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No Regrets

anonymous requested: Could you write for Archie with these 2 prompts: “No. Regrets.” and “You smell like a wet dog.” please? Thank you, have a nice day!

author’s note: my first Archie fic!!! and it’s for the loml, Archibald himself. this just made me happy, it was so fluffy and since Riverdale is so angst-filled rn I figured we needed some fluffy happy Archie. (this is kinda short, since there’s no real story arc, but it’s cute!!!!) Enjoy!

Archie Andrews x Reader

   The end-of-summer party had been Veronica’s idea, and since your house had a relatively large pool, it had been placed there. Betty, of course, had offered to have it somewhere else if you didn’t want to, but since your parents were going away for the weekend, you figured it couldn’t hurt. Besides, you’d barely seen your boyfriend, Archie, all summer, so a party might be a nice chance to catch up – although a lot of people might make it hard to have alone time.

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