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BTS reaction to their S/O debut as a Victoria secret model during the VS fashion show


You strutted down the runway -swaying your hips from side to side- as your perfectly fitted lingerie exaggerated every curve in your body. You glanced down at your boyfriend who was sitting there with some of the other boys. It soon became apparent to you that he couldn’t hold in his smile. Jin just sat there smiling at you, wondering how he ended up with someone so perfect.

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Yoongi stared at you from his front row seat, making sure to never keep his eyes off you. Seeing you in a red lacy piece of underwear, with two black wings strapped to your back really got him excited. However, replacing his lust filled eyes, a sense of pride took over his body, as he knew how much this meant to you.

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A twang of jealousy hit Namjoon’s heart once he saw you walk out on stage, barely covering anything, whilst cameras flashed like crazy at the appearance of the newest Victoria Secret angel. But that feeling once died down as you looked him in the eyes and winked, all he could do in response in smile fondly at you.

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J-hope could feel nothing but absolute pride when you walked out in a Turquoise piece of lingerie, he knew that this was your biggest goal in life and you had dreamed of today ever since you found out about it. He clapped loudly and took pictures of his own, to treasure this day forever.

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Tae would be mostly disinterested with the show… until you walked out. You wore a black, skimpy set of underwear with a Victoria Secret robe on top, It took his breath away. He knew how hard you have worked to get to the place you are in and decides to screenshot this moment, probably to show off the the other boys.

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Throughout the show Jimin was blushing at every other model, not knowing where to put his eyes, in case he hurt your feeling. But once you walked out he stared straight at you, and made sure that he locked eyes with you, becoming a giggling mess the second you stepped off stage.

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You practically had to drag Jungkook to your show, begging him to come with you, you already knew he would be too shy but you didn’t want to go alone. Once you had to walk down the runway, his eyes were locked onto you, hoping you don’t trip. Once you came to the end of the runway and posed for pictures, he’d make a silly face at you, making you blush and giggle.

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Agent Provocateur Part 2

More discontinued pieces from SS/AW2013 and Molly from AW14. 

The fabric used for Molly is hand-dyed silk, which meant that it was an extremely limited make. They now carry it in three other colour-ways (the black/pink made it into the Classics range and has the original suspender design!!)

Gloria and Fifi are also stocked in the Classics range in black <3