turquoise and green

I am in search of blogs that post
● teal, turquoise, cerulean, ocean, sea colours
● ocean, sea
● forests
● rain
● seapunk
● retro anime
● runway fashion
● shrek memes?
If your blog is somewhat like that, reblog, if I already follow you please reblog too, to help me get noticed by the edgy senpais I am searching for.
If I don’t find blogs to follow soon I will sit in a swamp and cry. Please notice me! 🐸


Conures… are the very best. Really.
Here we put them into a biiiiiiig aviary (4 meters large/23 meters long). Ten conures together (they aren’t all on the photos).
You can see, in order of appearance :
- Ieppa (frontalis) and Karma (yellow sided/savage) on the first and second photos.
- Pink and Capsule, the two cockatoos.
- Sigrinn (yellow sided).
- Luciole (yellow sided turquoise) and Sigrinn.
- Crocus (pineapple) and Maya (pinapple blue).
- Karma on the three following photos.
- Maya.