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Source: Killing Rage: Ending Racism by bell hooks

Image description: A still image from the 90’s TV sitcom Saved By The Bell.   Kelly, Lisa, Jessie and Slater are standing in front of the lockers, looking toward Zack as he speaks. Everyone has solemn expressions on their faces (interpretation of scene my own). The caption reads, “All our silences in the face of racist assault are acts of complicity.”

Flustered! Raphael x Reader.

Raphael had never been good with emotions.

He always seemed to feel too much all at once and with the wave of emotions often came trouble. Sometimes, it felt like he had no control over himself whatsoever.

And Y/N? She only made it worse.

The beautiful human seemed to knowe exactly what buttons to push, exactly what way to get a reaction…and she didn’t even know it. She was masking his heart race and his mind bubble with excitement and she wasn’t even trying.

So he tried to stay away. He tried to keep himself in control, Raphael really, truly tried…but Y/N drew him in every time. Especially at night.

Especially when he was alone.

Whenever the turtle had her on his mind, she always seemed to text him. And he could never stop himself from texting back. Now it was late and he had training in the morning and Raphael really had to sleep.

So he said his good nights and hoped that that would be the end of it. If only she hadn’t texted back. If only he hadn’t clicked on that video she sent him.

Because there she was, laying back on her pillows, hair spilled about her. He could see her red (red!!) tank top and her smile…that god damn gorgeous smile.

“Sweet dreams, Raphael…”

And it happened immediately.

All composer went out the window and left behind a mess off a turtle. Heart racing, blood pumping, body on fire, and the most excited grin on his face. His hands shaking just a little (why couldn’t he just control himself??), he played it again (just one more time).

“Sweet dreams, Raphael…”

He laughed under his breath, playing it a third time.

“Sweet dreams, Raphael…”

Groaning, he covered his face with his hand. How was he supposed to sleep now, with those eyes and that smile and that voice in his mind.

“She’s gonna kill me…this girl is gonna fuckin’ kill me…” He whispered.

And then he played it again.

Imagine your favorite turtle sneaking out to see you.

It’s not that he can’t see you or anything, he could just shout over his shoulder “Going to Y/N’s!” and that’s that.

It’s the mess that comes with it.

His brothers laughing and teasing him, bossing him even, maybe decideing to come along with him. It’s not that he doesn’t love his family or the fact that you do to. But sometimes, a turtle just wants some peace and quiet.

Imagine your favorite turtle racing through the city, leaping over rooftops and through the shadows, making his way to your place.

And there you are, sitting on your fire escape and looking out at the city. The neon lights give the night a strange, romantic feeling. One the turtle can’t ignore.

He makes a running jump and flips! Grabbing hold of the metal bars and leaning over you.

Imagine jumping back in surprise but smiling when you see who it is.

“I was wondering where you were.”

He doesn’t answer.

Instead, he lands next you and pulls you close, smiling at you as he leans in for a kiss. A slow, sweet kiss that still gives you butterflies…

Episode Recap: #515 “Yojimbo”

The rabbit has arrived! The episode opens with Usagi fighting the evil and scheming Jei in a far off land of Samurai. The next morning, Usagi discovers that he’s not the only one who went up in a duel against Jei – when he ventures to a nearby village, he finds Akemi, who tells him that Jei and his army of Samurai minions, led by Sumo Kuma, have ransacked the village. Thankfully, Akemi was able to protect Kintaro, the holy child, the “golden boy destined to have superhuman abilities.”

Usagi must help deliver Kintaro to the Temple Palace, where he’ll be safe from evil dudes like Sumo Kuma and Jei. Kintaro might be the chosen one, but he’s also a surefire brat with insults for days, so Usagi channels his inner peace and embarks with Kintaro toward safetly. 

Meanwhile, Jei summons super Samurai ninjas to help him wipe out Usagi who poses threat to his plan of domination. And who shows up? The Turtles! Jei corrupts the green team, brainwashing them with a mission to find Usagi and destroy him once and for all.

The Turtles go in search of the rabbit Samurai, and when they find him, he uses his super sick skills to totally show them up – all four of them! But the bratty-yet-lovable pug of a golden child realizes that the Turtles aren’t truly bad, and instead have been brainwashed. Raph, Leo, Donnie and Mikey snap out of their trance and Usagi and Kintaro invite them to stay. A friendship is born.

