turtle abuse


So this scene was like a punch to the heart.

It was Gabriel’s phrasing that really got me. That “you’ve had enough…for the day” phrasing is usually used for things that are treats. Like candy, video games, watching movies, etc. But emotions being rationed? It’s like, I knew this wasn’t a healthy family relationship before, but if I needed any further proof we’re definitely hitting emotional abuse/neglect territory here.

And Adrien’s expression in the scene?

Punch. To. The. Heart.

I’m thinking of making other commentary and short comics for more episodes. I have at least one more for Jackady/Simonsays that I’m working on. That one’s actually funny.

Originally I was going to have just nondescript mostly faceless characters and then I was like: Marinette likes video games and Child!Nino stuffing his face with sweets? Why the Hell not? Also nondescript Nino parent since we haven’t actually meet them yet unless they’ve been in a background scene somewhere.

[Also @thelastpilot has suspiciously good timing. I drew this a couple weeks ago, but only decided to upload it today. Why yes, that is a turtle shell on Child!Nino’s shirt. Why do you ask?]

Today I refused a sale, someone was like

Hey. I want to buy this turtle

(russian tortoise)

I like. Okay. I start prodding about supplies. Says nope. Well, says hes got his tank. but he’ll get the food and dirt here.

Keeping prodding. Got lights? 

It needs lights?

Yea, a heat lamp and uvb.

Okay well I got the aquarium light.

Well. …thats not enough. 

Can’t you just switch the bulb.

..yea no. So what size is this tank?


Oh. Yea. ok no. They need blahblahblah maybe 20L bare minimum but really thats way too small for anything heres a 40b its on sale

No thats too big

Well. …once you put everything in that it needs, it wont even be much room.

Oh no its okay, we’ll start with the 10 for now.

..no. you can’t.

Well my friend has one. its in a 20g


Watch on tort-time.com

Thanks for the heads up @turtlefeed . This is disgusting. 

Snapperfest is a brutal “celebration” held annually at the Campshore Campground in Ohio County, Indiana and it needs to be stopped. Innocent snapping turtles are captured, swung by their tails and bashed against the ground as amusement. BuzzFeed, will you help me save some turtles?

Snapperfest takes place on August 20th, but it’s not too late to get in touch with these people and ask them to put a stop to this horrible event.

The Honorable Connie J. Brown Ohio County Commissioner yvonnewalton@hotmail.com 812-438-4624 The

Honorable Todd Walton Ohio County Commissioner twalton@cinergy.com The Honorable Shane Koons Ohio

County Commissioner 812-584-0378 The Honorable Connie Smith Ohio County Auditor ohioctyauditor1@earthlink.net 812-438-2062 CampshoreCampground 812-438-2135 (office) 812-290-5939 (cell) info@campshorecampground.com (via Indiana “Snapperfest” Is Turtle Torture: Pics, Videos, Links, News)