turret plushie

Who wants to hear a story? So a few years ago I went through a huge Portal phase and I got tons of merch, including a motion activated plushie turret that made gunfire sounds, talked like the turrets and had a glowing red light. Since Think Geek is notorious for short living batteries after about a week of owning I just assumed that the batteries were dead and just left it to live on top of the bookshelf at the foot of my bed. It just sat there, and I never switched it off because it was dead so what was the point? Well, a few months after I placed it on the shelf, as I was falling asleep at like 2 AM this thibg decided it wasn’t dead and fucking started glowing red, making gunfire sounds and started talking and I stg I thought I was gonna have a heart attack

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man tho how many people cosplayed as the overwatch heroes in the ovw world tho? like holy fuck can you imagine just. whole fucking conventions. loads of mercy's and morrison's and reinhardts. the weabs would be all over cosplaying genji. some of the lil boys and girls cosplaying torb with their own turret plushies. a few of the hardcore fans dressing up as gabe bc hes the true fucking mvp of the whole gang that should have become the official strike commander. get some badass anas in there too

but like even tho theyd be smaller, these conventions havent stopped even after ovw was shut down. and idk like??? can you imagine just?????? like reaper is in the area and hes in that Civilian Attire™ and someone thinks hes just doing a casual cosplay of gabe and theyre like ‘wooow thats a really convincing cosplay!! except ya do know that reyes had a shaved head instead of curls, riiiiiiiight? i mean you got p much everything else PERFECT so its just a bit strange man idk :/’

waIT NO i kno why reaper would be there hes desperate for info on the overwatch heroes and sort out the conspiracy losers to try and get some info and just, he just ends up trying to get away but keeps on being stopped by people gawking and complimenting him on his Awesome Cosplay and hes just so fucking fed up he wants to scream and reap but hes in fucking incognito and p much its a day thats literally worse then the fucking swiss explosion (especially when that came up like nothing else)

this is so fucking funny honestly, just people all dressed up as other overwatch heroes all together

he thinks hes seen jack once but it was just a good cosplayer. he thought reinhardt was running at him but no, another cosplayer asking for a photo with him