The team bonds over the bonfire – Usagi explains his past as a Samurai bodyguard, Mikey fires the sass right back at Kintaro, nicknaming him “Pugtaro,” and the Turtles explain that they are from New York City. They must have been transported to a different dimension – but there’s nothing stopping them from using their ninja skills on these anthropomorphic animals instead of the human bad guys they normally go up against. 

The next morning, that’s exactly what they do! When they come stumble across Sumo Kuma – the bad dude leading Jei’s gang – and his army, the Turtles stealthily knock out the soldiers in the rear of the pack, steal their armor, and saddle up their horses so they can infiltrate Sumo Kuma’s troop and learn what they’re up to.

But it doesn’t take long for Sumo Kuma to sniff them out – literally. Even miles away from their home in their own dimension, Raph, Leo, Donnie and Mikey still reek of the sewer stench! The Turtles and Usagi must race away quickly before Sumo Kuma can catch up and cream them. So off go the Turtles and Usagi, into the maze of the Samurai territory and deep, dark forests. Sumo Kuma and his army are right on their tail, but if they’re still the same Turtles we know and love, we’re sure they’ll figure something out.

They’re lucky to have the masterful Usagi by their side, who definitely wins MVP of this episode for his crazy cool samurai skills and insane patience with the nutty, gnarly Kintaro.

Wildest Dreams 5/?

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7

Summary: (USUK) Arthur is about to make his debut into English society, but his father fears he has become too rowdy to contain. Desperate to avoid a scandal before the debut of his only Omega son he arranges for him to travel to America. Arthur is to live at a newly wealthy house where removed from society he can’t possibly get into trouble.

Song Inspiration(Arthur POV): Wildest Dreams

Warnings: Fic is rated R ; traditional omegaverse with strict rules that are dub-con but never for USUK

A/N: WELL the slow turtle wins the race right?? I guess see you in another 6 months?…why am I like this

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Fluffy! Demetri Volturi X Reader Headcanons
Requested by @impossiblepizzapeace
7 Days of Random Acts of Kindness

.Monday afternoons were probably your favorite; you and Demetri would soak in a bubble bath after a long Monday. After discovering his “bubble beard problem” a while back, you would start to play “barber.” You would shape his beard before pretending to cut it as you wiped a portion of the bubbles away. Demetri would just grin so much that his cheeks would start to burn in an unseeable blush. He would be so happy that you played along rather than teased him for it, holding it over his head like Master Aro does. Demetri would also place the roses from the bath into a flower crown around your head, calling you “The Princess of the Bath Kingdom” or more usually, “my princess.”

.On Tuesday mornings, before going off to track, Demetri would wake you up early to take care of your hair. You always complained how tangled it would get as you slept. So, when Tuesday mornings came around, he would begin his session of carefully brushing your hair, nearly soothing you back to sleep. Then, when it was all silky and smooth, he would begin intricately braiding it out of your face so it wouldn’t suffocate you when you went back to sleep. When you were all but dozing off from the heavenly treatment, he would carry you back to the bed, tuck you in, and kiss your forehead before leaving for the day.

.Every Wednesday, Demetri would give you a spa night. He was actually quite good at it from being a third wheel at Heidi and Renata’s date nights. (He usually had to go with them along with another guard or two to make sure they weren’t attacked for being a part of the Volturi – plus, they would ask for Demetri specifically so that they could gossip with him and have his opinion on clothes and nail colors.) Demetri would paint your nails any color you wished (but he always prefers you with blood red nails) and would do it so well and with such precision that no polish would even get on your fingers or clothes. He had also learned how to do facials and massages – you two would apply the masks on each other while sitting on the floor with beauty supplies surrounding you. While the masks dried, you two would take turns massaging each other’s backs. Yet after the spa was over, he would insist on massaging your feet before going to bed. It went perfectly fine until he started to tickle your feet relentlessly. Each time he started again and would accuse him, he would deny it and sneakily smile to himself. Then, when you went to bed angry, he would try to make it up to you by planting kisses on your shoulders and neck. During this, he would sweetly ask if you were mad and if you’d forgive him. He’s sure lucky he’s cute.

.Since every Thursday is court day and would take him longer than usual, you would wake up that morning to the scent and sight of your favorite flowers in an elegant case on the night stand. A small note would be attached with a poem Demetri wrote himself. One week it would be about your beauty, another week it would be about your personality, one week would be about the amazing time he had on your date. And right under each poem would be a beautiful quote about love and/or soulmates.

