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do you want me to set up a continuous payment plan for it? im pretty much loaded with nowhere else to spend money so i wouldnt mind and if you want i could clean it on occasion

i hate it when the number of people im bumming off of at any given moment is greater than zero but i dont have any pride left and if i dont have that place ill have nothing so im gonna accept your really generous offer thank you dude

one day ill pay it all back i swear

>oh shit

You are about to say something else when the u-turn makes you nearly deposit an imprint of your facepaint on the window; the jolt and change in direction and speed yanks ridiculous honking laughter right out of your chest–

And then you see it.

It’s been a while, it’s been far too long since you’ve set foot in the nearly hidden club below the pavement and your chest swells and you almost don’t wait for the car to be stopped to jump out.

There are a few people you’d like back with you, sure, but the present company is an enjoyable crew; so you’re coming back to this place with a new look, new buddies and even a new name, since this Dave had decided to call you Deuce, too. Smoke and speed on the highway have got you bold as fuck and you think you can almost hear the pulsing sounds of the club already.

TJ: tHe BaCk WaY iN iS aLl BeInG tHiS wAy RiGhT

TJ: MoThErFuCkIn ClUb SkAiA iS pReTtY mOtHeRfUcKiN tUcKeD uP nIcE aNd HiDeYlIKe

>one two


You practically vault into the car past bro, grinning back at (the other-other) Dave and Karkat. All the things are aligned and everything is going so fucking well and you hold the pipe Bro handed you like a motherfucking mission from the stars.

TJ: aLrIgHt So It’S iN tHaT hOtEl By ReUnIoN tOwEr Or SoMe ShIt

TJ: LiKe MoThErFuCkIn UnDeR iT rIgHt?

TJ: wE gOt To Be GeTtInG bEiNg ThErE aNd I’lL sHoW yOu ThE bAcK wAy In

TJ: HoPe AlL yOu MoThErFuCkErS aRe ReAdY fOr A mOtHeRfUcKiN hElL oF a TiMe