turquoise and lavender

This signs as colors I associate them with for whatever reason
  • Aries: scarlet
  • Taurus: dark green
  • Gemini: sunset orange
  • Cancer: baby pink
  • Leo: yellow
  • Virgo: turquoise
  • Libra: hot pink
  • Scorpio: burgundy
  • Sagittarius: dark purple
  • Capricorn: Sky blue
  • Aquarius: teal
  • Pisces: lavender

Horoscope and Tarot Overview for March 11, 2017

The Moon is in precise Virgo all day, which will push us to want perfection in all things. However, there are quite a few irritating aspects, including a semI square to Rx Jupiter and an opposition to Neptune to deal with that try to pull us away from our center. Think carefully before making decisions that affect the long game.

The Sun forms a quincunx to Rx Jupiter muddling our sense of direction and keeping our head in the clouds. Our task is to stay clear, focused and balanced in love, money and our perceptions. Over or under exaggeration of our needs or the role some people play in our lives will not help us proceed on our journey.

Tarot Cards of the Day: the Two of Swords the 5 of Pentacles and the 2 of Pentacles-stay clear headed about events in the recent past and look to the future for guidance. Fear of scarcity may walk with you today but it’s only because you may be rebudgeting or realigning your needs. Stay on top of goals and tasks.

Chakras- third eye and throat
Crystals- labradorite and turquoise
Aromatherapy- lavender and lemongrass
Yoga- restorative poses

Guys look I made a thing // Not my pics btw

I’ve been tagged by @equinocts thank you lovely!
name: Rachel
nickname: Rachue, Rach, Rae, Rachie, Rae chill, or Shelly
zodiac sign: Virgo
height: 5′2″
nationality: Indian
favourite fruit: Cantaloupe, Pineapple, Grape, Sapodilla, and Kiwifruit
favourite season: Spring & Fall
favourite book: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, and  Love and Misadventure by Lang Leav 
favourite flower: Baby’s Breath, Cherry Blossom, Lilac, Lilies, Lotus, Roses, Peonies, and Orchids
favourite scent: Cherry Blossom, Honey, Honeydew, Vanilla, Lavender, Lilac, Lotus Blossom, and Peach  
favourite colour: Turquoise, Beige, Burgundy, Lavender, White, and Black
coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Tea
average sleep hours: 6-7 hrs
cat or dogs: Both 
favourite fictional character: Haru, Ruby, Oscar, jughead, Veronica Lodge, Hermione Granger and Susan Pevensie
number of blankets you sleep with: 1
dream trip: Europe, Japan, and Hawaii
blog created: November 2016

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‘ Swans Fly With Swans ‘  Unaltered abstract photograph by Bob Bauer.  From the side of an old railroad hopper car.  I love the aged graffiti colors with this piece.  Improves with size, click on it.

From being changing like ocean Dominique never,ever changed the colour of her hair. Dom loved her hair like nothing else,at some point all girls made little changes in their hair colour:Molly tried all the colours of the rainbow(not from James and Fred’s lack of trying. actually she didn’t mind that much),Vic had in her 6-7th year turquoise strands,Lucy was lavender at some point(not for long), Roxy alternated from ginger(her natural hair colour), to black, to brunette,Lily had for three years or so honey blonde strands, Rose oscillated from ginger to brunette like Hermione and the summer in her 5th year had like bright purple hair (Albus fault this time).
In their first year James and Fred changed Dom’s hair in Slytherin green(even if Peter warned them to not do that) a harmless prank,right? WRONG. For the first, that day Hogwarts students learned a few things:
1. Never,you hear me NEVER mess with Dominique Ginevra Weasley’s hair,
2. She is not the best Hogwarts’ dueler in the last 10 years for nothing,
3. If you didn’t know, she is scary like hell,
4. Even if you are near the Forbidden Forest you can hear her screams from Gryffindor Tower.
After that incident the duo never pranked Dom again and they were so scared they didn’t even have detention with McGonagall for a month(personal record by the way).
In conclusion:
1. Dominique Ginevra Weasley will never change her hair colour. She loves it to damn much
2. Don’t mess with her.

Dominique Weasley posing for Victoire’s new collection photoshoot (she did that sometimes as ,a favour for my big sister’)

Taken by Patricia Lee(fashion photographer).Fall 2026