turtle nemesis


Hi, pals. Sorry, yesterday was midnight And I didn’t have time to upload more characters. But trust me, you will soon see the end. I’m glad that you are not evil and notice my work. Even if I unintentionally irritated you. Like you, Yandere Dev also noticed some of my pictures.^^ And I wonder what kind of reaction he will has if he looks at the video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0HwPYK_3CA ) in which were these characters’ faces? *want to smile OK 14 Kuudere Simulator(1,2,3, 9273610644591297739106418475183 bruh) Mission Mode, Turtles, Saikou and 1980 – Everyone thinks that dude is Megami’s father. But I do not even know who is he. And about this old man. I also didn’t forget to draw him ;) First Ryoba, and now the Void. Journalist, why is your life so complicated.


I was tagged by @feedmecomicart​ for my top 10 comic book villains. (You can check the original post here) So, I guess it’s go time! Here are my top 10 favorite comic book villains:

1. Venom/Mac Gargan (Marvel Comics)

2. Hood (Marvel Comics)

3. (the latest) Jack O’Lantern/Real name unknown

4. Baron Zemo/Helmut (Marvel Comics)

5. Maestro (Marvel Comics)

6. Kang the Conqueror (Marvel Comics)

7. Shredder (TMNT/IDW Publishing)

8. The Revolutionary (Project Superpowers/Dynamite Comics)

9. Kevin (Sin City/Dark Horse Comics)

10. Nemesis (Icon Comics)

Now that this is over, I guess it’s my turn to tag people. Let’s see.. I tag @wildegurke, @ilaney, @randomjunkbloguniverse, @therealitymarble, @shadesoforlando, @frgiannotta & @god-hunter. Let’s see what you got! Or not.. I mean if you wanna do it, go for it. If not, well, I still know you’re all badasses inside.