turns out making graphics of a ten year old game is harder

The Last Song | 1

Intro: When it seems that love is in it’s hardest reach, someone comes out of the blue, and surprises you. But how will Y/N and Grayson work out, with so many different reasons as to why they shouldn’t be together?

“Mommy, how far are we?” Lucas whined from the backseat. It’s still amazing to me how either me or my mom dealt with his constant annoying yammering in the backseat of our old soccer mom van. He was practically holding himself up by his arms to get the best look out the window. Not going to lie, he was probably the most adorable when he was excited, for him being 10 years old, but I’d never tell him that.

“Just another half hour baby. Don’t worry we’ll be there soon.” She slightly smiled to him from the rearview mirror, and he shot one back to her, looking outside the car window once again.

“I can see the beach from here!”

I for one decided to turn up my music through my headphones because the dreaded time was coming. I was going to see my father again. I’ll save you the sob story of my dad finding some hot blonde bimbo who was a student at the art school he taught at during the summer, and leaving his family, divorcing my mom, and moving across the country to be with her. But within a matter of months she dumped him, practically took all of his money that should’ve been used for us, and flew to Europe or something with her new husband. Let’s just say I’m still mad over it even though it was 2 years ago. Of course Lucas being the youngest, he doesn’t remember much of what was going on, he just knew our parents weren’t going to be together anymore. I was 16, and I remember it fully. I haven’t even seen my dad since. He tried calling the past 2 years, he’s written me letters and sent me birthday and Christmas gifts, but they all were stowed away back home where I would never even look or touch them.

Within 35 minutes we reached his beach estate that was built right on the sand. Lucas leaped out of the car running over toward my smiling dad who had open arms. Meanwhile, I remained seated. My mom let out a sigh, before turning to me and softly ripping out one of my headphones. My eyes were trained on the lying man who was holding my brother who he hadn’t seen in years. If it were up to me, I’d walk out of this car, yank Lucas off of him, and drive the whole way home.

“Y/N, please…don’t shut me out too.”

“I have no reason to mom. You never left us, you never lied to us. You took care of us even when you were still with him. I have no reason to want to be here.”

“He’s your father. You’re only here for the summer so please,” she looked out of the windshield to look at the sight as well, “for Lucas’s sake. He really wants to be here and look how happy he is. He was so young when everything happened. Don’t ruin what little good memory he has of his dad.” I let out a frustrated breathe, pulling the car door open and slamming it a little too hard. I grabbed the bags I brought, my mom helping me with 2, and began walking up the steps to his door. He let down Lucas, opening his arms up to me, calling me the name he’s always called me since I was little, ‘pumpkin’. I didn’t even look at him, but shoulder-checked him walking into the living room. My bags made loud thuds on his expensive hardwood floors, and my flip flops smacking onto the floor were heard as I walked out of his back patio into the soft sand. I saw a carnival event happening about a half mile from my dad’s place, and my mind lead me straight to it. Anything to get away from this awful place.

After my legs felt like jelly, I finally made it into the carnival scene. The sun was in high heat, there was a vollyball game going on in front of me, food stands of different types of cuisine and deep fried goodness stood all next to each other, and of course the infamous carnival games with big stuffed animals just waiting to be given to a girl by a desperate boy wanting her affection. All that just wasn’t my thing.

I stopped by a stand to snag a lemonade since it was almost 95 degrees out and I was wearing dark jeans and a graphic t-shirt. Within 10 seconds I had drank a third of the lemonade, and decided to pace myself and check out what else this place had to offer since it would be up and running the whole summer, and seemed to be the closest place to have some sort of fun. My ears perked at the sounds of people screaming and cheering at the vollyball game that was in full swing. Many scandelous looking girls in tiny tringle bikinis all jumped and yelled at the bronzed skinned men on the course. Their bodies all looked the same, and it was hard to distinguish one guy from another. I had personally just gotten out of a ‘relationship’ if you could call it that. Him and I just hooked up whenever, but it had to stop when he developed feelings for me. In some ways, I feel like my disconnection from guys and people in general stem from my relationship with my father. You hear all the time that the only guy a girl can trust is her daddy, but in my case, it’s not true. So since then, especially that crucial time in high school where dating is normal, I haven’t been able to hold down a guy.