.Friday nights are usually “morale boosting sessions” for the Volturi. (Usually, they’re just having Mario Cart competitions while passing around blood bags and chugging them.) Demetri would sit you on his lap in the arm chair in the corner, as Felix and Santiago play as Princess Peach and Bowser, respectively. (They were also not afraid of role playing. Ex. Felix – “You’ll never lock me back up in your stupid castle, Bowser. Do you even call that dump a castle?” Santiago – “Can you just shut up and -what the?! Who just hit me with those stupid turtle shells?!” Heidi - *Comes racing past as Mario* I’ve come to save you, Peach darling!” *Heidi winks at Felix teasingly.* Felix - *dramatically fans himself and pretends to look faint* “Oh, my hero!”) You and Demetri would laugh and cheer when Alec would zoom past the two into first place as Toad.

.As for Saturday nights, Demetri makes you two your own “morale boosting sessions.” He would allow you to pick out a movie from the Volturi castle’s private movie theatre while he went out to gather popcorn, soft drinks, and EVERY KIND OF CANDY (since, he wasn’t quite sure what your favorite was (yet)) And while you watched the movie and snacked, he would cuddle you from behind and twirl your hair around his fingers while delicately stroking your ear. To be honest, he’d rather watch you for the rest of eternity and your ever changing facial expressions than some dumb movie. (Especially, if it was a horror movie because you would be burying your face in his neck and gripping onto him for dear life, wanting him to protect you from all the scary monsters – even though he is one himself. (At least, that’s how he imagined it.))

. Then after the movie, on Sunday morning, you would have so much left over candy that you decide to take Demetri to the Volterra orphanage to give the children the remains of your movie night snacks. The children loved it, almost as much as they loved Demetri. They would climb all over him and wrap themselves around his legs to try to prevent him from leaving. Demetri was so terrified of these small, fragile but scary human newborns, but you just giggled and pulled the children off him, promising them a story. As you were reading the story, “The little Vampire,” Demetri watched you in awe with his jaw against his knuckles and his mouth slightly slack. You were so amazing with kids; he kind of wanted a small version of you. One to cherish and hold and love. But, that would have to wait – he wanted to spoil you first and have your full attention on himself before even talking about having a little hybrid of your own.

Mchanzo as things I've heard in real life:
  • McCree: “Dude how many hotdogs do you think I could fit in my mouth?”
  • Hanzo: “...four.”
  • ...
  • Hanzo: “I may have terrible decision making skills, but at least my decisions are interesting!”
  • ...
  • McCree: “You have enough sugar?”
  • Hanzo: “You can never have enough sugar for breakfast.”
  • ...
  • Hanzo: "No more turtles! There were 240 turtles last time, I was washing my hands with turtles! No more turtle races!"
  • McCree: :(
  • ...
  • McCree: "Do you think we can find another place along the river so we can stop and steal some rocks?"
  • Hanzo: *thinking about how many rocks are in the trunk of the car already*
  • ...
  • McCree: "Okay but if my asshole was a black hole, couldn't I sit on things and like... suck them up?"
  • Hanzo: "You could sit on things and send them to other places in the universe."
  • McCree: "...Oh my god I could shit directly on someone's desk whenever I wanted."
  • Hanzo: "No wait a second, if you sat down on a dick wouldn't it disappear?"
  • McCree: "Nah, you could just like.... transport it exactly where it was before."
  • Hanzo: "Huh, yeah. Guess so."
Great Escape ~ Part 3

Harry Hook x Reader
Written by: Matt
Word Count: 1145 words
Gender: Gender-Neutral
Warnings: cursing, mention of scars
Gif by: @malviex​
A/N: This is the final part !! hope yall like it
Fictober: Day 26 of Fictober

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Part One | Part Two | Part Three

It was the weekend, you were talking to Fairy Godmother about your new classes and she was a really big help for getting adjusted to Auradon Prep. Right before she finished talking about school clubs you heard a familiar voice yell your name.

“Uma!” You yelled excitedly, you ran down the hallway and both of you hugged.

You looked back at Fairy Godmother, she smiled and said “Well it looks like you two have some catching up to do. Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll discuss it with you some other time.”. You looked back at your best friend and attempted to lift her up as you hugged her but she immediately stopped you because of your injured shoulder. You haven’t seen her since you crashed because you were stuck in the infirmary the whole day, and you were just chatting with Fairy Godmother the whole morning. 

“So… You wanna get lunch with me?” She asked and you accepted.

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