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snail emoji reviews


very detailed, blur tool is a little excessive; i appreciate the faithfulness to the eye stalks


simple and perfect. what a beautiful friend!! he smiles for you


easily identifiable, small spots add to maximum snail


a good friend, yes, but his eyes should be up there you fools


very shiny. the slimiest of all of our friends here, impervious to sharp objects at any angle. too powerful


simple and green, a very nice pal we have here today folks


his shell looks like a cinnamon roll, sweet boy


purple pal


minimalist pink friend, i trust him with my crops

Emoji One:

mischievous, chaotic neutral


eventually, this will be the being who we all have to submit to.

in short, i love all of them


remember how I said I’d make some Valentine’s cards with Fionna and Cake characters? Here they are!

feel free to send them to people if you want but please don’t remove my signature!!

paladins & naming their pokemon
  • shiro: gives them absurdly meaningful names w/ complex thought processes going into it, probably takes 20 minutes just to name them
  • keith: he doesn’t name them. ever. and somehow he can still keep them straight; alternatively, he numbers them
  • lance: meme lord, plus all fire types are nameed keef
  • hunk: cutesy names w/ his favorite(s) being named shay
  • pidge: science based puns that no one else appreciates

So I’ve got a fun story to tell from Paradise city comic con. 

One thing I love to do is get things signed by voice actors at the cons and this time around Arryn Zech (Blake Belladonna), Kara Eberle (Weiss Schnee), Elizabeth Maxwell (Winter Schnee) and Vic Mignogna (Qrow in rwby) were there.

 I don’t have a lot of RWBY merch besides shirts, so I ended up drawing a bust of each actors respective characters as i’ve seen many artists do before. When it came for the signings each person was like, “Wow this is great/pretty/ etc” and signed the pieces.

 So fast forward to like a couple hours later at the Rwby panel I was sitting in like the second row. Someone asked Elizabeth and Vic if they would like to see chibi versions of themselves in the next season of RWBY chibi. To which they replied with “yeah totally!” and Vic asked if there were any artists in the room. Me being my shy self kinda just like half raised my hand and Vic happened to see it and was like “YOU, I REMEMBER YOU! YOU DREW QROW” and Arrynand Kara joined in with “YES I REMEMBER YOU TOO,YOUR DRAWING OF MY CHARACTER WAS BEAUTIFUL” At this point i’m like Red in the face, cuz like wow i didn’t expect them to remember my face lol then next they were all like “WHAT IS YOUR NAME, IT WAS JULIA-NO JULIE RIGHT???” and i’m like holyshit they remembered my name and my face!!!! 

so anyway then Vic was like “will you be here tomorrow?” and i said “yeah i’ll be here all weekend” then he was like “I have an assignment for you, can you draw winter and qrow as chibis and bring them back tomorrow? do you accept the assignment?” me in the moment went like “Yeah,Sure” then immediately was like “holy crap what did i get myself into???”

After the panel, i was standing outside the ballroom talking to some friends when Vic came up and Said “I can’t wait to see your drawings tomorrow!” gave me a hug and walked away.

The next day I drew the chibis and went to Elizabeth maxwell’s signing. I hadn’t had the chance to draw a Winter I was happy with the day before so I brought that as well. when I got to her booth, i introduced myself and said i’d brought the assignment. She absolutely loved her chibi and took pictures of it along with saying the Winter was so pretty and gladly signed the bust.

like an hour later was Vic’s signing. I was standing in line, (completely different cosplay so i looked nothing like i did the day before) and Vic looked up in between people he signed for and made eye contact with me. I was like  “Hi” and her replied “HI! Did you do the thing??” to which i said yes. Then he looked down the line of booths (as Elizabeth was all the way at the end finishing up her last few signatures) and screamed “SHE FINISHED THE ASSIGNMENT” and Elizabeth came running over. when i got up to the booth for my turn I showed my chibi. Vic and Elizabeth both loved it. He ended up taking a picture of it then signed it with something along the lines of A+ written on it. the next day I got a screen shot of the twitter post with the qrow drawing :D

So that was one of a few stories i have from this con that helped make it very memorable. I will attach the pictures of the busts once the sketch book it’s in gets sent to my new apartment. but yeah it was really cool 

here’s the screenshot of the twitter post

continuing on lotor lying to mess with lance. at some point it goes from claims that galra only need to sleep once a week to ‘galra sleep upside down’. it gets progressively more out of hand. lotor is way too good at deadpanning. lance really isn’t, so he can’t even get lotor back.

he stops talking to lotor for like a week after lotor claims haggar is definitely his mother. lance can’t stop thinking about zarkon and haggar, and he hates lotor a lot for that mental image

alright, i didnt expect that last post to suddenly blow up but hey while i still got it on my mind, let’s talk about pokemon contests.

in hoenn, the in-game contests are… bland. as in theres not much variety: the pokemon show up (without costumes??? retcon that puh-lease) and then basically try to steal the spotlight with their moves. i think that, in hoenn, personality doesnt matter too much, its more about winning the audience over with flashy moves. (which, of course, means being as outlandish and extra as physically possible). but i dont think that hoenn would have any reality competition tv series based on it (the important thing to consider). the way that it is, there’s not really a whole lot of content? that’s sort of why i think lisia would be a good trainer, its because hoenn contests are more akin to pure battling than sinnoh contests (which has dancing, dressing up, etc.). speaking of sinnoh…

now this region probably has reality tv in abundance. dressing up based on a theme, dancing to music, “acting”. it is e x c e l l e n t. every week, a new theme. sinnoh’s super contests has a lot of content that it really doesnt seem like something you can just show up to with planning everything beforehand. in hoenn, you can just waltz right in. sinnoh? nuh-uh. you gotta do the choreography. costumes for your pokes. music choice. your own costumes. and while a sort of “improv” style of contest can happen: we’re giving you the theme and the materials on the spot, 3, 2, 1, go, i think that people would be much more entertained to watch something truly original, ideas that come from the contestants themselves, every contestant putting on their own show to their own music based on a simple prompt. so yeah. let’s all go watch sinnoh’s next top idol and project hallway.

Pidge's Impressions
  • Keith: My name is Keith. I'm so emo.
  • Shiro: We'll get through this if we work together. We're a team.
  • Lance: Look at me! I'm Lance. Hey, is that a cute girl over there?
  • Hunk: I don't feel so good. The smell of this place makes me want to barf.
  • Allura: Paladins, please. We must defeat Zarkon.
  • Coran: Blah, blah, blah! Crazy words. Mustache!

2 A for my sister, this one was fun XD (wow, I didn’t realize how much I missed drawing the regular turtles ^^)

And the one and only Casey Jones for @hockeyvigilante! Thank you so much for the request!! I haven’t drawn Casey in soooo long, I need to draw him more!
Hope you like him ^^