turtle jelly

Inter-House Friendships
  • Gryffindor: *rolling down the stairs* parKOUR
  • Ravenclaw: All the ways they could kill themselves right now...
  • Hufflepuff: They seem pretty good at it!
  • Slytherin: They look like a turtle under a Jelly-Legs jinx.

I’m sorry I don’t post much these days and never the things you followed me for, but I love you like this Octopi dose.

Fun fact: My 3 favorite animals are Octopi, Turtles, and jelly fish.

I was thinking about making a series of stickers that are of colorful octopi. Would anyone by them?


First Jellyfish Post!!!! 

This one is called the Spotted Blue Lagoon Jelly!

It’s from the South Pacific harbors, bays, and lagoons.

The bell can be up to 6 inches across.

They feed of tiny zoo plankton with the tiny mouth at the end of each tentacle instead of on the bottom of the medusa!!

Usually the Spotted Blue Lagoon jelly is preyed on by Sea turtles and Tuna fish.