turret cosplay



i forgot to, uh, mention.
i was in french today, and we had to retake part of our midterm (because we all sucked at it /so/ badly lololol) and after it was over i decided i’d start doodling

and, uh

somehow the doodling turned into me, uh, planning out my turret cosplay. yeah.

i mean, legit, i was all sketching things out and figuring out how to do all this stuff and just… it was great. and then i did a more final doodle and then accidentally tossed out the other sketches when i threw away my soda can ;;
so now all i have is one sketch thing to work with.

after i’m done with this, uh, ‘studying’ that i’m doing, maybe i’ll sketch up my plans for this cosplay just to show what i have in my head. and for further reference for me. =o=