[150731] SURE MAG’s Instagram Update with Mingyu

촬영장에서 모든 스텝들을 설레게한 세븐틴 민규의 착한 셀카 도착이요💛 심쿵😍 LB #suremag #seventeen #세븐틴 #민규 #슈어 #9월호기대해주세요!

A nice selca of Mingyu, who made all of the staff’s hearts flutter at the studio, has arrived. 💛 Heart racing 😍 LB #suremag #seventeen #SEVENTEEN #MINGYU #SURE #Look_Forward_To_The_September_Issue!

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I am so pissed off at smtm rn

I’ve had my disagreements with mnet and their evil ways but this is crossing a new line.

1. I loved verbal jint & San e’s top 4 like there’s no denying that was a great team and I understand making a decision on who to eliminate must have been tough, but you made a decision and the correct, respectable, dignified thing would be to stand by it, not up and change your damn minds after

2. Did they really regret their decision that much that they had to talk to the smtm staff and go so far as to change/go behind the damn rules to get an eliminated contestant back? Did they really doubt hanhae’s abilities that much??

3. I can’t even begin to imagine how horrible hanhae must have felt. To know his team producers went through so much trouble/regretted their decision so much that they would pull something like this. How frickin little he must have felt

4. It is so unfair on so many levels. When Tablo eliminated crucial star in the beginning he wasn’t able to give him a necklace afterwards bc he acknowledged that would be unfair to all the other eliminated contestants. Second chances were not an option since the beginning. What makes vj & San e and blacnut so damn special that they get to overlook that? Also, this puts Zico and paloalto’s team at a Huge disadvantage. They prepared their diss raps based around the thought that they would go against hanhae. Not blacknut. They’re gonna have to freestyle a lot now and as good as they may be, it’s not the same as having a prepared rap.

5. I love verbal jint but I did not feel sorry to see him cry at all. I did feel for hanhae though as he kept looking down, shoulders slumped and when he got all choked up while talking to them, oh my goodness. That hurt. Vj did that to himself and I hope he feels really really bad for it

6. I don’t understand korean but it was obvious hanhae handled the whole situation with dignity and most probably even said something stupid like that he agreed or some crap. He’s too damn nice.

7. Get over blacknut. He’s good but he’s not some otherworldly rapper you can’t survive without.

8. I hope they regret it.

Devido a alguns comentários que venho observando nas redes sociais, gostaria de esclarecer algumas coisas:

Aos homens machistas (caso algum me siga):

1. O fato de um cara ser gay não significa que ele esteja querendo seu corpo ou o que você possui no meios das pernas. São gays, não desesperados;

2. Uma mulher lésbica não opta por ser lésbica, então a sexualidade dela não é devido à falta de homem e sim por gostar, mesmo, de mulher. 


Para algumas mulheres:

1. O fato de você ter uma boceta não significa que você seja melhor que um gay. E ele ainda é homem, você querendo ou não, aceite!

2. Homossexual não é ameaça ao seu relacionamento, não é porque um homem é gay que ele vai roubar seu namorado/marido/ficante/etc. E, caso roube, o problema não era o gay, e sim seu caso. 

Sexualidade não tem a ver com índole, então parem de interliga-los. Os LGBT’s que têm um caráter a zelar agradecem.