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The signs as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle squad
  • Donatello: Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius
  • Leonardo: Libra, Cancer, Virgo
  • Raphael: Scorpio, Aries, Leo
  • Michaelangelo: Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius
The Signs as Old Memes
  • Aries: Rage Faces
  • Taurus: I Like Turtles
  • Gemini: Get Out me Car
  • Cancer: Old Gregg
  • Leo: Chuck Testa
  • Virgo: The Dress
  • Libra: Maybe this Year Senpai Will Notice Me
  • Scorpio: Honey Badger
  • Sagittarius: Sloths
  • Capricorn: Doge
  • Aquarius: Condescending Willy Wonka
  • Pisces: Double Rainbow
How the turtles feel about cuddling:

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He’s a very private person, and enjoys smothering you with love while no one else is looking, and while you sleep he always keeps you cradled in his hold, all night. However, that does not mean he doesn’t cuddle you in front of the others from time to time. He likes putting his arm around you, be it while watching a movie or just eating pizza, he likes showing you off as his. And, sometimes, he’ll hold you close too - he’ll let you burrow into his arms if you’re tired or just in a really cuddly mood, and he’ll rest his head on top of yours to keep you in his arms forever.

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Despite his violent and aggressive tendencies, Raphael is, actually, a big, cuddly teddy bear. Once he has you, he won’t want to let go. Be it in privacy or in public, he won’t hesitate to wrap you in his arms, and keep you trapped beneath his heavy grip for as long as possible. He loves having you close, and doesn’t care who sees it. PDA is not something he disagrees with, and he is more than happy to show off his affection for you, in whatever way he can. And cuddling is definitely one of them.

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Little ol’ Donnie is an awkward turtle; and signs of affection aren’t something he can wrap his intellectual brain around quite yet. Holding hands, or hugging is initiated by you, and even then he tends to be very tense and still - trying to work out the mathematical equation for it, and being very unsure as to how he is supposed to act. However, when he does relax, eventually, he’ll wrap himself around you like a blanket, and blush madly all night.

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Mikey fidgets a lot, so keeping him still long enough to cuddle is more of a challenge than you’d initially thought. It isn’t that he doesn’t like PDA, because he loves it, it’s more that he’d rather be making out than sitting still and holding each other for a long period of time. Though, despite his lack of hugging and cuddling, he makes up for it. When you sit in front of the TV, playing video games, he sits behind you, and wraps his arms around you to show that, even though he doesn’t “cuddle” with you, he still enjoys holding you and calling you his own.

The Signs as Exotic Animals

Shoebill Bird

Two Toed Sloth

Birds of Paradise

Two Headed Turtle

The Mimic Octopus

Pigmy Tarsier

Liger - Lion/Tiger Hybrid

One eyed Shark

Okapi - Zebra/Horse Hybrid


Calleta Silkmoth Caterpillar

Proboscis Monkey

The Signs + Cartoons

Aries: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Taurus: Teen Titans

Gemini: The Amazing World of Gumball

Cancer: Spongebob Squarepants

Leo: Phineas and Ferb

Virgo: Courage the Cowardly Dog 

Libra: Steven Universe

Scorpio: Pokemon 

Sagittarius: Adventure Time

Capricorn: Dexter’s Laboratory 

Aquarius: Scooby- Doo, Where Are You!

Pisces: The Powerpuff Girls

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Name: sara
Nickname:  captain, blondie, lance, badass
Zodiac Sign: capricorn 
Gender: female
Favorite Color: pink 
Average Hours of Sleep: not as many as she needs
Last Thing You Googled: why people think capes are a fashion statement
Height:  5 ′ 7′’


Name:  elisabeth louene
Nickname:  lis, lou, lissyanna, turtle mom, noona
Zodiac Sign: cancer
Gender:  female
Favorite Colour:  grey, green, blue, black
Average Hours of Sleep:  8-9 ish
Last Thing You Googled: Goosebumps books
Height:  5 ′ 10 ‘’ 

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Name: John Laurens

nicknames: Jack, Jackie, ‘turtle boy’

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Gender: Male

Favorite colors: Blue or green

Average hours of sleep: 8 hours of sleep

Last thing you googled: gay slushie

Height: 5′8


Name: Aidan Alexander

Nickname: Lu, Sapling, brother, mama, ‘sir’

Zodiac sign: Leo

Gender: Genderfluid

Favorite colors: Blue and pink!!

Average hours of sleep: 7-9 hours??

Last thing you googled:how to spell reenact

Height: 5′2