grin Jaymie’s way.
“Hey, y'know that new water park?”
She nodded eagerly, awaiting your next words.
Well, how about we go today?
She shrieked, stamping her feet on the floor.
“Yaaaaay!” She squealed, jumping up. “I’m gonna go pack!”

You and Jimin laughed, before he looked to you.
He stood up, pulling you up into his arms. He grinned cheekily, placing a swift kiss on your mouth.
“It’s been all these years,” he whispered, placing his hands on your hips. “And I still can’t believe the girl of my dreams is mine and has a child with me.”
He began to attack your mouth with kisses, over and over until you had both dissolved into laughter as you leant your foreheads together.
“I love you, (name).”
“I love you, Jimin.”
“Eeeew!” Said a voice from the doorway, and when you turned to look you saw your daughter with her ninja turtles backpack stuffed full.
“Kissing is gross!” She pulled her face, hiding her eyes.
You grinned cheekily, then leant in to give Jimin another kiss, laughing as you heard your daughter’s response.
She whined, and you both laughed as you pulled away.
“Gross…” She came over to the two of you and took your hands, smiling.
“But I suppose it’s okay, because Mommy and Daddy love each other very much, right?”
You looked up at Jimin, and sent a soft smile his way. He blushed, looking back to your daughter.
“Hey, shouldn’t you wait until Mommy and Daddy are dressed before we go?”
She pouted. “But I wanna go noooooow!”
You laughed. “Alright, alright, we’re coming.”
She grinned and dashed back upstairs, leaving you and Jimin alone.
“C'mon, pretty lady,” he whispered, wrapping his arms around your waist. “Time to go.”

Once you were dressed, you packed the car and set off. Jimin and Jaymie sat singing along to Jimin’s Big Bang album, and though you complained they were too loud, you couldn’t remove the smile from your face.
You silently thanked any God that existed for making sure you never had to face a dull day ever again, for as long as these two were around you’d always have fun.

This is all iamkevinfreakingsolo’s fault.  She has a knack for Coliver headcanons.

On the first day of October, the four year olds in Mrs. Keating’s class came tearing noisily into their classroom as they did every morning.  But an unusual silence came over them at the sight of their teacher crouched down talking to a boy none of them had seen before.  Their shouts changing to whispers, they stared at the new child as they hung up their coats and put their lunchboxes in their cubbies.  They watched as the little boy hugged his mother goodbye and then stood awkward and alone while Mrs. Keating greeted the class and instructed them to take their places on the rug for circle time.  

Once they were settled (“Mrs. Keating, Asher stepped on my foot and these are brand new shoes,” Michaela wailed, holding up the affected sparkly, silver-shod foot), their teacher motioned the new little boy to come closer.  He had dark hair and wore glasses and was twisting his hands in the light blue blanket he held to his chest.  

“As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, we are lucky to have a new friend joining our class.  This is Oliver and he just moved here. “ Mrs. Keating looked slowly around, making sure all eyes were on her.  “I trust that we will all work to make him feel welcome.”

Mrs. Keating nodded at Oliver who gathered his blanket a little closer as he sat down on the edge of the rug next to Wes.  

At free choice time, Michaela volunteered to show Oliver their classroom.  She toured him through the block area, the art area, housekeeping and dress up.  She showed him the bathroom and the hand-washing sink and demonstrated how the little water fountain worked.  Oliver followed her around obediently, saved from having to say much while she kept up a running commentary about the room and its occupants.  

“That’s Laurel.  I tried to get her to play princesses with me, but she’d rather play blocks with Wes.”  Laurel glared at Michaela, but Wes smiled at Oliver as he stacked up five wooden blocks.  

“Go!” Wes said to Laurel who karate-kicked them over.  Wes clapped his hands and he and Laurel picked them up to stack them again.  

A boy in a football jersey ran up to them.  “I’m Asher.  Who’s your favorite team?”  

Before Oliver could answer, Michaela put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes.  “Asher!  I’m in the middle of something here.”