The thoughts of my past experiences with guys clouded my mind, as I felt a sharp punch to my stomach, knocking what felt like the last breath I had out of me. My back hit the sand, along with my head which ricocheted and collided with the forehead in front of me. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, and made the pain ten times worse. The heavy weight laid on me, making it harder to catch my breath, and I quickly pushed the person off of me, sitting up and putting a hand to my chest, noticing my heartbeat was moving extremely fast. I also felt my t-shirt, noticing it was drenched in the rest of my lemonade, and was running down my chest, making it feel sticky. I could faintly hear people gasping, and laughing, at the situation that just unfolded. I tried to cover my face with my long hair, quickly grabbing the now empty cup and walking quickly away.

“Hey! Hey wait up!” I heard the deep voice say behind me. I figured it was whoever body slammed me, but I was in no mood to fight with this person or cause a scene. I was already embarassed and mad enough as it is. I walked quicker towards the nearby trash can, throwing the cup away and keeping my hair covering my face.

“Hey please! Let me talk to you.” A hand grasped my own wrist, turning me to face the mysterious…but oh so handsome boy who was standing in front of me. I instantly felt tiny in front of him. He had to be 6 ft, he had defined abs and arms that flexed so naturally. His bronzed skin glowed underneath the shining sun that only illuminated his beauty. He had a shy smile on his face that still shown bright even if a few teeth were peaking through. He looked like a painting; unreal and beautiful.

“Uh hello there? You seem to zone out a lot.” He chuckled. I shook my head regaining myself, and stoof taller to show I was phased by his height and demeanor.

“I just think a lot. Which is probably something you don’t do a lot of the time or else you would’ve thought about other people walking around here, and wouldn’t have bumped into me.” I gave him my biggest smile, before turning back around to walk away. But boy was he persistant. He followed me, calling out for me again.

“But I wouldn’t have started talking to such a beauty like yourself.” I only rolled my eyes, but my heartt reacted a different way. “Look I really am sorry, let me buy you another drink? Maybe even another shirt since yours seems pretty sticky at this point.”

I crossed my arms over as much of the stain as possible. “It’s fine. I don’t need your pity or your money. I just want to walk around and be myself is that too much to ask?”

“Okay then Ms.Attitude. I’ll be honest then, I don’t care about your shirt. I’m just over here so the team playing us has some time to breath after that match.”

“Wow…who knew a good looking guy like you would also be concieted?” He gave me a sly smile, and his eyes slimmed out a bit before looking me up and down.

“You think I’m good looking?” I shot him a disgusted face and fake barfed in front of his face. “I’m Grayson by the way.” He stuck his hand out, but I just looked at it, before meeting his eyes again. He sucked in, playfully, and put his hand down and scratched the back of his head with the other hand. “Why don’t you come watch? You’ll see that there is more thinking involved in the sport than you realize.”

Saying yes crossed my mind for a second, before I told myself absolutely not. Just because some hot guy on the beach seems to be taking interest in me doesn’t mean he won’t try to do anything later on. If I give in now, he’ll think it’s a one way ticket into my panties and I’m not here for the summer for that. I’m here to make my mom and Lucas happy.

“I think I’ll pass.” And with that, I swiftly walked past him, not even looking back to see if he was staring at me because I already felt his eyes prying into my back. I’ll admit, it made a small smile grow on my face.

Hours past and so did the sunlight, and within time it started to get darker and colder. The shirt I was wearing had dried, but the sticky lemonade still stayed on my chest. The wind was blowing harder, and made goosebumps appear on my arms. I rubbed up and down my arms, trying to look around and find a table that sold sweaters or new shirts for me to wear for tonight. A few I checked were just too expensive, and it came down to a vendor who was selling shirts for $15. I sighed before settling on this table, and looked at the different shirts they had. As I went to go pick up a wave-styled tee, a finger tapped me on my shoulder, making me look back. There was no one. Then the tee was lifted out of my hand on the other side of me, making me whip my head back around. A smaller girl with red hair and bright green eyes held the shirt high, looking at it with pursed lips and furrowed eyebrows. I could only stare at her in disbelief.

