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7/1/17                           Oak Treehopper  

Class Insecta (Insects)
Order Hemiptera (True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies)
Suborder Auchenorrhyncha (Free-living Hemipterans)
Superfamily Cicadoidea (Cicadas, Leafhoppers, and Treehoppers)
Family Membracidae (Treehoppers)
Subfamily Membracinae
Tribe Hoplophorionini
Genus Platycotis
Species vittata (Oak Treehopper)

Explanation of Names
Platycotis vittata (Fabricius 1803)
♀ 9-13 mm, ♂ 9-12 mm(1)
Grayish spotted with yellow, or turquoise with red stripes and red eyes. With or without a thorn-like horn.
This species may be easily distinguished from all our other species of membracids (except Umbonia and Lephopelta) by its very short posterior tarsi. It usually has a long compressed pronotal horn which varies greatly in length and may be entirely absent. The wing venation shows considerable variation. Green body color, mottled or speckled with orange. (Dozier 1920)
Hornless and horned variants:

Canada to Brazil(1)
Its Nearctic range is in a horseshoe shape, taking in the mid-Atlantic states, the southeastern states, the Deep South, Arizona, California, and Oregon. Present in some midwestern states such as Ohio, but lacking in the Plains states and Rockies.
Forests and forest edges, parks, and anywhere Oak trees are found. Occasionally found on other trees, but these individuals were probably just resting on those non-Oak trees.
In Central Texas, primarily Mar-May(2)
Fairly common on deciduous and evergreen oaks, Quercus spp.
Life Cycle
Hatching occurs in Spring in the South, and in late Spring in the North. Larva pass through five instars, and adults and larva form aggregations along oak twigs of up to 100 individuals. Females seem to exhibit protective behavior, keeping predators away from the young.

Does almost no damage to the host trees—leaves only a few twig scars from oviposition.
There are four named varieties and several other color variations, and some individuals lack the pronotal horn.
See Also
P. minax is a smaller, pale yellow species which is found in California on oak. (Dozier 1920)

Umbonia crassicornis - so. FL & so. TX, on ornamental and fruit trees

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The original flag included all races, nationalities, and religions. It was universal. It is so ridiculous and offensive to the creator who just died to erase such a pivotal symbol of the LGBT community. Please read up on the history behind its colors and it's deeper meaning. From a lesbian in her 40s, PLEASE don't contribute to this generations disregard for those who fought for LGBT rights.

To be honest, I don’t see how adding the black and brown stripes in an effort to highlight the contributions and presence of POC in the LGBTQ community is disregarding those who fought for our rights. After all, many of those who fought for our rights were people of color—black trans women were at the forefront of the Stonewall riots. Yes, people of color have always been part of the community but are still erased from its history and even discriminated against. Also, adding these stripes is hardly different from other subgroups of the community making their own flags, like the trans flag or the bisexual flag. The rainbow flag still exists, but this particular version of the rainbow flag is meant to honor people of color in the community. If this new flag makes queer people of color feel more welcome, I think that’s a great thing.

I am aware of the history of the pride flag. In fact, I know that the 6-colored rainbow pride flag isn’t even Gilbert Baker’s original design. The original design included pink and turquoise stripes. If we really wanted to preserve his pivotal symbol, wouldn’t we be using his original 8-colored flag? Or maybe we should just go back to only using the pink triangle symbol if we wanted to be even more historically accurate.

Symbols change all the time to more accurately represent their people. The U.S. flag, for example, originally contained 13 stars to represent the 13 colonies, but as each state was added, stars were added to the flag to symbolize them. Even with those additions, the flag is still recognizable as the U.S. flag, just like how the POC-inclusive flag is still recognizable as a rainbow flag. Besides, the “original” pride flag likely won’t be going anywhere any time soon. I’m not going to get rid of my 6-striped flag or consider it an illegitimate flag. That would just be silly. What I will do, though, is make more of an effort to be more inclusive and respectful toward queer people of color, which is what this new flag is really about.

SVT - Click a Prince: Jeonghan (Ending)

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Series: Click a Prince (intro

Member/s: OT13 - Jeonghan x Reader 

Words: 731

A small breeze came through the open doors to the throne room, where a long line of subjects waited, hoping that they could seek council. Even if you couldn’t come up with a piece of advice that would suit their problems, they gave you time, space, a suffocation to allow you to think about them more and more.

And then, if your advice didn’t go the way it should have, they were capable of blaming you.

