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damn girl! You know how to spill the Tea 😂 I've been following all the reviews of the film and I have concluded that its the best of the fucking year and its going to win 1000 awards... but something that keeps popping everywhere its the damn peach scene and how weird/incredible was shot in the film, my question is that if you have already described this scene in detail in one of your past answers or if you could do it? for real, this part of the book had me chocking rip me lol

no idt i’ve really talked about it. it’s like.. really well done. it was one of these weird scenes where everyone in the theater is laughing and then goes quiet because they’re like wait… okay… that’s hot?? so elio is laying up in this ratchet ass turret tower that they have in their villa with a ton of old mattresses in it, where he’s already taken poor marzia to eat her out while looking at his watch waiting for oliver (god i hate elio so… much) and he’s chillin eating his peaches reading his book. and he’s just fiddling with the peach like “hey… this looks like a bum” and he run his thumb over the, idk, dimple of the peach i suppose it is, and he shoves his thumb into the top bit until he pushes through the flesh of the peach and is like, for all intents and purposes, fingering this poor peach

at first he’s casual about it but then he gets so into it that the peach starts to sort of come apart, and he sticks his other thumb into the hole and rips it open, pulls out the pit, sucks the meat off of the pit and throws it across the room. like at this point you can see the sort of mingled arousal/disgust/curiosity/submission on his face, he’s clearly going to do something awful to this poor peach and he hates himself for it but he’s so into it that he doesn’t care anymore. and he just slides it down his stomach (i’m like 95% sure he’s just in his swim trunks because he’s almost always just in his swim trunks) and slips it inside his trunks and just… gets to work. it probably lasts all of 30 seconds and the camera is trained on his upper third/face, so you see this sort of self-loathing expression melt into ecstasy and then he comes and is just like… ok idk what to do with this peach now… so he sort of delicately props it on this crate beside himself

then it cuts to oliver finding him up there and elio’s sort of napping. oliver meanders over and sits on the mattress beside elio and kisses his stomach (covered in peach juice) and starts to blow him. after a few moments he comes up and just goes “what did you do?” in a really playful voice, and elio starts to lose it, like he clearly becomes super uncomfortable. oliver sees the peach and starts to laugh (as does the audience), picks it up and elio is just like… unravelling. he tries to grab it away and oliver evades him, inspects this poor fucked peach, and they do the “i’m sick” - “i wish everyone was as sick as you” lines. oliver sticks his finger into the peach and tries to taste it and elio tries to grab it back again (”please don’t”) and oliver fights him off, enough that elio tells him he’s hurting him. oliver just goes “don’t struggle then” and elio collapses into his lap in what looks like surrender, and oliver assumes it is too, until you hear him start to sob. like he just loses it, crying hysterically, and the switch in oliver is so sweet and tender. elio tells him he doesn’t want him to leave and they kiss and oliver holds him while he cries, and it’s just one of those moments where you’re like “wow ok these two… really did it, they in love”

idk it’s like… really nice work by timmy, he has several scenes in the film where he’s supposed to be getting himself off and he’s just… lovely!! 10/10 great at masturbating on film. and obviously their interaction afterwards is super sweet and tender and sad, because it’s also the first time as a viewer you’re sort of introduced to the concept of their romance having an expiration date

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Despite her protests, Winston ordered Symmetra to place a anti-cat turret near Ganymede's nest

With the addition of this one (1) turret that is both non-lethal and literally only effective on cats, Bastion becomes too powerful and must be nerfed again.


I always imagined Symmetra’s turrets to have individual personalities and emotions. Or maybe she imagines that they have personalities and emotions… Either way, I get very sad when my turret children are destroyed, so I couldn’t resist drawing them. They’re hella cute, if I do say so myself.

okay so i’ve been thinking a lot about Portal!Villainous.

Black Hat’s hat turrets would probably look like this:

(i’m no engineer, so i really wouldn’t know if this thing works lol)

and 505 is Core #505. he’s a friend

i also realized a few… implications.

BH becomes a potato at some point.

and Core!Flug is placed in the chassis.

and… y’know.

Symmetra, like a normal fucking person: My turret has been destroyed.

Torbjorn:  M̶͕͙̜̦À̺͍̘͎̼̯ͅĮ̪̤͕͙̣̤́ͅ ̩T̵Ü̴̦͉̤̙̩R̷̫̫R̢̬͍̗̻̪̤ͅÉ̤͉̲̱ͅT̢̖