“Hey what are you doing?”

“This shirt is too plain and original.” The vendor crossed their arms eyeing her, in which she smiled politely and said sorry, before placing the shirt back on top of the others that looked just like it. “What about this one? It has roses and it’s black, more your style. I’ll even buy it for you.” She perked up, tossing it toward my face. She pulled out a $20 as if it was easy, and even told the vendor to keep the change. I stared at her still holding the shirt, and she just laughed at my expression.

“Come on dude just put it on.”

“Can I least get your name first before you go buying me stuff?” She probably thought I was joking, considering the first thing she did was laugh at me. But I continued to stare at her like she was crazy.

“Oh, you were serious! I’m Bridget. My father owns part of this carnival with these other men so I’m usually out here walking around and making sure everything is good. Then I saw you and thought I should help out!”

“Uh yeah thanks, I’m Y/N.” I just continued to give her a look of uncomfortability, and slowly slipped on the new t-shirt.

“See! Better already!” It felt like my ears would fall off any second at how loud and high-pitched her voice was.“Oh so crabby aren’t we? What got up your ass.” I was getting more and more ticked off as she talked, as if she knew me. I clentched my jaw and rolled my eyes at her.

“Well if you would so like to know, I’m staying with my father this summer who I hate, I got knocked into during the vollyball which resulted in my shirt getting all messed up, and now I have you talking to me and blabbing to me as if you know me!”

“Well you know what cures all that? A good old fashioned carnival game for some good competition. It’ll help get your anger out, I’ll even introduce you to my boyfriend Ethan, he’s a mean ski-ball player.” She lightly linked her arm with mine and dragged me to where two guys were standing next to the ski-ball game. The one guy who was facing us smiled as Bridget leaped into his arms and he spun her around. They probably had been apart for 10 minutes at the most, but they acted as if they hadn’t seen each other in years. I stoof awkwardly off to the side, the other guy still with his back turned to all of us.

“Y/N, this is Ethan, and this is his brother, Grayson.” As if it was a movie, Grayson turned around slowly, his hair slightly bobbing and his expression the least bit interested.

“So your name is Y/N? Might have been good info to know before you walked off today.”

Bridget and Ethan looked between us confused.

“Wait…you two met already?” Ethan asked surprised.

“Let’s just say we had a bit of a ‘run-in’ with each other.” I used air quotes when talking about our ‘run-in’, and fake smiled at all 3 of them, Grayson the only one that laughed genuinely since he knew exactly what I was talking about.

“Well why don’t we get this game of ski-ball going.” Bridget said to ease the awkward tension, and she paired up with Ethan at one station. I looked at her and Grayson confused.

“Wait, we’re doing teams?”

“Yeah it’ll be more fun that way! Also gives you motive to let more of your anger out since now you have two people to beat!” She put coins into both machines before lining up in front of Ethan, his hand guiding hers to throw a perfect score. I scuffed as I got in front of Grayson leaving as much room as possible between us. He couldn’t take my hint and moved forward sliding his hand down my arm and lightly gripping my hand which had the ball in it. My breath was caught my throat, and I immediately stiffened at his touch. It wasn’t demanding or hard like other guys, it was softer and more comforting than anything, as if he was telling me that he was there just for reassurance.

“Look I’m not going to hurt you this time. I got you. Let’s just try to win this game.” It was almost seemed like he was pleading with him. I’m guessing he didn’t want to be here either because it was almost like a thirdwheel type deal. I felt bad for him, watching his brother so in love meanwhile he couldn’t even get a nice response out of me. So for his sake, I nodded and complied with his touch.

We ended up winning that game of ski-ball, and Grayson surprisingly game me the stuffed panda he won, and I happily carried it around the rest of the night.


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