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As The Seasons Change (we do, too)

Summary: Spring turns to summer and Mike falls out of love. Summer turns to autumn and he falls right back in—but it’s with the wrong person. Three years later, autumn turns to winter and he knows that everything is different.
Pairings: Will/Mike, past Mike/El
Notes: It’s post-season 2, about 4,300 words, with a healthy dose of Will & Max and Mike & El friendship on the side

So this is dedicated to Mishi @biwheelers​ because she’s amazing and a byeler shipper and so many of my ideas are from conversations with her and I couldn’t be more grateful! (Read her writing, too, because it’s awesome!)

This is posted on Ao3 here as well as written out below the cut. Enjoy!

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Harry just wants to record a special moment with Y/N

“I think it’s cute that you got a polaroid camera. It’s a cute color too. Why’d you get it?” Y/N laughed as Harry handed her the small turquoise camera. He shrugged and smiled pulling his sunglasses up onto the top of his head. He had just gotten back to his temporary home-aka Y/N’s house- after going out shopping.

“I just like them and I wanted to have a few of you so i can keep them with me while i’m gone a bit on tour,” he smiled sweetly watching her look at the soft camera. She smiled widely and stretched her legs out in front of her as she laid on the bed. Butterflies filled her belly at Harry’s cute confession as she raised the camera to her face and looked around finding something aesthetically pleasing to photograph. Her eyes landed on the small corner where Harry had his acoustic guitar and a few CDs of different classic rock bands. She snapped a photo and waited for the little photo to slide out. Sliding the film under her pillow, she leaned back against the wall after handing the camera back to Harry.

“Anyway,” He said taking the camera from her and setting it by the bedside table. He began crawling onto the bed, his tattoo covered arms flexed with each crawl he took towards her. She smiled and bit her lip knowing full well what he was doing. “How ‘bout you 'n me make some memories?” His nose gently brushed over hers and she giggled slightly. They already had made plenty of memories, but Millie was willing to make another one.

“Some, midnight memories?” She teased making Harry role his eyes and lay his body over hers. He smirked and kissed the crook of Y/N’s neck, “oh shut it,” and she certainly did when he planted his lips onto hers giving her that sweet taste of him. He tasted like her mint chapstick. She pulled back and put her hands on his cheeks, “did you take my chapstick again?” She laughed. He gave her that smug smirk and lowered his eyes back to her lips-wishing that the only thing he could hear from that pretty mouth were her moans-and other places around her face that he wanted to just smother in kisses, his pupils dilated.

“Does it matter that I did?” He asked with a low voice. Y/N shook her head and kissed him again, he breathed heavily through his nose and their lips began to move more rapidly.

“Just curious,” she gasped when his lips trailed down her chin and to her neck. He suckled the skin, pinching his teeth between it and Y/N cringed letting out a small moan. She said his name with a quiet gasp and his hips pushed firmly against hers possessively, he ground himself against her till she started to feel him getting harder. With her eyes closed, she smiled thinking of all the things they could do right now. She opened them back up, looking at his shirt fall off his chest, only two buttons of his shirt were fixed showing her Harry’s tattoos over his torso. She placed her finger tips gently at the swallows and gently ran them down to the butterfly. She felt Harry’s skin rise with goosebumps underneath her fingers and she smiled for what seems like the hundredth time, hooking her finger on his buttons and undoing them. Harry’s eyes stared into hers, they looked at each other as she grabbed the collar of his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. He suddenly sat up and tore the rest of it off. His ink covered arms flexed slightly as he supported himself by his elbows over Y/N. It was her turn to peel off her top which happened to be one of Harry’s Rolling Stones shirts; now just laying in her knickers and bra Y/N felt her skin heat up as Harry stared at her with those green daggers.

“What?” She asked looking at him with a blush tickling her cheeks and feeling somewhat insecure for a second. His eyes flickered back to Y/N’s and he smiled, his dimples creased on his cheeks and his eyes crinkled when he gently kissed her nose.

“You’re just too cute for words.” She tried to protest but he kissed her again, the smell and taste of him made her fall back into his spell. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, his warm skin pressed up against hers and it made her heart beat like mad. She could also feel his thumping beat as their actions got more hasty. Harry grasped her hands with one hand and placed them above her head. The flow-ness of their actions seemed to come natural to them both.

Y/N broke from the kiss and caught his eyes, “Harry,” she gasped. He raised his eyebrows in question and she rose her hips to meet his. Harry shut his eyes momentarily and she watched his jaw clench with awe.

“God, petal,” he whispered with half a laugh, she lowered his head down by grabbing at his long curls and sighed, his sunglasses fell off his hair and back onto the bridge of his nose making her chuckle and pluck them off his face. She set them on the bedside table.

“Now,” she said in her most sexy voice that took Harry by surprise, it was quiet and smooth, much like melted chocolate, “where were we?” Harry’s eyes closed and he gave me a small smirk and a shake of his head.

“The things you do to me, sweetheart.” Y/N bit her lip and slid her hands over his chest again and down to the hem of his salmon colored shorts, she wasn’t sure how he was pulling off this hawaiian look. If it was anyone other than Harry they’d look like a middle aged dad at a barbecue; but Harry could pull it off just fine.

