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Give Me Love (Like Her): Ch 12

Summary: How can Killian Jones ask his aggressively aloof neighbor on a date without making her uncomfortable? And how can he ensure that he doesn’t default to having a one-night stand with her? His unusual solution: announce his affections anonymously and hope for the best. Companion piece to With Affection from Killian’s point-of-view.
Rating: Mature/Explicit
Notes: Here it is, folks! This is the companion piece! I really, really hope it lives up to everyone’s expectations. This is not a sequel, but there are several scenes that will not make much sense, or be nearly as meaningful/entertaining, if you have not read With Affection, which can be found here and here (or through my fic page).
Banner by @bashful-killian, beta-read by @optomisticgirl

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(Credit for the dream about the turtle-shaped massage tool goes to @optomisticgirl)

Chapter Twelve:

Killian stopped taking calls from the Darlings after the first day, even from Michael, who had succumbed to the pressure he was facing from his siblings. He knew what they wanted: they wanted him to order flowers, to schedule the reception, to stay for the damn funeral itself. Never mind that he’d arranged to have the bloody affair in the first place, as requested.

Besides, the earliest he could schedule the funeral had been Sunday, two days after his booked return flight. Maybe if he could have arranged for it to occur sooner, he would consider going. But to stay longer than planned, for a funeral he had no desire to attend? No.

The rest of the week flew by. He found himself a little alarmed at the relief he felt. He wondered if he should feel more saddened by his father’s passing—as Wendy would say, the man was his father, after all, and now he was gone from this world. There should be a hole in his heart, shouldn’t there?

Instead, there was a weight lifted from him. His father’s death was no longer a looming deadline he was dreading; it had happened, and he had weathered the storm, and now it was over. There was just the intense pressure to get the hell out of London and go home.

He did have a new fear, though: Swan’s reaction when he finally showed up at her door. Until he’d received Wendy’s phone call regarding his father, meeting in person had been a figurative situation. He’d of course assumed it would eventually happen, but without any sort of specific plan, it wasn’t ever anything to panic over. And when he’d left for London, although he’d already promised that he would reveal his identity upon arriving home, the errand for which he’d left the States was the first thing on his mind. First, deal with his father, then go to Swan. And now that the first step was complete, it was as though he was finally realizing that he was about to go home and meet the love of his life.

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