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Abyss team 1 Abyss!sans the EVOLUTION within

Spoiler alert, so you know that Eve (Abyss!sans’s mother) is not a Human, nor a Monster. So that make Abyss!sans half monster Skeleton and half unknown entity. his eyes have one  turquois on the right and one white blue on the left. He use a magic spell to cover his truth colors eyes to just like the left. The reason? found out in the comic in the chapter 1 remake.

Abyss team

Abyss!sans here







Abyss!sans (me) metakazkz

sans undertale  toby fox

artwork by me metakazkz

Abysstale secret  part 1

Hi guys. it appear that no one found the secret of turquois soul Evolution yet. I give you a another clues about this dialog will be used for the comic Abysstale. of which scene. it will be random.

Clue number 1 : “ Abyss Gaster : the Abyss Entry number X , I discover we’re aren’t  the only one living in the universes call ” Alternate Universes. “ It’s where we have a different version of ourselves  like a parallel world. I’ll observe they Aus for long time. None of them have the turquoise soul similar to ours. Guess where’re the only Au possesses this extraordinary power. 

Clue number 2 : ???: Why do you choose them over us. You know we have goal. Your one of  the highest  evolutionary chains. Yet you didn’t listen to us… Those inferiors being could never understand what we feels. They saw us as threat because we are the massager of change, benevolent or malevolent  no one can the escape change. Those fool thing they can always living like this forever. Nothing can last forever.

Clue Number 3 : Gaster (Othertale ) Talking to Color. :  …Abyss power is quite complicated, after he gain the second orb. The power of the abyss is getting replace by a new power slowly. Abyss is aware of this awaken power. But something  do bothers me. I know it sound odd, between the power of the abyss and the strange turquoise color on his soul. Which one is his truth power? But why. it like this thing is protecting him but what reason…


I wanted to drawing another epic pic of characters vs.

You can see White’s Soul is the turquoise soul. the same turquoise soul that was been motioned on Abysstale comic. But Wait, you may Ask.
“ This weapon she use is very similar to Eve’s on Abysstale prologue? Is she the same person? ” Welp,  I can’t saying much.

White and EVOLUTION soul (me) metakazkz

Betty and the FEAR soul  @camilaart

Artwork by me metakazkz


Age: 12

SOUL color: Turquoise (Patience)

Physical Description: Long, wavy brown hair with lighter brown highlights, that is tied back with an old (light purple) ribbon; olive colored skin with bright blue eyes; normally wears a casual navy blue (tank top) skater dress paired with white flats.

Personality: Loves to learn and is very curious; hardworking, but will stop to take care of herself or others; will probably become a teacher when she’s older; a follower, not a leader; very modest; has a quiet voice and doesn’t speak much, but she has big ideas and understands concepts easily

How they fell: She was scared by an attacker, and ran for the mountain. The attacker was trying to harass her, and so she took the toy knife and fled, accidentally falling down into the Underground when she turned around to look at him while running.

Rose will be the main character in my short story about HOPEtale! I’ve already completed the chapter summaries (so I know everything that’s going to happen :3), and I’m super excited to start writing and develop the rest of the characters! 

dragonlover1128  asked:

So when he says, "None of them have the turquoise soul similar to ours" it could possibly mean that the soul is giving them the ability to change fate. Then in clue 2 the person speaking KNOW that they are messengers of change.Or the REASON for that change. Their goal is for EVOLUTION to happen. Then Clue 3 Gaster says, "But why is it like this thing is protecting him but what reason..." (2/3?) ~Dragon

every Aus or universe have it's unique ability on each sector 

Xtale have Overwrite.

Abysstale have Evolution.

Ink is the Guardians of the Aus

Error is the destroyer of Aus.

Dream represent hopes, dreams and positive feeling.

Nightmare represent fear, pain and negative feeling.

The abyss represent the people subconscious good or bad.

Every Au or universe have it’s role to play in order to keep the balance stable.

anonymous asked:

Question what kind of soul abyss have? (I dont even know what happened that error grab abyss soul)


The turquoise soul color Evolution. The power of few Monsters have the ability to transform when they about to die. The turquoise color represent EVOLUTION, the power to evolve. But it’s only a small part of it. there’s a few clues in certain pages of Abysstale that is right front of  your face.

if you want me to reveal the other secret info about turquois soul. * not the major * the clues is in the chapter 1 remake. * if someone discover the clues or theory. I’ll reveal the second info about this strange soul.

labeautepourlabeaute  asked:

Hi do you know of any indigenous makeup artists or people who showcase makeup on indigenous people? thanks :)

Definitely check out:

  • Kamamak Cosmetics: Native-owned cosmetic brand available in the US & Canada; she posts looks with her products several times a week.
  • Ojibwe Cosmetics: An Ojibwe-owned cosmetics company run by a MUA, has amaaazing options for lipsticks!
  • Turquoise Soul: Ojibwe MUA, jewelry designer, & stylist
  • Bluebird Pinups: Native (mostly Southwest/Navajo) 50s-style pinup girls
  • Native Max Magazine has a beauty section
  • makeuptammy: Squamish MUA who posts beautiful looks on her IG

hope that helps! :)


