turtle oppa

Three Things That Make Me HAPPY

1. Kangin’s return!
I don’t like to judge people before I.. okay not true. I don’t judge korean IDOLS before I get to know them. I didn’t really know about Kangin before I watched Explorers of the Human Body. And at first I thought he was kind of mean. I showed my friend the show (and in turn she got into kpop. Muahaha) and her initial biases were Kangin and Sungmin and Wookie. 
I don’t know when it was.. but after awhile and a few more shows Kangin grew on me. And I realize now that he’s just part of the whole and I really do look forward to the 16th when he comes back to his family <3 Back to his Teukie <3 xD He’s like the protector for everyone, the appa. And I like that about him.

2. UKISS’ comeback!

Ukiss is my special group, so I am really looking forward to this comeback since I haven’t been around Kpop long enough to witness one from them! I love each and every one of the members. I don’t know if I want a cute take since they seem to be doing a lot of.. sexy ones. Ever since Man man ha ni, bengeul bengeul, tick tack, neverland… But I don’t want to go back to the Not Young days LOL (oh god Dongho xD) I’m okay with dark and smexy Ukiss <33

3. Super Junior’s Opera in May!

I know it looks a lot like Perfection but.. but still! A music video! I love all opportunities for us to see our guys in action. I enjoyed Mr. Simple actually.. xD But I wish SM would deviate away from.. rooms.. dancing… no storyline. At least we have masks. And I ain’t complaining about the sexy man chairs. Or stairs. and HOT DAMN Donghae is looking good. I see they straightened Yesung’s hair in some of the sets.. at least it seems to keep out his eye. And I love Siwon’s dramatic cape flip. would prefer he burst in like that but completely shirtless underneath. Why can’t he be like Taeyang and just.. go shirtless xD Okay I guess I love his .. little modesty.
BTW SM PLEASE GIVE MY TURTLE SOME MORE SCREEN TIME? Maybe not always in the back? He tries hard! :D

Oh. and. I can’t see a turtle and not think 

My brother told me I should get a pet turtle and I told him, “Do you know how perfect that is?! My ultimate bias from kpop has 3 turtles and we all associate him with one!” and He just rolled his eyes and said “Of course I had to say turtle..”