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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures: Robotanimals! #2 (of 3)

Baxter Stockman seeks to turn all mutants into robots… that he can control, of course! The TMNT must work together like never before if they are to overcome the Robotanimals, and Baxter’s next surprise! - $3.99

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures: Robotanimals! #3 (of 3)

Baxter Stockman seeks to turn all mutants into robots… that he can control, of course! The TMNT must work together like never before if they are to overcome the Robotanimals, and Baxter’s next surprise!

Available on September 27 2017 - $3.99

Nicktoon/Animation Study with Third Graders

I did a little study with the third grade class I was helping out with the other day.

First, I asked them what they thought of the current Nicktoons.

SpongeBob Squarepants and The Fairly OddParents got extremely positive reception amongst the kids (though they actually seem to prefer FOP)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was right behind the first two- a lot of the kids love it.

Sanjay and Craig was pretty mixed. A few kids liked it, some of them hated it, and the others thought it was just “okay”.

Nobody really cared about Rabbids Invasion.

As soon as I even said the word “Breadwinners”, I got a collective groan so loud that I felt like I was in a Peanuts special. Yeah, the kids REALLY hate that one.

None of the kids seemed interested in The Legend of Korra, but it also turned out that virtually none of these kids really watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, so it’s justified.

After I did that, I asked the kids what other Nicktoons they liked that I didn’t mention. Most of them seemed to really like:

Rugrats (Seemed to be the most popular)
Hey Arnold!
Invader Zim
ChalkZone (I wasn’t sure how many kids would know this show since it ended when these kids were born and the repeats were on in early morning timeslots, but I came in wearing my Rudy t-shirt and a few of the kids knew who it was)
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (Second most popular next to Rugrats)
My Life as a Teenage Robot
Danny Phantom

How did they see these? For starters, just about all of them have Nicktoons. The others saw the other shows via older siblings or cousins.

After that, I decided to ask the kids what their favorite animated shows as a whole were (including non-Nick). The top five were:

5. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
4. Adventure Time
3. Phineas and Ferb
2. SpongeBob Squarepants
1. The Fairly OddParents

Honorable mentions went to The Powerpuff Girls and Animaniacs (remember that these kids all get Boomerang and The Hub, so they have easy rerun access)

Then I asked the kids what their least favorites were. The results were:

5. Any show made for preschoolers (please remember that these kids are eight years old)
4. Fish Hooks
3. Fanboy and Chum-Chum
2. Johnny Test
1. Breadwinners

Now if only Nick knew the results…



This illustration was part of Light Grey Art Lab’s ‘Robo’ show that opened yesterday night. Seventy different artist’s participated in the show and each one designed a piece inspired by robotics.

My piece was inspired by abandon cars that can often be found in weird remote locations. So, this is a Robo Tortoise, a hybrid tortoise-machine, fashioned after a Volkswagon bug. He has since broken down and is slowly being reclaimed by nature.

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Alright. So it appears that the fox(?) mutant is an ally to Raph, as she’s seen behind him as he cheers “YEAH!”. Raph is also in the company of a few other mutants too. They do not appear to be holding him down in the first pic or being thrown back as if he was trying to escape them in the second. 

The badger mutant seems to be a definite bad guy. 

Once again- the mystery mutant. I tried my best to get as clear a shot as possible of this guy! They’re wearing either a dress of a poncho like garment and are also wearing a small gold heart near the top. I know someone mentioned that they could have purple bands too with the yellow. Its hard to tell- but I think I see purple- or at least not yellow- on their left forearm and right leg. They’re also wearing a yellow head band, you can barely make out the top of their green head.

Finally- this turtle shaped robot on the side of the Shell raiser! It doesn’t appear to be the same Robot Donnie from before. But I could be wrong. Robot Donnie appeared to be made of black metal rather than the silver we see in the final pic.

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TMNT Final Episode Flashback Theory

It’s only a small theory on a possible flashback.

If Leo has died in the final then we probably see it in a flashback.

So it’s sort of going to parallel Osoroshi no Tabi dream, but the difference is Leo dies in Mikey arms, Raph survive and Donnie only just survives but he has to become a robot.

The Turtles have been attacked, Leo dies, Donnie is seriously injured, Raph is injured and is unconscious. Mikey is also injured but conscious. He sees Leo first and crawls over to him. Leo is conscious but he’s dying. 

Mikey presses his panic alarm on his T phone to alert the Mutanimals, April, Karai, Casey, Shinigami.

Mikey holds Leo in his arms, they have a heart 2 heart moment and Mikey is trying to get him to stay awake until help arrives, but due to his injury Leo sadly dies in Mikey’s arms.

The Turtles friends arrive but they are too late to save Leo and with Donnie seriously injured it has become a race against the time to save him.


Computer & Programming References in Discworld (Part One)


Kring is described as ‘singing to itself’, which may be a shoutout to the ancient computer adventure game, Colossal Cave. In this game, a room exists where a sword is stuck in an anvil. The next line of the room’s description goes: “The sword is singing to itself”.


The Ramtop mountains probably get their name from RAMTOP, a system variable in Sinclair Spectrum computers.


“The witches flew along a maze of twisty little canyons, all alike.” This is another shoutout to Colossal Cave’s now-memetic message “You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.” Many games include variants.


The scene with Om drawing shapes in the sand is a reference to the computer programming language Logo, in which figures are drawn by a turtle-shaped cursor (‘turtle graphics’). In fact, it was also possible to get a real 'turtle’: a little robot attached to a Logo machine by a long cable which would walk around on a big sheet of paper.


This barely counts, but it’s mentioned that it’s cheaper to build a new stone circle than upgrade an old slow one.


Quite a few here, as this is the book that introduces Hex- Hex, incidentally, might be short for ‘hexadecimal’, a common number base used by programmers. Hex probably has the perfect name for a computer that analyses magic.

Hex’s aquarium is of course a reference to the old screensaver that turned your computer screen into swimming fish. 

 'Redo from start’ is a bona fide error message for the BASIC programming language, caused by incorrect responses to an INPUT command.

The ‘Anthill Inside’ sticker is a reference to Intel’s ‘Intel Inside’.

Hex is powered by a waterwheel covered in male sheep skulls; in other words, RAM.

Hex apparently requires “a lot of small religious pictures”- computer icons.  

While Hex is pondering a question, it will shut down all other functions, and an hourglass on a spring will descend and slowly turn, indicating that its runtime is being applied to the issue. This is akin to the cursor transforming into a picture of an hourglass in some OSs.

Hex “thinks” by controlling which tubes the ants can crawl through, thus allowing it to perform increasingly complex computations if enough ants are provided (that is, if there are enough bugs in the system). This is possibly a reference to Douglas Hofstadter’s Gödel, Escher, Bach in which there exists a sentient ant colony, with the ants acting as neurons

The ‘row of little pictures’ on the cuff to control the Red Clay Army are  immediately familiar to anyone who has ever played the computer game Lemmings, in which you have to use similar controls to guide a group of brainlessly wandering lemmings across intricate and dangerous underground labyrinths.  

“calendar for the year surmounted by a rather angular picture of a beagle, standing on its hind legs.“ -One of the classic computer programs that circulated in the seventies used ASCII characters to 'draw’ a picture of Snoopy from Peanuts, followed by the year’s calendar.

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