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official ranking of every michael j fox character from his movies

A very small, albeit moody child. I will protect him with my life.

Kind of chubby with a bad haircut, but is cute nonetheless.

Hawaiian shirt isn’t very tasteful, but I’d trust this boy.

Looks pretty hunky, with a decent haircut.

A total hottie, with a little bit of adorable dork mixed in. 100/10

Is EXTREMELY ADORABLE AND DORKY, but looks extremely ugly with hair all over his body.

Is very well-dressed and a bit arrogant, but loves his family and is still adorable and small. 100/10

The mullet is a little too intimidating and doesn’t suit his sweet boyish nature and the earring screams george michael, but I’d totally want him by my side.

IS THE CUTEST FREAKING THING EVER. Is very charming and is a total babe. Is the very definition of boyishly handsome. 101/100

Is a very sad, lonely little boy with fluffy hair. He needs a hug really badly.

Damn this boy is tough. He has a cool haircut. Is the ultimate bodyguard.

Is still a total hottie and adorable dork. His hair seems to be fluffier than before so that’s a plus.

A little cowboy hottie. Is a total badass and like in the previous movies is still quick thinking and smart.

Hairs a bit messy and the five-o-clock shadow is a bit distracting, but seems to be an adorable dork nonetheless 

Hair is nice and fluffy and neat and the tie is kinda nice. He’s very good at saving lives which is nice.

Is a very cute puppy. Very playful and silly. Would love a dog like him.

Smokes so much that I’m worried he might get lung cancer, but he has nice hair most of the time and he’s cute with kids.

Has hair similarly styled like he did in the last movie, but is much more tasteful and tidy.

A bowling dork that does a good jimmy durante impression. He gets naked at some point and you see a lot of his butt which I guess is a bonus.

Another case of life-with-mikey hair, but with a nice speech thrown in for good measure.

Still a pretty adorable pup (even if he’s clearly portrayed by a different dog), but he matures slightly at the end of the film when he’s given a girlfriend that I’m still a little butthurt about (yes I’m butthurt that they gave a DOG an unnecessary girlfriend).

Very cool and can see and talk to ghosts, but HE GETS INTERROGATED and I’m not happy about that.

I like the slicked back hair. Looks kinda serious. I’d trust him.

Very cute and sweet and I love him. You can even see Michaels face in his face. 

Love his design. Is like michael but 10x dorkier. Also totally looks like mike too.

Still is pretty sweet and cute. The cgi appears to be better so he looks even more like michael now.

A bit weird to see michaels still distinctly boyish voice coming out of a robot dogs mouth, but I won’t complain this dogs still pretty cute.

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