Your smile was tense and forced, though you hoped that they wouldn’t be able to tell, or maybe you did want them to know, you weren’t fully sure yet. It’s not like you didn’t want to help them, it’s only that your advisory council, they were supposed to be here for this - instead of you.

“A man keeps coming to my farm, and taking my cattle. When I try to reprimand him, he denies it - he’s even abused them - shaved off the skin of their hide so that my brand won’t be there.” A red faced farmer, angrily spoke, his spit flying to hit your face.

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Pretty little work space. Inspired by the charm of this home office, we loved the infusion of color on the table top, crystal chandelier for sparkle and pattern on the walls. Adding the practical shelving to this L-shaped desk acts not only as a display for personal photos but keeps must have items tucked away and organized in storage boxes. Smart use of otherwise not so functional storage space.

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CASUAL APPEARANCE: He has short black hair, the bangs of his hair separating, covering a little bit of the sides of his eyes, and he seemed to have midnight blue eyes (He wears black eye contacts for work). He wears a white t-shirt, with a text on it, saying. “THE OCEAN MADE ME SALTY”, while he also wore a turquoise and white striped un-zipped hoodie, the sleeves of the rolled up to his elbows, and he also wore dark blue ripped jeans, and black sneakers.

WORK APPEARANCE: He now had black devil horns on the top of his head (They’re actually fake, they’re remove-able). While he also wore a tuxedo suit, but he wore a white bow-tie, and when the tuxedo jacket is removed. He wore a buttoned white sleeve shirt, with black on the bottom of the shirt. He also wore black tap-dancing shoes, along with white gloves.

2003 APPEARANCE: He seemed to have long light brown hair, reaching the back of his chest, and his hair was tied in a low pony-tail, and still had his midnight blue eyes. He wore his tuxedo suit, but the bow-tie was black, while he wore white tap-dancing shoes.


CASUAL APPEARANCE: He has long black hair, reaching the lower back of his chest, along with light hazel eyes, and he seemed to have freckles on his cheeks, over his nose, sides of neck, shoulders, arms, hands, collar bone, chest, stomach, thighs, legs, knees, feet, and back. His hair was put in a braid as well. He wears a black t-shirt, but with a silhouette of a Wolf’s head, printed on the shirt, and the eyes of the Wolf-Silhouette were black. There’s a text on the bottom of the silhouette, saying. “THE WOLF”, while he also wore light blue jeans, and gray sneakers.

WORK APPEARANCE: He now had black wolf-ears on the top of his head, along with a black wolf-tail (They’re actually fake, they’re remove-able). He wears a buttoned black sleeve shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, while he wore white pants, with white straps connected on the top of the pants, the straps resting on his shoulders. He also wore white gloves, and black boots, with a black lock on the top of the boots.

2003 APPEARANCE: His hair was now short, and his hair was now light blonde. He wears a tuxedo suit, but with a black bow-tie, along with white gloves. He also wore black tap-dancing shoes.


CASUAL APPEARANCE: She has long black hair, reaching her waist, along with dark brown eyes, but she seemed to have a mole under her right eye. She wears a white tank-top, with a text on it, saying. “ANGEL OFF DUTY” While she wore an un-zipped black and white flannel hoodie, blue jeans, and grey sneakers. The sleeves of the flannel hoodie were rolled up to her elbows as well. And half of her hair was put in a braid, while the rest of her hair rested on the back of her waist.

WORK APPEARANCE: Her hair was now curly, while she wore black eye-shadow, and black-lipstick, and she had white horns on the top of her head, along with a golden angel halo on the top of her head (They’re actually fake, they’re remove-able). She wore a black dress, with no straps resting on her shoulders, and there was a white bow-tie on top chest part of the dress. She also wore black gloves, reaching the top of her arms, but there was white on the bottom of the gloves, and there was white on the bottom of her dress. She also wore white lace high-thigh stockings, along with black high-heels, with small white bows on the high-heels.

2003 APPEARANCE: She has short black hair, reaching the back of her neck, while half of her hair was put in a small ponytail, the rest of her hair resting on the back of her neck, and her bangs were covering her forehead. The bottom of her hair was curly as well. She wore a black dress, reaching her knees, while there was black straps resting on her shoulders, and the white bow-tie was still on the dress, but she also had a large white bow wrapped around her waist on the dress, the bow behind her back. She wore black lace stockings, along with white high-heels. She also wore white gloves, reaching her elbows.