turtle fail

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First vine of the week on a Monday, deliberately.


Okay, so apparently I can’t actually finish a drawing anymore >< but this popped into my head randomly and I had to get it out on paper, even though I have tons of thing to draw. So I rushed it ^^’ sorry about that

(On that note, I have been trying to post a drawing everyday here on tumblr but I probably won’t be posting as often for a little bit, cause I have college that starts in a month (and I’m freaking out) and I have tons of things I’ve got to do!
But then again you never know when I may post things, I just thought I’d let y'all now. Thanks everyone!)

(I’ll still be on answering question, etc. I just don’t have much time to draw fun stuff, boo =\)

Anyway here is some Miwa and Leo.

The Shredder is sick of Leo and the turtles failing to capture the Hamato’s, so he threatens Leo not to let them get away again. Later Leo is out getting some air on a rooftop when Miwa finds him and comes up behind him.
And that’s when the comic starts.

(If you can’t read the words let me know! I’ll fix it or type it out here.)