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My Impressions on TMNT 2012 finale 'Mutant apocalypse' (warning spoilers)

You know,Watching the TMNT series finale special ‘Mutant Apocalypse’ ,It feels kinda depressing when you see the series finale takes place  when the world becomes an apocalyptic wasteland.I guess this is one of the reasons why Nickelodeon change the production order of the final season,So that young viewers don’t want to see the series end on a depressing note.I guess adults are worried and overprotective about the safety of their children especially to prevent them  from watching too much  violence much  violence from television and movies .

Maybe the special might have taken place in an alternate future where the turtles failed to defuse the Mutagen bomb which triggers an explosion causing the death of billions of humans,or turning humans  into mutants or both,Turning the world into a world populated by only mutants.Though it made me wonder why chompy is included .Perhaps in one of the episodes of previous seasons,I am not sure ,i mean the true finale  of the TMNT 2012 series is Owari while the current final season might be an epilogue series which is kinda an anthology format.

Anyway the aftermath of the Mutagen bombing many years later caused the turtles to split up but changed with Raphael now a older but muscle bound wanderer who lost part of his memory after the mutagen bombing  with Donnie who is now a robot after his original body was destroyed by the bombing ,Mikey now an old hermit and kind of looney but still has his sense of humour back from his younger days and Leo sadly due to the effects of the mutagen bombing turns into a musclebound mutated  freak and  turned into a different person with no memory of his past self calling himself Maximus Kong.

If this is an actual future for TMNT 2012 series,It made me wonder how Renet’s future is made probably that the Turtles might have found few human survivors after the episode ends off screen.

So anyway this special may take place in a possible but sad future but this special is about the reunion of the four turtle brothers reuniting as a family while helping a mutated raccoon girl who is a part of her tribe massacred by some ravagers find the oasis which revealed at the end is actually the ruins of the Turtles sewer lair now turned into a forest with a beautiful lake.

Even though the series may end on a depressing but  hopeful note especially leaving loose plot holes but at least this special shows us brotherhood and family when the turtles who either of them were thought to be  deceased after the bombing are finally reunited.

Especially where the final scene flashes back to the turtles glory days where they take a picture with master splinter as shown at the end of my impression post.

The special did end with a dedication of a peter laird type drawing of 2012 leo holding a signboard saying ‘For Kevin and peter’ as shown here :

which is a probably a special thanks  to the original creators of the TMNT franchise Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird  which is a nice touch especially that it resembles a dedication art from the first page of the ninja turtles first issue from 1984 as shown here:

So anyway TMNT 2012 series is ended but their memories will live on to many viewers alike who watched the series for five years though another reboot of the TMNT series by Nickelodeon called ‘Rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles’ will air on 2018.


By the way this picture was used for the TMNT 2012 crew’s wrap up party poster as shown here: 

I’ve been obsessed with It’s Not a Big Deal by @hangonsilvergirl for a good while now, but rereading it and seeing other people’s fanart of the fic made me inspired to draw something as well. Yes, Ed has Tardis on his shirt, and a bracelet possibly given by Winry around his wrist. Winry has Thor Tokidoki on her shirt (like described in the chapter in which Good Things ™ happened) and a Deathly Hallows necklace. The nerds ♥


Who’s ready for more shit I draw during class?!
More IT and Clowns related stuff because why the hell not?!
1 - random creature forms (was testing my skills)
2 - sweet Mamma Tullia ( @milich96 ), because she is sweet and I was testing my hand at drawing her
3 - Pennywise and Baby 🎈
4 - Bloody, Instinct Samyama
5 - oh my… Is that a failed Turtle/Maturing human like form?! Why, yes it is. Don’t ask.
Enjoy it!

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don't be embarrassed DVa's OC gf is the softest cutest things and now i'm grinning like fool, pls more

I always get really embarrassed about OCs because when I was 13 adults on the internet were assholes… BUT in the spirit of trying to overcome that:

  • Her name is Eun-ji
  • Despite being involved in Hana’s work she’s not famous herself, so in a lot of ways she helps connect Hana to the “real world”
    • Which is not to say she necessarily leads an ordinary life… managing Hana is a a pretty big deal so… you know.  But also she can walk down the street without being recognized so still not as abnormal as Hana’s life
  • Doesn’t move when Hana joins Overwatch, because she has other responsibilities but hey, they make long distance work
    • Hana gets homesick sometimes though, and they do miss each other very much
  • Is exactly 1cm taller than Hana and proud of it
  • Well on her way to becoming a power lesbian
  • Coaches Hana before interviews about what she is absolutely forbidden to say
    • When Hana is feeling really burnt out she bribes her with kisses for “right” answers
  • Tries to keep it a secret that Hana has a pet turtle, not bunnies, and fails spectacularly… the turtle is somehow always sneaking into the background of pictures

And that’s all you’ll get out of me today.

- Mod Rory


Okay, so apparently I can’t actually finish a drawing anymore >< but this popped into my head randomly and I had to get it out on paper, even though I have tons of thing to draw. So I rushed it ^^’ sorry about that

(On that note, I have been trying to post a drawing everyday here on tumblr but I probably won’t be posting as often for a little bit, cause I have college that starts in a month (and I’m freaking out) and I have tons of things I’ve got to do!
But then again you never know when I may post things, I just thought I’d let y'all now. Thanks everyone!)

(I’ll still be on answering question, etc. I just don’t have much time to draw fun stuff, boo =\)

Anyway here is some Miwa and Leo.

The Shredder is sick of Leo and the turtles failing to capture the Hamato’s, so he threatens Leo not to let them get away again. Later Leo is out getting some air on a rooftop when Miwa finds him and comes up behind him.
And that’s when the comic starts.

(If you can’t read the words let me know! I’ll fix it or type it out here.)