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nah, we were best friends for 4 years and we went to the road last night to "celebrate" our 16 months anniversary. The thing is... The whole driving there thing was my idea as always. There is NO romance. He is not romantic as he used to be. And I know that if he stopped loving me he'd tell. I dont know what to do anymore to encourage him to feel that "Aw man I want to surprise her with this" or something. Is it a good idea to make him feel like he is losing me (which he is)?

its not my place to say this or anything, but maybe you’re like, too close to be in a romantic relationship? i honestly dont know what to say though considering i’ve never had anything involving love and romance happen to me. and i really dont know but i wouldn’t do anything drastic. the best thing to do is be open with him and tell him how you feel about the relationship and that you think that you’re giving more than he is and that relationships should be a balanced thing with two people involved, not just one x

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I am thinking about entering riding. But I dont know much about it... can I ask for advice? including money

Of course you can!
I’d look up local barns in your area, call around and see who has time to take on a beginner and if they even do lessons. Decide if you want to learn western or english and later decide which dicipline you like better(eg: barrels, poles, reining, trails, ect or jumping, dressage, hunters, ect)  See which barn has the best rate and which is within a good distance from you. Once you find the place, get to know the instructor, watch a few lessons and get the feel of what you’ll be getting yourself into.

Riding requires dedication…do you have time to ride?

Riding also requires patience…if you don’t get it at first, are you willing to keep pushing forward till you do?

Your instructor will teach you everything from the ground up. How to catch the horse, tack up, what to do, what not to do and will start you slowly into riding. 

Money right now wouldn’t be terrible for you. All you have to pay for is a lesson or two a week which can range to maybe 100-200 a month. Later on in your future riding career is when it gets expensive but you dont have to worry about that for a while.

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Last night my boyfriend and I drove to the road and parked facing the full moon. I gave him a blowjob while we listened to Lana del Rey's Blue Jenas. I felt like it was something nice... but strangely I woke up today feeling like I dont love him anymore

maybe you just feel like you don’t want to get too attached because you’re afraid he’ll hurt you in some way. maybe you’re not ready to be with him until you trust him more. i dont know, i’ve never been in this position, but i hope i helped make the situation clearer for you x