What About the Love of my Life (Part 2)

Part One

Michael stared at you, as you stood bathed in the early morning glow of the beautiful L.A. sun. With each moment that passed he tried to force his thoughts to subside so he could focus enough of his mind on actually trying to talk to you. Your sleeve was still rolled up your forearm, still displaying your pink and turquoise soul stream, still reminding him you were destined for his best friend. He scanned his eyes desperately over you as he thought. You were the most beautiful person he had ever laid eyes on. The way your hair fell against your face. The way you held yourself so delicately but so confidently, the way you dressed, accentuating every single one of your stunning features. He couldn’t help but be enticed by you. Michael’s mind raced in time with the speeding beat of his heart. After Ashton’s breakdown yesterday Michael wasn’t sure that he was ready to meet you. But here you stood, on their doorstep, matching soul stream decorating your beautiful skin and there was nothing Michael could do now. He contemplated asking you to come back later but dismissed the thought when he decided it was not his place to send you away. Whether Michael liked it or not this wasn’t his decision to make. It was not his love to meddle in. Blinking quickly he dropped his once tense shoulders down and stuttered at you.

“Eh, wait here please.” He squeaked unsure of his next move. He quickly scuttled back into the house to wake Ashton. He paced through the long hallway eventually arriving in the salami-scented living room. The smell of teen boys burned his nose as he tiptoed over the sleeping bodies of his band mates. Leaning down next to him, Michael placed a shaky hand on Ashton’s shirtless shoulder, lightly rocking him. Ashton squirmed beneath Michael’s touch and an agitated moan fell from his lips. His eyebrows knitted in irritancy as Michael attempted to pull him from his slumber.

“Ashton? There’s… Erm… There’s someone here for you.” He whispered to avoid waking the other boys but still trying to stress the importance of the situation. Rolling over to face away from Michael and thus hopefully ending the encounter Ashton replied.

“Tell them to come back later.” He yawned, yanking his cover up over his bare chest.

“I really don’t think you want to make them wait.” Michael pressed with a serious tone. Ashton grunted a few times and snuggled himself into the covers even more. Michael toyed with the idea of just telling you Ashton didn’t want to see you and then insisting you go for coffee with him instead. It was a scandalous thought, with too many holes in it to ever work out but for a brief moment he was caught off guard by the possibility. He forced himself to ignore it. He took Ashton’s blanket from around his shoulder and threw it from his torso, startling Ash. He pulled himself up frantically so he could confront Michael. He turned to Michael, his eyes full of question and anger. However when they met Michael’s stern gaze his face immediately fell. Michael then rested his.

“Y/N is waiting at the door for you.” He said before standing back up and exiting to the kitchen. He wanted to be as far away from the ensuing conversation as he possibly could be. Ashton lifted his fatigued body from the floor and trudged sleepily towards the door. Stumbling a little he fell into the doorway peering through his sleepy hooded eyes. You stared back at him startled but no less confident than when you arrived. It didn’t even take a moment for Ashton’s demeanour to perk right up; as soon as his eyes landed on you he straightened his spine in order to appear less dishevelled. He ran a hand slickly through his hair to compose himself before nervously brushing his sweaty palms over the soft material of his sweat pants.

“Erm hello!” He shouted at you as if you weren’t standing a mere two paces from him. Giggling at the effect you had on him before he even knew you were destined for him, you took a step in to close the gap between you as you responded.

“Hello Ashton.” Then a moment of panic struck you as you realised he had the exact same effect on you, as you on him. You felt your palms dampen and your chest tighten as your eyes lowered to dance across his bare chest. It was also in this moment that you realised you had forgotten ever thing you had scripted out for yourself on the journey over. Your mind was drawing a blank. Your mouth grew dry after it had hung open for a few seconds. The time ticked by before you became aware of the length of time you had been caught up in each other. Ashton was the one to break the silence.

“So… You’re Y/N then. What can I help you with Y/N?” He appeared to be far less nervous now with a cheeky tone ringing in his words. You smiled up at him and miraculously found the confidence to interact again. You stumbled over your words for a few moments, having some trouble trying to phrase things for him. You sighed, giving up and pulling your sleeve upwards to reveal your soul stream to him. You lifted your hand delicately and slowly rolled your sleeve over itself once, then twice, then a third time. Between each you flickered your eyed up to Ashton to monitor his reaction. You could see he was beginning to piece the pieces together but you could also tell he was waiting to find out without a shadow of a doubt that you were the one he was linked to. When your soul stream was finally fully revealed you dropped your hand forcibly and left the other suspended in mid air for Ashton’s inspection. His eyes had widened in anticipation and now that the mark was entirely visible he simply stared at your wrist with intent. After a moment he moved into you, lifting his own wrist to lay it gently adjacent to your own. You both stared down at the matching galaxies on your wrists. When placed together they almost seemed to move with life and love and knowledge. You rested your arm against his in the first act of contact you shared. You reached your eyes up slowly to look at him. He was still staring down at your matching soul streams in awe. You took this moment to enjoy being this close to him. You had always wondered if the soul streams were even right, you wondered how they could possibly know who was the perfect match for you but as you stood there staring up at this Beautiful blond boy you knew the streams were right. A smile spread across your face in an involuntary action. Ashton turned his head to catch your expression as his face soon mirrored yours.

