turtle cup 2012

  • Me: Proudly decorates my desk at work with TMNT toys(because I'm a tax paying adult and I can)!
  • Co-Worker: Why do you have a rat on your desk?
  • Me: That's Splinter..
  • Co-Worker: O.k. what is the point of the guy wearing a hockey mask holding a baseball bat, that doesn't any make sense?
  • Me: That's Casey Jones...
  • Co-Worker: Who????

Well this has been a turtlerific day….


“Teamwork doesn’t tolerate the inconvenience of distance.” - Unknown

Every merc team I’ve played on, I’ve loved, but the Hoth Rebels is, by far, my favorite. The team was composed of players from around New York state–the Heliopaths, Hofstra, Macaulay, RIT, University of Rochester and my very own team at NYU. We went to UMD’s Turtle Cup knowing full and well we had the potential go far, but others doubted us. They said players who do not consistently practice together could not function as a team and reap success. Needless to say, we went undefeated in our pool and let in the least amount of goals overall. We ended our run in third place out of 16 teams. 

Thanks for a great weekend, Rebels. Can’t wait to play with you all again! 

Group photo credit: Deanna Edmunds