Asher pointed to his bright yellow jersey.  “I like the Steelers.  Everybody thinks I should like the Eagles, since we live in Philadelphia, but the Steelers are way better.”

Michaela took Oliver by the arm and led him over to the book area.  “This is the book area,” she said with a dramatic flourish.  Then she put on a bored tone.  “And that’s Connor.”  She leaned in to stage-whisper to Oliver.  “He wears that black hoodie every day.”

Oliver looked at Connor who had his hood up and his sleeves pulled down over his hands as he looked through a book about reptiles.   He took a step closer, then knelt down next to Connor and pointed at a picture in the book.  

“That’s a chameleon.  My cousin has one for a pet.  It eats crickets.”  Oliver said.

Connor blinked his big brown eyes at him and scooted over a little so Oliver could sit down on the rug too.  Silently they looked at the book, page by page.  

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Package Deal: Michael Clifford (Part 6)

Word Count: 1302 

Requested: No; I just needed to continue 

 Warnings: None 

Much love.. 

“Bye Mommy!” Grayson yelled, giving you a quick wave as he stepped onto the stairs of the school bus. 

Today was the day your baby boy started Kindergarten, something you really hadn’t mentally prepared for. Grayson was so excited to go but you knew this meant he was growing up. It was happening all too fast for your liking. Tears brimmed your eyes as you saw the doors close leaving the image of Gray clad in his jeans, little combat boots and baggy grey sweater, his turtle shell backpack rested on his shoulders. 

Mikey had been the one who’d taken him clothes shopping against your own will though they had let you handle the supplies. You had been speechless when Mikey had walked through the door after his and Gray’s ‘shopping spree’, hands overflowing with bags. 

As Grayson proudly displayed all his new attire you couldn’t help but to smile. Little black skinny jeans, baby band tees, oversized sweaters and even a denim jacket.. Looking at him you only saw Michael, not his father, but his genetics suggested otherwise. 

Though Grayson had fallen for Michael’s sense of style, his favorite piece of clothing was his Ninja Turtle tee being that Mikey had purchased one for himself so they could match. It had gotten to a point where the two had grown inseparable, Grayson even insisted 'Michelangelo’ should come over every day. 

In the past few weeks you had truly appreciated how close all three of you had gotten; you were the three musketeers, the three amigos, three peas in a pod. Suddenly you’d felt complete, you’d felt like a family. 

After heavy consideration you had built up the courage to ask Michael. Even though it was Grayson’s first day, he was now going to have a surprise when he came home. In a few hours Michael was coming over, all his belongings crammed into his car and was officially moving in. 


“Hey Kitten,” Mikey smiled, ducking out of his car. You childishly grinning with anticipation you spoke coolly, “Hey Babe." 

"You ready?” He questioned as he opened the trunk of his car. “More ready than ever,” you laughed, eagerly grabbing the first box. 

Sweat covered your forehead as you looked at the disarray of the apartment. While empty boxes lined the walls, a smile lined Mikey’s lips. “We did it,” he chuckled, wrapping his arm around your waist. “And in record time,” you smirked as your eyes scanned the room, specifically looking at the guitars that set in the corner, “I wish you’d told me you still played. I knew you were in a band but.." 

Shrugging, Mikey kissed your forehead, "It really wasn’t important at the time.” “I can’t believe you just kissed me, I’m all gross,” you quickly stepped away, “I’m gonna get cleaned up." 


”(Y/N)? Your phone is ringing, I think it’s the school,“ Michael’s concerned tone met you at the bathroom door. Quickly slipping your clean shirt over your head, you opened the door, taking your phone from Mike. "Hello?” You answered worriedly. “Hi, is this Miss (Y/L/N)?” The woman on the other line asked. “Yes, is everything all right?" 

"Well, Grayson’s teacher brought him down to me a few minutes ago, he’s had a rough day and we were wondering if you’d like to get him.” “Oh- of course,” you were taken aback as you grabbed your wallet and keys off the counter, “I’ll be right there.” Quickly hanging up you yelled to Mikey, “Babe, I’ll be right back, I’ve gotta pick up Gray." 

