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Yesterday’s Enterprise - 3.15

Now, you might be thinking, “haven’t you all done this one already?” And you would be right, TECHNICALLY we have “done” this one. But that post is from SEVEN YEARS AGO and it is QUITE UNDERWHELMING. It’s literally like the second post we ever did. So upon the recommendation of Friend of the Blog Grace M., I’m revisiting this one. 

It starts with a charming scene between Guinan and Worf in which Guinan is wearing one of her signature “teardrop” hats:

What’s the likelihood that there is a nail polish called Aubergine-ius out there somewhere

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Harrison "Harry" Wells x Reader Stolen Clothes

Imagine always wearing Harry’s clothes…

Day after day you’d be in the Cortex early in the morning with a really big black sweater or cardigan on top going along with spandex shorty-shorts or leggings. Barry didn’t feel comfortable with your choice of clothes, being older than you by a couple of minutes. What can he say? He needs to protect his little twin sister from danger.

Today was no different. Today you wore a turquoise tanktop with leggings, and of course a big black cardigan. Barry and Cisco talked it over saying that it’s not his or Cisco’s. Maybe Jay? No, he’s too infatuated with Caitlin. Wally? He’s too young for you. And you certainly did not have a boyfriend at the moment.

So who’s clothes could they belong to?

Caitlin suggested that it might be Harry’s, but they shook their heads at the suggestion. Harry was too focused on Zoom to care about anyone at the moment.

So Barry took matters into his own hands. He was going to get to the bottom of this case. So he decided to follow you the next day. Sacrificing his sleep time on his day off.

You got up at around 6:30 am to visit the Lab and a certain someone. Smiling to yourself, you got dressed in black jeans and a white tank top. Getting into your car, you were unaware of a pair of green eyes watching you leave and head to the lab. Barry was puzzled, you didn’t have a man’s sweater or cardigan on today. He sped to the lab quietly after you arrived and headed towards the Cortex.

Barry didn’t enter the Cortex, watching you from the shadows. He saw you go up to Harry and hug him. Harry then took off his black sweater and handed it to you, leaving the older man in a gray long sleeve shirt. Barry’s jaw dropped. What the heck? You’ve been seeing Harry?! Of all people?! The speedster continued to watch you two interact exchanging hugs and soft kisses. Harry was different around you, he was more calm and welcoming. Barry spotted a hint of adoration from the man’s action. The scientist handled you with care and kindness. Barry smiled at the pair. They’d fess up about their relationship when they’re ready. But for now he was content that you were with someone who treated you with love.

He left the couple to have their moment before the rest of the team came in.


Just a little Doumeki/Yashiro mermaid AU ficlet that is completely based on @flabbergastedboatwoman‘s amazing fanart. Of course it is dedicated to her because she’s super-talented and gives me saezuru feels.

Doumeki woke up to the sound of the ocean and the squawk of seagulls. One side of his face was planted in sand and his head felt like it was full of rocks, the noise assaulting him. Pushing up into a sitting position he dizzily wiped the grit from his cheek, squinting into the sun as water lapped at his sodden legs. 

How did he get here? The last thing he remembered was the storm, how fast it turned the world dark, faster than the crew could ready the ship. Blinded by wind and rain he’d been knocked overboard at some point, his sister’s face the last thing on his mind as he went under, swallowing too much water. 

Something touched him and he jumped, eyes going wide as it settled across his legs. 

He’d heard the tales; long nights on deck with nothing but whiskey and the ocean had loosened sailors’ tongues and sometimes they spoke in hushed tones of sirens and mermen, as if even mentioning their existence could bring about doom. Doumeki doubted the doom part because the merman in his lap was stunningly beautiful and something so lovely could not bring catastrophe. 

He should have been afraid but instead he was captivated. 

It was close, so close that Doumeki could see streaks of grey and green in its hazel eyes, could smell the salt on its pale glistening skin. Entranced, he tried to capture every bit of motion, from the distractingly lazy smile to the toss of sunlit hair to the deft long-fingered hands that clung to his thighs. A shimmering turquoise tail fluttered where legs should be, an enticing roll of muscle that curled up at the end, mirroring the merman’s interest, and by the expression on its face, it was very interested. 

Doumeki took in a sharp breath as one of those sensuous hands slid down to cup his cock, molding it through his soaked pants. 

“You washed up on the wrong shore, cute sailor,” its voice was like drops of music, ripples on a pond, and as Doumeki’s heart lurched, his soul unwinding and reaching for the creature, he knew. 

He knew that even though he’d survived the storm and the sea, he would never survive this.

anonymous asked:

"How recent is this? I will say, the fact that she has access to any of these items is more terrifying than the outcome. That droopy black eye? Maybe that’s the thing with Britt, she just doesn’t get how to pull things together?"- Its from yesterday/last night at Knott's Scary Farm. She got the face painting done there earlier (in a tshirt and pony tail) and then got changed and went to the "carpet" in THAT look (w turquoise leg warmers and a hoodie over a puffy skirt and tank ugh)

Anonymous said to bhadpodcast:Britt was at the Knott’s Scary Farm Opening & Instagram Celebrity Night, last night (9/29). The other red carpet photos of her are even funnier bc she had to pose with witches & dressed up characters lol. What’s funny is she seems to be the only celebrity kinda in halloween garb? The rest look normal. idk if she was there with anyone. The big fun thing they do is a spooky maze. The other celebs are the most random group tho

Oh!  So she really was just throwing stuff together.  Still, I feel like she just half@ssed it.  Like go full cray or stay home, lol!