turtle and girl

pandaloveislife  asked:

Would the turtles have any preferences of girls? Like race size height etc? And if so what would each be????😳😳

Sweetheart, anyone of them would accept you, no matter how you look.  They consider themselves lucky to even have met someone like you in the first place, let alone be in a relationship with them.  They grew up being told to never go up topside, because the world would fear them.  Of course this was only Splinter’s way of keeping them safe from harm, but they convinced themselves that this would never happen, that they would never be in a relationship.  But when they see that you accept them, love them for who they are, they’re so blessed.  

-Mod Kala

Why not just go with it?!

I apologize for the late post! Man is it hard to draw someone invisible like Tooru Hagakure.
I’m seriously wondering how Tooru passed UA’s practical entrance exam. Her quirk doesn’t give her much of an advantage when it comes to robots and I believe she doesn’t have the strength to destroy any robots. Did she ace her exam??? I need to knoowww