“Oh yeah?” she asked locking her eyes with his again and snuck her hand under his pants and grasped him gently. He let out a shaky breath and swallowed thickly as if he was mentally preparing himself. She bit her lip again as she watched his face when she pumped her hand up and down his hard prick. His neck strained and he let out throaty groans. Just as a small drip of precum oozed from his tip, Y/N unbuttoned his shorts and pulled everything down. He leaned back slightly to kick them off his legs and now he was completely naked on top of her.

“Fucking tease,” he cursed at the minx of a girl he called his girlfriend. She just laughed and brought her hands up to his hair, feeling the soft tendrils that smelled like autumn nights, that fresh rain smell with a bit of smoke to it. She breathed deeply as she felt her panties being pulled down her soft legs. Y/N sat up and Harry watched in awe as she reached behind her back and unclipped the bra that concealed the most beautiful pair of breasts he had ever seen.

Harry took no hesitation in going down on her, they seemed to get tired of the playful and teasing going on. His tongue went flat over her slit, using his pointed end to feel around her hood and clit. He tongued her entrance, earning a sweet whimper and squeak from the squirming girl under him. Harry’s tongue made little small zig-zags up her wetness, reaching the clit were he gently probed it with the tip of his tongue. Y/N’s head thrashed side to side, calling his name over and over again. His tongue flicked a few times before wrapping his lips around her and pulling at the sensitive nerves. His teeth biting down gently to give her clit that extra oomf. When his chin was wet and spit dribbled down between her slit, Y/N grasped parts of his hair, giving it a good feel.

“I just fucking love your hair, holy shit,” she laughed and moaned at the same time when he pushed two fingers into her. He smirked and she could feel his chuckle vibrate against her clit when he went back down between her legs. “I-I love to p-pull it,” she stated tugging his hair earning a satisfying hum from him. She rocked her hips up and down to create more friction and pressed Harry’s face farther into her core.

“Trust me, I love it when you pull on my hair,” he said the moment he raised himself from between her legs again. His chin and cheeks glistening with her juices, drops sliding down his bottom lip. He put his hands on her knees and leaned down to kiss her, he wiped the corners of his mouth before firmly kissing the flushed girl. Tongues danced, hands caressed and legs tangled together in their moment of blissful fucking. At one point he was spooning her, her legs wide open as he pumped his fingers into her, the cold rings of his smacking against her skin and his kisses on her shoulder leaving bite marks all over her body.

“Oh Harry,” she gasped when he was letting his hard dick slip between her legs in that fucking teasing manner, “I need you inside me,” she begged letting her head fall back. Harry loved seeing his girl like this. Completely submissive. She raised her arms to the headboard of the bed and looked up when she suddenly saw a flash and quickly looked back at Harry. He was holding the polaroid camera to his face. Y/N hadn’t noticed that he plucked it off the bedside table. He gently set it down next to her head and placed his swollen tip at her entrance.

“Need to record this moment,” he explained holding up the small film that had the perfect image of her body twisted in euphoria. She blushed profusely, feeling that this was much more meaningful and intimate than she thought it would be.

“Where would you even keep that photo?” She asked and he smiled leaning down to kiss her sweetly.

“Maybe my wallet, or my photo album.” Her cheeks were aching by how much smiling she was doing this fine morning and her mouth made an 'o’ shape as he pushed into her without any warning. Their bodies rocked back and forth; Harry wasn’t going easy on her this time which made Y/N’s moans a little shorter but louder, she drew her arms over her face to hold onto the headboard to keep herself steady.

“All mine,” he smiled pushing her arms away to kiss her hard. She wrapped her arms and legs around Harry, her arms hooked under his armpits and nails scratched down his back with each thrust he gave into her. The gasps he made every time he looked down to watch himself enter her over and over again, a few times slipping out and sliding over her swollen clit made her hands clench and her thighs try to close before he was prying them back open and thrusting into her again. But Y/N got this sudden burst of energy and decided to take control.

With a loud grunt, Y/N pushed Harry onto his back, still inside her, she began grinding her hips to his and he looked up at her with that hungry look. Eyes narrowing and that cocky smirk playing on his lips.

“God you’re so sexy,” he moaned and she felt him get harder inside her with each stroke. She pushed her hair back as she started to ride him slowly. His rough hands held onto her waist, occasionally sliding up to grab at her breasts and tweak with her nipple. His arms flew back down to his sides and as soon as she started picking the pace up she looked down at him to see the camera in front of his face. Y/N decided to smile and leaned her arms back so her hands rested on his thighs. He took a picture, catching her with her back arching, face looking up at the ceiling and her mouth wide open.

“Fuck, I’m close,” Harry said dropping the camera, hitting the carpeted floor with a thunk and grasping her thighs, little crescent shaped indented in her skin.

“Oh baby, come inside me,” she pled and without hesitation she felt him slow down and his hot thick load be released inside her.

