Miraculous Ladybug: Miraculous Hero Pin set.

FINALLY after tons of internal debate I have finalized the look for the hero pins! I took inspiration from the Miraculous themselves & the symbols inside the box.

NOTE: A side from Ladybug & Chat Noir, these are NON-OFFICIAL symbol designs for the pins.

I did do my best to match the simplicity & style of LB & CN and had to make color choices based on how well, they looked together. Although, I’m not against the fushia color in Hawk Month’s portion of the box, I went rather with the colder purple that is found on his suit. I just worked better with the rest of the pins.  

For those that are interested in buying, please look here: My Store

They will temporarily be ON Special price until December 1st. This is for the people that may have bought pins from me in the past and want to complete their collection with these new additions. They will go back to Regular Price after December 1st.


More Voltron bbys with them favourite/ spirit animals!!!

Inspiration taken from the Voltron test to see which Paladin you are: