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don't be embarrassed DVa's OC gf is the softest cutest things and now i'm grinning like fool, pls more

I always get really embarrassed about OCs because when I was 13 adults on the internet were assholes… BUT in the spirit of trying to overcome that:

  • Her name is Eun-ji
  • Despite being involved in Hana’s work she’s not famous herself, so in a lot of ways she helps connect Hana to the “real world”
    • Which is not to say she necessarily leads an ordinary life… managing Hana is a a pretty big deal so… you know.  But also she can walk down the street without being recognized so still not as abnormal as Hana’s life
  • Doesn’t move when Hana joins Overwatch, because she has other responsibilities but hey, they make long distance work
    • Hana gets homesick sometimes though, and they do miss each other very much
  • Is exactly 1cm taller than Hana and proud of it
  • Well on her way to becoming a power lesbian
  • Coaches Hana before interviews about what she is absolutely forbidden to say
    • When Hana is feeling really burnt out she bribes her with kisses for “right” answers
  • Tries to keep it a secret that Hana has a pet turtle, not bunnies, and fails spectacularly… the turtle is somehow always sneaking into the background of pictures

And that’s all you’ll get out of me today.

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Sorry this took forever to do, but my phone just has SO MANY PICTURES I had to plug it to my pc so I could sort through them for a meager 9 that represent me because damn the img ammount limit (sorry I’m this kind of person)

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I don't remember if you've ever been asked this, so I'm sorry if you have, but who do you think would've won the S-Class trials if it hadn't been interrupted and everyone was fighting seriously?

It most certainly would not have been Natsu, Levy, or Juvia. It also wouldn’t have been Doranbolt because, well, he was a spy and not intent on winning, but I have the suspicious feeling he could easily win any competition, his power’s practically cheating. Natsu doesn’t have the necessary intelligence to compete against the other trial entrants, and Juvia is too focused on Gray while Levy is too focused on Gajeel.

Frankly, my favorite one and the one I’d pick is Elfman, although that’s a hard decision to make since Gray and Freed are also highly capable. Elfman’s best attribute by far is his absolutely monstrous durability and stamina, and I believe that when all else fails, turtling and waiting for the opponent to wear themselves down is a viable strategy–a strategy he later takes in the battle against Bacchus, which earns him the win. Add on the surprising amount of strategical thinking Elfman displays–such as his ploys against Rustyrose or aforementioned strategy against Bacchus–and Elfman comes off not only as a powerful wizard, but someone with the right intelligence to best apply his powers, which can….escape folks like Erza or Gildarts at the best of times. He may not have the raw power that Laxus or Mirajane or Gildarts do, but his magic leaves him infinite potential to grow and become more dangerous in a variety of ways.


The Attack of the Turtle

A man of scientific vision, in the early 1770’s David Bushnell was only a college freshman, yet he was developing ideas that were centuries ahead of his time.  In between his college studies at Yale, Bushnell studied two revolutionary subjects; underwater explosives and submersible vehicles.  By 1775 he had developed two new important inventions, a explosive mine that could be detonated underwater, and a functioning submarine named the Turtle.  The Turtle was a submersible built from watertight wooden planks and reinforced steel bands.  It was a very small submarine, only large enough for one person.  Atop the Turtle were six glass windows which provided natural light.  In case it was dark, all of the instruments of the Turtle were covered in foxfire, the ooze from a certain type of fungus which glowed in the dark.  The Turtle was propelled forwards and vertically by two hand cranked propellers and steered with a rudder.  A water tank filled by a hand pump served as ballast, as well as 200 pounds of lead weight.  In calm waters, the Turtle could swim around three miles an hour.  It only had enough air for a thirty minute journey.

Bushnell intended to use the Turtle and his explosives to attack British warships that were blockading American ports during the American Revolution.  Thus Bushnell and his invention caught the attention of Gen. George Washington in 1776, who provided funding for the testing and preparation of the Turtle. The plan was to stealthily enter a harbor, sneak up on an expecting warship, bore a hole into it’s hull with which to attach a charge of timed explosives, then swim out of the way before the warship exploded. Bushnell himself could not pilot the sub, as he suffered from a number of debilitating illnesses.  Instead, three volunteers from the Continental Army stepped forward to conduct the daring mission.

On the night of Sept. 6th, 1776, the Turtle, piloted by Sgt. Ezra Lee, quietly swam in New York Harbor and approached the British flagship HMS Eagle.  Coming up against her hull, the Turtle went unnoticed as it bored a small hole in the warship’s hull.  However he was not able to drill into the hull as he struck a large iron plate.  Abandoning the attempt due to low oxygen, he made his way to safety but was followed by the British in a rowboat.  Releasing his explosives, the British turned back to avoid being blown up.

Although the attack by the Turtle failed, it would go down in history as the first act of submarine warfare.  On October 9th, Sgt. Lee and the Turtle tried again, this time targeting a British frigate near Manhattan.  Again, the attempt failed when British lookouts spotted the submarine and open fire on it, forcing it to retreat.  Some days later, the British found the Turtle’s anchorage in New Jersey, sinking it and the barge it operated from.

After the sinking of the Turtle, Bushnell was made a captain in the Continental Army, although he never saw combat.  Instead, he built his famous “Bushnell mines”, naval mines which were deployed in ports all over the colonies and became the terror of besieging British warships.  Bushnell claimed to have salvaged the Turtle after the war, however its fate remains unknown.

Heyyyy guys i wrote a thing, it’s a mod jackcrutchie thing that’s been kind of spinning around up somewhere in my slowly disintegrating brain… so heeyyyyyy if you wanted to read it, that would be nice. Love to you all! :D

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Okay, so apparently I can’t actually finish a drawing anymore >< but this popped into my head randomly and I had to get it out on paper, even though I have tons of thing to draw. So I rushed it ^^’ sorry about that

(On that note, I have been trying to post a drawing everyday here on tumblr but I probably won’t be posting as often for a little bit, cause I have college that starts in a month (and I’m freaking out) and I have tons of things I’ve got to do!
But then again you never know when I may post things, I just thought I’d let y'all now. Thanks everyone!)

(I’ll still be on answering question, etc. I just don’t have much time to draw fun stuff, boo =\)

Anyway here is some Miwa and Leo.

The Shredder is sick of Leo and the turtles failing to capture the Hamato’s, so he threatens Leo not to let them get away again. Later Leo is out getting some air on a rooftop when Miwa finds him and comes up behind him.
And that’s when the comic starts.

(If you can’t read the words let me know! I’ll fix it or type it out here.)