Gently removing herself from him, Y/N collapsed back down into the sheets and tangled her legs around them, she laid in a running man position with closed eyes desperately trying to catch her breath. She could feel his cum slowly oozing out of her and onto the sheets where they’d leave a stain. Harry was still catching his breath when she heard the click of the camera again making her heart flutter.

“You’re too photogenic, I hate you.” She laughed at his compliment and looked at him, body shifting.

“Me? Photogenic? You should see yourself,” she said with a wink and pushed herself up to sit up. Y/N brought her hands up into her hair, brushing it back and Harry snapped another photo.

“Stop!” She said with a big smile and roll of her eyes. He beamed and raised the camera up to his eyes but this time looked at different parts of the room, he snapped a photo of all the photos he took of them after arranging them into a random but aesthetically pleasing position and set the camera back down. He let out a sigh and pushed his long hair back when he bent down to grab his underwear.

“You know next time I should take pictures of you in the bath,” he said scooting behind her and kissing her shoulder. She had just noticed that he slipped his underwear back on. “Or maybe showering, making dinner, or even,” he kissed her neck and rubbed his nose against the shell of it lovingly, “maybe I’ll be making you touch yourself and take pictures then.” Y/! laughed in attempt to brush away the amazing amount of butterflies she had then and there and looked at him with bright red cheeks.

“Getting a little creepy now, Styles. better watch it.”

“You love it.” And god, was he right.

“You know I do,” she said rubbing her nose against his and giving him a sweet and long kiss. “You saying those things really get me going, I hope you know that.” Harry’s eyebrows wiggled and he let out a tiny chuckle,

“Then I guess we got another photoshoot to do, baby.”

At no other time (than autumn) does the earth let itself be inhaled in one smell, the ripe earth; in a smell that is in no way inferior to the smell of the sea, bitter where it borders on taste, and more honeysweet where you feel it touching the first sounds. Containing depth within itself, darkness, something of the grave almost.”

― Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters on Cézanne

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, Portland, OR, November 2016

Shot with a Diana F+
LomoChrome Turquoise XR 100-400

“…nothing exists longer than an instant except the things that we hold in memory.” 

― Sam Savage, Firmin

Astoria, OR, May 2016

Shot with a Diana F+
LomoChrome Turquoise XR 100-400

Imagine vixx as space patrol members.

Hyuk is the only human on board but he’s one of their most intelligent and tech-savvy. He can talk his way out of practically anything, also with him being human, he’s also immune to certain alien diseases which is a big help when tracking down criminals. He’s also fluently trilingual (only in earth languages). He gets really intense gopchang and anime withdrawal symptoms on long space trips.

leo is an alien that communicates only through telepathy and is a master of telekinesis. He specializes in using telekinesis for small things like disabling locks and making drinks, but he can still lift about 4 encyclopedias with his mind for 10min max before he has to take a nap. he can read minds, but his ability can only work if the other person consents to having their mind ‘opened up’ for him. Mind reading also doesnt work when the person being read is too distressed to relax enough. He’s annoyed by whiny people.

n is an alien with the ability to photosynthesize so that he’s never hungry or tired and he’s a vital source of oxygen when theyre out in space. Technically n and the rest of his species don’t have/follow a gender binary system (therefore he doesn’t have a specific gender and he’s never thought about it before) but he’s ok with using male pronouns for the sake of convenience. He’s their leader with a good sense of right and wrong and doesn’t like to use force when it comes to arresting people. He also doesn’t understand why hyuk eats so much when he doesn’t shapeshift like ken.

ken is a shapeshifting alien who can sprout extra limbs at will and turn into anything he wants. His species also does not assign genders at birth since they can change their body freely but they still use male/female pronouns if they want to. no one knows his true form - it’s said that his species doesn’t have one. he’s not a very good fighter but makes up for it by turning into something with more pain endurance (aliens with shells, etc). He has to eat a lot to make up for all the energy used and lost forming and discarding extra protoplasm in short periods of time so he’s hungry (and whiny) practically all the time

bean can discharge venom from his nails and hair at will and anyone (besides aliens of the same species) that looks at his eyes directly is paralysed for 2.5 standard intergalactic hours (approximately 4 earth hours). he wears heavily-tinted sunglasses to avoid this happening to the others. he’s kind of shy but a bit impulsive and follows his own moral code but still respects n’s decisions most of the time. he’s quick and agile and a good fighter. He got a turquoise polaroid camera from hyuk on his birthday and since then became easily swayed by offers of free polaroid film.

ravi can breathe underwater and needs a sort of mask to dissolve gaseous oxygen when he leaves his home planet and other ocean planets. He has a photographic memory and can carry out fluent to very basic conversation in 83 alien languages. Earth languages include: english, spanish, french, mandarin, korean, bahasa melayu, arabic, and afrikaans. He really hates being put on cleaning duty and bribes bean with limited edition space-themed film to do it for him 90% of the time. He has the longest life span out of all of them. N complains that he sleeps far too much.

Together they travel space in their ship, VIXX-0012, mostly fighting crime under the intergalactic space council but also sometimes getting into trouble of their own.