turquoise rage 2k13

i have loads of work to do, yet i’m feeling both lazy and sick. things are getting better, though. i celebrated march 8th attending some lectures on feminism, went to an art museum today, and will turn 19 in just four days. all i want is a life without parties. want you as one.

  • for once in my life, the last pair was actually my size. these shoes cost 140€ and i got them for 40 bucks.
  • i had wanted this heavyweight book for ages (i’m serious, i can barely lift it). it’s nothing new, but it’s still fucking sweet. and yes, i got it for free.
  • money. frugality. this is actually new to me. but it means as soon as i’ve put all my ideas together, i’ll be able to afford another tattoo.
  • still depressed, though.

I have long, skinny fingers (creepy pale hands, yeah), yet my hands somehow manage to look chubby in every picture. Statistics say I am part of the 2% that watches porn in my class and it feels weird. I want to buy records but I want to save money as well. Morrissey is not my friend. None of my friends likes mewithoutYou. The only thing I’m learning at Law School is Philosophy. I don’t have a boyfriend who will bring me breakfast to bed. I don’t have a boyfriend. My cat can open doors now, which makes her much more productive than I’ll ever be. #problems #isitenoughofanexcusetoeatcake