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No Regrets

anonymous requested: Could you write for Archie with these 2 prompts: “No. Regrets.” and “You smell like a wet dog.” please? Thank you, have a nice day!

author’s note: my first Archie fic!!! and it’s for the loml, Archibald himself. this just made me happy, it was so fluffy and since Riverdale is so angst-filled rn I figured we needed some fluffy happy Archie. (this is kinda short, since there’s no real story arc, but it’s cute!!!!) Enjoy!

Archie Andrews x Reader

   The end-of-summer party had been Veronica’s idea, and since your house had a relatively large pool, it had been placed there. Betty, of course, had offered to have it somewhere else if you didn’t want to, but since your parents were going away for the weekend, you figured it couldn’t hurt. Besides, you’d barely seen your boyfriend, Archie, all summer, so a party might be a nice chance to catch up – although a lot of people might make it hard to have alone time.

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His eyes, color of the tropical ocean, green with a hint of turquoise and sand. Silently watching, studying his every move. Warm, loving looks every time he was nearby.

His eyes, color of the surface of the deepest ocean, blue so bright it competed with the sky. Always adoring him, always trusting and looking up to him.

Their eyes, black like the ocean by night, moonlight shining and sparkling on the waves of lust. Seeing only each other, holding one another in the tightest embrace. Breathing the same air, joining together, with love.


I’m gonna jump on this bandwagon, coz i’ve been seeing it more and more with the people i follow. Which no tagging necessary, I’d like to see more.

From Bizarre Circus, just a bit of progress that’s happened today. Obvious spoilers for anyone who hasn’t yet read it.

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A Painting

I watched the turquoise pastel
melt between your fingerpads;
how later you flayed

the waxen surface back
to the sunflower patch
of a forethought, your

instrument an upturned
brush, flaked to the grain –
the fusty sugar paper buckled.

You upended everything,
always careless of things:
finest sables splayed

under their own weight,
weeks forgotten – to emerge
gunged, from the silted

floor of a chemical jamjar.
I tidied, like a verger
or prefect, purging

with the stream from the oil-
fingered tap. Stop,
you said, printing

my elbow with a rusty index,
pointing past an ancient
meal’s craquelured dish

to the oyster-crust
at the edge of an unscraped palette –
chewy rainbow, blistered jewels.

To Belong To You - Jaspis Fic

My name is Grendel and I am gemshipping trash. Please note the tags for triggers. This is part one, part two to follow. This section is SFW and doesn’t actually feature any Jasper at all… that’s coming up soon though.

If you’re just going to hate, please don’t read it. Like, why would you do that to yourself if you dislike it anyway?

Anyway this is a pre-series fic speculating on the homeworld, how gems work, and how the earth was colonized. Lapis focused. If I get positive feedback you can expect to see this two part thing expand into a multi-chapter situation. So if you like it don’t be quiet.

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Summary: You are in high school and a really great artist. Jungkook is really fond of your work and ends up falling for you through your art.
Member: Jungkook X Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 1547 words

As an art student, I can go on and on about how art holds a special place in my heart. I believe that it’s something that’s ingrained in me and being able to put it in words was a dream come true. I wanted to make a narrative based on poetry alone but it took too much work so I just used the poetry I prepared here. This is a major fluff but enjoy!

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You have had always considered yourself to be very lucky. You heard the stories where people of your age were not only drowning in the responsibilities every time they turn a little older, they were also swarmed with questions posed by others. Questions that they too have no answer. You knew of the doubts that swam in their heads when they had too many options and sometimes when there were too little. Where the scariest questions started from ‘Could I really do this’ turning into ‘I can’t do this’.

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