turtle bead

[Image description: a photo of, from left to right, a pink chewable annular pendant from stimtastic, a small orange turtle plush, a purple and pink chewy gem beads necklace from stimtastic, a pink and white knock-off fidget cube, and a big gray rabbit plush, all on light purple bed sheets.]

My stim toy collection for @stimtastic‘s giveaway! I don’t have a lot, but I love them all. My annular pendant is still intact, unlike my poor gem beads that I bit through a few months ago. The fidget cube is great, even if it isn’t the original! And both the bunny’s feet and the turtle are full of beads that are very crunchy and nice to move around.


AY! SEA TURTLES - P.O.T.W. - Cult Cosmetics - Coachella

  • Cult Cosmetics - coachella
  • Essie - bikini so teeny
  • Cover Girl - black diamond
  • Sally Hansen - White on + Jazzy Jade
  • Love & Beauty - hot pink
  • Silver nail art beads

This is the first look featuring this polish. Visit the CHALLENGES  P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches!

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Ever since my bestfriend got me into listening to the music she did, I’ve started listening to so many great bands. Issues is one of my favorites and wow lol. Me and her went to south by so what in Dallas from Houston. On day two when we got in the door we ran to the AP tent so we could get wristbands to meet issues. And we did and actually while we were waiting until it was time to get in line, we met Phil, Tino, and Aaron from of mice & men!! Well anyways before sbsw I made these little beaded turtles for everyone I thought that I might meet (made them for everyone in issues). And on the week before the festival I tweeted them what colors they would want hoping they would respond and actually Sky did. We wanted black and blue and when I was giving him his I told him that’s what it was for and he was like “I’m way more excited than I should be right now!!” And wrote thank you on my poster. They were all really excited about their turtles and that moments unforgettable really. & this photographer I’ve followed for a while on Instagram (sedition1216) actually took this picture of me and my bestfriend during the signing! Later on that night Tyler was with Jeffree Star and I made him one too and tyler remembered I gave him one and was really excited and telling Jeffree how cool it was and stuff and then they both called me pretty omg BEST DAY EVER PRETTY MUCH