Michael made his way toward the door, his brows furrowed, "I didn’t think school ended until 3:30.” “Well that was the school and they said he had a rough day,” you spoke, confused yourself. He only nodded before asking, “Do you want me to come with you?” “Actually yes." 

Making your way into the office you saw Gray sitting in a chair, tears stained his reddened cheeks. "Michelangelo!” He instantly perked up seeing Mike’s face, running directly toward him. “Hey Buddy, what’s going on?” Michael crouched down as Gray ran into his arms. “I just needed Mommy and especially you,” Gray rambled. 

The whole situation left you dumbfounded and now that Gray was smiling you only wanted answers. “Could we talk to you Miss. (Y/L/N)?” The woman who had been sitting near Grayson questioned politely. 

“Yes, please,” you nodded, following her into her office. “I’m Colleen by the way,” she offered you her hand which you gladly accepted, “(Y/N).” “Well I’ll just say, Grayson is an amazing boy, a strong little one,” Colleen spoke softly, shutting the door. Nodding, you awaited her next statement. “Today in class they began discussing their families; you know, mothers, siblings, grandparents and,” she paused, “fathers." 

You froze, "That’s when he lost it.. Fathers." 

"Well not exactly (Y/N), his teacher said he was acting perfectly normal and openly said, 'I don’t have a Dad,’ but then another student, which has since faced disciplinary action, piped up insisting Grayson’s father wouldn’t have loved him." 

In that moment your heart broke, "Oh gosh,” you buried your head into your hands, “Did he talk to you about it?" 

Colleen’s expression softened, "Yes indeed. Grayson was in tears as he recounted what happened but then he stopped talking. I advise that you talk to him about it though give it a day or two. Call me if you need anything.” She then placed a small card in front of you. 

Currently it all seemed too much to consider but you agreed quickly, ready to take your son home. “I will do and thank you so much Colleen,” you smiled making your way out to the main office to see Grayson smiling widely as he sat on Michael’s lap. “Let’s go home Gray,” you leaned down grabbing his little hand, “you had a rough day." 

"I’m so happy Michelangelo is living with us,” Grayson smiled, his head resting on his pillow. Mikey had taken his usual spot at the end of Grayson’s bed while you curled up next to him, your feet resting in Mike’s lap. 

“I’m glad you’re happy Gray, that’s all Mommy wants for you,” you cooed, gently rubbing circles onto his back, “That’s all Mikey wants too. But you need to get some rest Buddy,” you smiled, brushing his bangs from his sleepy eyes before sitting up. “Okay,” Grayson sighed, “Love you, Mommy.” He reached his arms around you, pecking your cheek. “Now say goodnight to Mikey and get some sleep. I love to the moon and back Gray,” you smiled standing in the doorway. “To infinity and beyond,” he giggled. 

Stepping away from Gray’s room you heard Michael’s low murmur followed by a fit of laughter, as usual. Grayson’s laughter meant the world to you, especially on a day like today. It felt different as you made way into your own bedroom, the room that you officially shared with Michael as of today. This simply opened another chapter within the novel containing Grayson and your stories. 

You pulled back the comforter on the bed and slipped in, flicking off the lamp on your beside table. The door soon clicked shut, Michael’s figure walked in. He rustled a bit with his pillow before he layed by your side. “Hey,” he rolled over, grabbing your hand, “Can I tell you something?" 

"Yeah, hold on,” you reached over and turned your lamp back on. “What’s going on Babe,” you questioned. 

Mike suddenly sat up as he spoke, “Grayson told me something in his room and before you say anything I want you to know, I told him the three of us can talk about it." 

"Go on,” you spoke softly, grasping tighter onto his hand. 

“Grayson asked me if I would be his daddy..”

Mommy Winchester (Part 10)

Winchester x reader

Warnings: Language, Violence

(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13) )

You stand on your front porch, your arms wrapped tightly around yourself as you see Dean striding towards you, dressed to the nines.

He’d really went all out for this.

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