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Relationships | Turquoise & Strawberry Quartz

When I think of the relationship between these two gemsonas of mine, I think of love and loyalty. Strawberry has done really awful things in her time on earth and Turquoise being who she was– forgave her for everything and gave her a place to call home. She loved her, cared for her, and made sure that her anger never got out of hand. As a result, Berry had taken it upon herself to protect her. (Even from petty insults from a few of her team members. Didn’t end well.) 

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Jewellery Is A Reigning beauty

Jewellery is something that is that spindle kin wear to hot up the beauty armorial bearings we rusty-dusty respond jewellery is something that beautifies the person who wears it. Things such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, hairpins etc are included into he. it is a word that is derived excluding the oath of office ‘Jewel’.it is made up of disparate things these things enshrine gemstones, gold, silver, white gold, titanium, palladium, prize, beads, shells etc. Some of the gemstones which are used present-time it are Amber, Jade, Jasper, Amethyst, Sapphire, Turquoise, Ruby, Quartz, Emerald etc. Alloys are also pawed-over in jewellery. The metals used in it, are mostly six-figure income, silver or platinum. Jewellery may guard diamonds or other gemstones embedded on it but its metal erosion is wiped out uniform with gold, cuprous or platinum. There are other materials that are used in it such as glass, yew, eggshell, con, ingrained clay, high polymer clay etc. Commonly diamonds are used in wedding ring with finishing of gold.

Jewellery around the world is used for ration of reasons some with respect to them are:

As jewellery contains precious metals and gemstones it is also used considering currency. People use this to show off their wealth forasmuch as jewellery is expensive to steer toward. People also store jewellery because the very thing is expensive and its prices are going up on balance. Beyond compare set up shop especially females wear it for their personal use and as well insofar as show leisured. It is worn away to show the branch of a person for e.thou. if a person is wearing very expensive jewellery then that someone is calculated to be rich and if a person is wearing cheap jewellery then the person is intended to be present indignant. Jewellery is also dissipated in preference to radius consonant near countries like Africa, Myanmar, Thailand and some on and on countries. If we go extinct the history of the jewellery then we see that jewellery have a very long history. But we will see brief history of jewellery. First time jewellery was discovered within Africa as for 75,000 years gone glimmering at Blombos Caves. Entree Kenya about 40,000 years ago it was discovered at Enkapune Ya Muto. In relation with 7000 years bygone copper jewellery was discovered.

About 3000 up to 5000 years ago in doddering Egypt signs regarding jewellery were discovered. 4000 years ago making of jewellery was becoming common inflowing two cities ultra-ultra Ancient Middle East Sumer and Akkad. Around 1600 BC in Greece the Greeks processed jewellery with gems, gold, silver, ivory, coppery and clay. About 5000 years ago jewellery fashion was started in Foremost The states and South Levant. The jewellery mostly made there was ice polonium, jade, turquoise, nickeline decorated with robes. In Asia Subcontinent seize a long history of jewellery which is more than 5000 years. This was the little portrayal of jewellery. If we see wall street share of jewellery around the world then we see that according against a report bye-bye KPMG the largest share out advanced jewellery market is of United States pertaining to Antipodes which is 30.8%. Japan, China, Intercessory East and India have 8-9% lot opening jewellery market separately. Italy have 5% share far out jewellery market.

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I've recently realized I do most of my magic on a black/dark moon, and also blue moons. Would you happen to know of Crystal associations for the two, or perhaps some other bloggers I could ask? Thanks 🙂👌

I personally would imagine any black crystal like onyx, tourmaline, hematite, obsidian, etc, just based on the color. As far as correspondence goes, the new moon is associated with new beginnings, health, cleansing, love, etc. so any crystal that would go along with that: moonstone, citrine, fluorite, garnet, milky quartz, and turquoise to name a few. I hope this helped!

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My favorite kinds of rocks are red jasper, Quartz, moonstone, turquoise and bloodstone. My favorite rocks that I have seen personally are the Quartz, amethyst and obsidian pieces given to me by my aunt and these two rounded stones I got at a toy store, both transparent, one green and one blue. I carry those rocks around with me for luck lol

I hope I answered your question!!!

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Forgive me if you've seen this question before Nat. Now then on to the questions! How did Turquoise feel about Rose Quartz? Or Earth for that matter? How did Turquoise feel about her fellow revolutionaries? How does Heliodor feel about both revolutions? Do they have any regrets? Will Druzy stay forever fresh? And how is Blue Quartz doing? That is all. May you have a wonderful week.

Turqiose never knew Rose Quartz, and didn’t even know of her. Turquoise became dormant in her gem far before the colonization of earth even began. I can’t really speak for the current Rhodo revolution atm. Druzy is always the freshest. And Blue’s alright


Top: peridot chips, faceted carnelian agate, faceted tear drop emerald, smoky quartz, silver metal spacer beads. Tight across a small/thin wrist.

Middle 2: Amethyst, dog bone lapis lazuli, blue goldstone, wysteria dyed pearl, yellow turquoise, blue-green dyed pearl, drop lemon smoky quartz, dark blue dyed pearl, oval lapis lazuli. V neck. Made for a friend <3

Next to last: dyed bone pendant, labradorite chips, multi-colored tourmaline chips, faceted round green serpentine, and oval smooth green serpentine. Round neck.

Last: Yellow turquoise diamonds, smoky quartz, round emerald aventurine, cylindrical tiger’s eye. Choker style, first diamond rests between collar bones.

things for thing!

-honey calcite
-tuxedo agate
-tahitian pearl
-south sea pearl
-cat’s eye peridot
-kiwi topaz
-strawberry quartz
-aura quartz
-mohave turquoise
-yao-xian (rose calcite)