“Hi.” He laughed.

“Hi.” you laughed back.

“Do you want to come inside? I just have to get read and then we can go get to know each other?” He asked softly.

Once inside the large L.A. home you took a seat on the sofa. The other boys had vacated the room during your conversation with Ashton and the only person still on the ground floor was Michael. He paced around the kitchen in order to occupy himself, prevent himself from engaging with you. He knew he was attracted to you and the last thing he wanted was to allow himself to become invested in you. What could he possibly do? There was no avoiding you know. You were Ashton’s. You were inevitably a part of his life now. He was going to get to know you, he was going to be your friend whether he liked it or not. Eventually he gave in and slowly entered the living room. You were weakly tracing your eyes over various elements in the room, absorbing your surroundings curiously. Your eyes rested on his figure as he politely stepped into view. You smiled at him encouragingly.

“I assume that’s your x-box then?” You engaged him. His eyes followed yours to the T.V. set and accompanying x-box set up in the corner of the room. Smiling bashfully and rocking himself nervously on his heels he told you yes, that was indeed his x-box.

“Do you want to play something while I wait for Ashton?” You suggested, eagerly trying to disperse the tension between you. Michael smiled widely at your proposal before securing you both a controller and turning on the x-box. The game that was currently inserted into the console was one of your favourites and you taunted him by telling him you were really good at this and that he should be prepared to loose. He scoffed at your remark, dramatically throwing his head back in laughter.

You had lost track of time by the time Ashton had descended the stairs. You and Michael had been playing for a while. It had only taken minutes to get used to his presence. The once awkward air had been replaced with a calm and comfortable mood instead. You were currently beating him and he was using any projectile possible to throw you off your game. The two of you were giggling aloud and had managed to sprawl yourselves comfortably across the same sofa. Ashton came jogging down the stairs to collect you, his curls bouncing in reaction to his abundance of energy. He was dressed head to toe in black and it was obvious he had taken a shower. You could lightly smell his aftershave as it wafted through the living space. Michael’s face sank as he watched your eyes light up when you saw Ashton. How was he meant to compete with the love of your life? He just couldn’t do it. His heart sunk into an aching and throbbing pain. He didn’t know how he’d fallen for you quite so quickly but he felt something different around you. He felt comfortable, he felt reassured, and he felt accepted and free. But you weren’t his to love, you were Ashton’s. He dropped the controller limply by his side before excusing himself. You watched as Michael trudged from the room, your eyes fell to the floor as something in your heart tugged when you processed his defeated posture. You quickly brushed it aside and turned your attention back towards your soul mate as he pulled on his shoes and grabbed his keys. He turned towards you, excitement filling his gorgeous hazel eyes.

“Y/N, do you want to go on a date with me?” His face then began to twist with the results of his own humour as a smile forced his cheeks up towards his eyes. You smiled back at him, accepting his offer and following him out of the house.

It had been about a half hour since you and Ashton had departed from the house and Michael was lying disheartened on the couch. His head running with thoughts he knew, shouldn’t have so much as, crossed his mind in the first place. He was no longer watching the television but instead his thoughts occupied his whole being. He stared absentmindedly into the distance. He was thinking about your subtle nuances. The way you bounced your foot off the floor in excitement when the game got tense. The way your giggle trickled from your throat when he said something funny. He thought about every detail of you that you had fed him so far. That’s when he felt it, the intense and slightly nauseating sensation of his soul stream. All at once his body was overcome with the intense emotions. He thought he would know how to deal with the sensation after watching Ashton undergo it. However nothing prepares you for the ripples of tingling and pulses of unease that erupt through you when it happens. He was caught of guard entirely, emitting only a struggled gasp before he wrapped his hand around his wrist tightly to dampen the sensation. Michael’s panicked attempt at calming his soul stream failed however and following another minute of enduring every emotion his life has in store for him, he could finally relax his muscles and breath steadily again. He still had his eyes scrunched shut as he panted in several shaky breaths. Once his eyes were again open he tentatively removed his fingers from around his wrist to rest his eyes on his own soul stream. His heart jumped in his chest and for a moment he forgot to breath as he stared emotionless at his soul stream. For there, on his wrist, in all its beautiful glory, was the very same turquoise and light pink galaxy that adorned your wrist. It sparkled with life and love. A beautiful homage to the beautiful person he had fallen for that very morning. It twinkled at him as if its rightful place was tucked under his skin. Yet it was a window to the soul he not only shared with you but also with his best friend.