turtle stacks


So in Final Fantasy VIII, an adamantoise was roughly the size of two sea turtles stacked on top of each other. In Final Fantasy X, an adamantoise was about the size of a garage. In Final Fantasy XIII, they were the size of brontosauruses. Now in Final Fantasy XV, they’re PRACTICALLY FUCKING MOUNTAINS ON LEGS. In Final Fantasy XVI, will the whole world just exist on the shell of one giant fucking adamantoise, or have they finally hit their limit in XV?


my mocca fest haul from yesterday! @zinehug’s beautiful studio ghibli zine and soot sprite pin, a lovely print from @celialowenthal, and the ladies of literature book! many thanks to @aimeefleck, @aatmajapandya, and @kevinjaystanton for signing it for me. I was so pleased to pick up such beautiful work!