turns out old manga is great for crafting

Here is a great idea submitted by loquaciouscupcake

“I made a decoupage comic book table. All I used was glue, spray paint, mod podge, scissors & comic books (which cutting up comics is upsetting, I know), but it turned out pretty awesome!)”

You can create the same effect with any old table!

1. Spray paint the table a single colour of your choice.

2. While it dries -cut out all the images you would like to use from your old comics/manga books. Or you can print some of your favourite comics/manga/anime images on your computer from a coloured printer. 

3. Use craft glue or modpdge to paste the images to the table top. Allow to dry thoroughly.

4. Apply 2 to 3 coats of modpodge over the entire table surface to seal it in and now you have your own comic book table!