turtle illustration

The thing about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I never see referenced is that Splinter was essentially a single dad raising four rambunctious boys and that could NOT have been easy. So this piece titled “Daddy!!!” is my tribute to the first super heroes I ever became a fan of, to single dads everywhere, and to anyone who’s ever burned a pizza in the oven.

Why not just go with it?!

I apologize for the late post! Man is it hard to draw someone invisible like Tooru Hagakure.
I’m seriously wondering how Tooru passed UA’s practical entrance exam. Her quirk doesn’t give her much of an advantage when it comes to robots and I believe she doesn’t have the strength to destroy any robots. Did she ace her exam??? I need to knoowww


I’ve been waiting to show you guys this for ages! Now that it’s on a bunch of websites announcing Mondo’s “A-Nick-Nick-Nick-Nick-N-Nick-Nick-Nick Nickelodeon Show“ at their Austin Texas Gallery from Friday December 9th through Saturday December 16th, I can finally tell you guys about it.

Since TMNT is so heavily Japanese influenced I thought it would great to play with some actual Japanese traditions. It occured to me that the four them together looked like the cairn stacking stones in zen gardens.

Spoiler alert, I did more than one piece. Stay tuned!


First of a series I’m doing. “Fleshed out” snapping turtle based on a skeleton I articulated. Painting was done with gouache paint and some watercolor, and is around 8x10″. The skeleton was completely apart to begin with, and everything is drilled and wired or pinned. As you can see it can stand up, supporting the shell, on it’s own. Really like how that one came out. Both are for a local university. 
(Note if you’re using the skeleton as a reference, the smallest toe is missing on every foot)