turquoise typewriter

I’m living in a cabin near the lake. I wake up in my cozy bed naked and throw on an oversized sweater. I keep it a little chilly inside. I put my hair in a “fuck it” bun and throw my black framed glasses on. I throw on some socks with otters on them. I get up and make some hot coffee with pumpkin creamer. I give my golden retriever his morning kisses and feed him. I put on his bandana of the day and leash and take him outside. There’s a slight fog but the sun is hitting the leaves. The leaves crunch under my dog’s feet and he gets excited. I let him play. We go back inside where I take my pants off, prep a healthy meal and make sure to take all my medicine properly. I’m feeling better even if it’s not perfect. I sit down at my desk with my turquoise typewriter and continue working on my next novel. The air smells slightly of soft clean linens. Maybe I’m in love and he’s there with me. Maybe I’m alone. Either way I’m content. A concept. A goal.