You don’t really realize how much of a mess your apartment is in until you realize that Dave’s probably going to be coming over soon. As you hastily try to throw away trash around your living room, as well as some other random crap you’ve been lying around, you get more and more excited for his arrival. You were kind of in desperate need for some bro cuddles and a nice movie or something.

Also, you were super curious to see him. Part cat and everything.

You feel your apartment’s a little neater now, so you wait for him to show up.

turntechnekohead replied to your post-You are currently sitting on a tree branch and watching Jake chase something that seems like a rabbit around in the bushes. You smirk, tail swinging around lazily, being the only thing hanging down from the branch you were sat on. You decide that you want to get his attention and you throw an acorn at the trunk of another tree-

You can tell he spotted you quite easy and you’d be a little disappointed in yourself if that wasn’t the plan. You jump on a lower branch, out where he can see you. You flash him a toothy smirk. ” am i interruptin’ something?? “

You pant lightly after all chasing bunnies was truely a trial, your tongue lolling out of your mouth slightly.  Looking up at the tail’s owner your eyebrows raise in recognition. “Dave?”  Huffing at his remark, you cross your arms over your chest.  "Just a tad, you made me lose my lunch" You may or may not be pouting.

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[[ Oh my god i’m laughing so hard because i was staring at the quirk so confused because it seemed familiar…but then i remember i used the double-m thing for a fantroll and yeah random useless fact of the night]]

omg ahaha

i always get confused when trying to do ampora talking because i always do the regular double letters but then also double ms and ns and us, because those letters all kind of look the same omg